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Re: [PATCH] Giant concepts patch

I just tried building a fresh pull of cmcstl2, and I'm not seeing any
errors as a result of not handling those missing codes in
tsubst_constraint. At one point, I think it was not possible to get
those other constraints in this context because they were nested in a
parm_constr. But that seems obviously untrue now. But still... that
gcc_unreachable isn't being triggered by any code in cmcstl.

I attached a patch that adds tsubsts for the missing constraints.
Unfortunately, I don't have time to test thoroughly today.

I did find another bug building cmcstl2, hence the attached
disable-opt patch. For some reason, the memoization of concept
satisfaction is giving momoized results for concept + args that have
not yet been evaluated. This is exactly the same problem that made me
disable the lookup/memoize_constraint_sat optimizations. Somehow I'm
getting the same hash code for different arguments, and they also
happen to compare equal.

This doesn't seem to affect memoization of concept satisfaction. At
least I haven't seen it yet.

Anyways, disabling that optimization lets me build cmcstl2 with
concepts. Sort of; there's a bug in the library, which is why Casey is
added to the mailing. You're missing a const overload of operator* for
basic_operator. Patch forthcoming.

Changelogs below.

2016-07-10  Andrew Sutton  <>

        * (tsubst_type_constr, tsubst_implicit_conversion_constr,
        tsubst_argument_deduction_constr, tsubst_exception_constr): New.
        (tsubst_constraint): Add cases for missing constraints.

2016-07-10  Andrew Sutton  <>

        * pt.c (lookup_concept_satisfaction, memoize_concept_satisfaction):
        Disable memoization of concept results.
Andrew Sutton

On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Andrew Sutton
<> wrote:
> Do we have a smaller test that reproduces this? One reason I didn't make
> much progress was that I could never find a small test that triggers the
> problem. I just pulled your branch and plan to do some digging tomorrow.
> On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 6:42 PM Jason Merrill <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 2:25 AM, Andrew Sutton
>> <> wrote:
>> >> > I've run into some trouble building cmcstl2: declarator requirements
>> >> > on a function can lead to constraints that tsubst_constraint doesn't
>> >> > handle.  What was your theory of only handling a few _CONSTR codes
>> >> > there?  This is blocking me from checking in the patch.
>> >
>> > I wonder if those were the problems that I was running into, but hadn't
>> > diagnosed. I had thought it shouldn't be possible to get the full set of
>> > constraints in tsubst_constraint. I may have mis-analyzed the problem
>> > for
>> > function constraints.
>> Any further thoughts?
>> Jason
> --
> Andrew Sutton

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