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Re: [v3 PATCH] Implement std::optional.

On 10 July 2016 at 20:15, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
> All the references to [X.Y.4] could refer to something sensible now,
> as we know where it landed in the CD. Using stable names might be
> better than instable clause numbers though. Every time I find a 20.a.b
> refernce in our headers it's wrong :-(  I've either been changing them
> to "C++11 20.c.d" so they are anchored to a particular standard, or
> using stable names. We should change those comments in
> <experimental/optional> some time too.
> There are also a small number of redundant std::-qualifications on
> true_type, false_type, remove_cv_t and remove_reference_t, but no
> harm.
> I'm also not sure why the testsuite/experimental/optional/* tests have
> { dg-do run} which is also redundant, but not harm again.

I can do some cleanups in that area in subsequent patches, thanks for
pointing those out.

> OK for trunk.

Committed, cleanups and other C++17-related work including the motions
approved in Oulu will follow.

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