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Re: [AArch64] Fix simd intrinsics bug on float vminnm/vmaxnm

On 07/07/16 15:13, Christophe Lyon wrote:
On 7 July 2016 at 14:54, Jiong Wang <> wrote:

On 07/07/16 12:36, Christophe Lyon wrote:
On 7 July 2016 at 11:16, Jiong Wang <> wrote:

I was using dg-xfail-if, (the description is still using "marked as
but later found it's actually broken under advsimd-intrinsics,
given at the same time instead of clean XFAIL, I suspect those dg-do-what
overriding broken dejangu internal variable, Christophe, do you mind have

I've made a quick attempt (replacing an existing dg-skip-if with
dg-xfail-if in vcvt_high-1.c)
and I do see XFAIL and UNRESOLVED.
But this seems normal in this case, because:
- when using dg-skip-if, the test was not compiled (skipped)
- when using dg-xfail-if, the test is actually compiled, leading to
compilation errors which are reported as UNRESOLVED

My test was:

cp k.c gcc/testsuite/
cp k.c gcc/testsuite/

cat k.c
/* { dg-xfail-if "" { aarch64*-*-* } } */
int c (

make check RUNTESTFLAGS="advsimd-intrinsics.exp=k.c"

# of expected failures       8
# of unresolved testcases    8

make check RUNTESTFLAGS="aarch64.exp=k.c"

# of expected failures       1

The iteration number doesn't matter, but there wan't extra unresolved
failures when it's driven by aarch64.exp.

in aarch64.exp, the default dg-do-what is "compile", while in
advsimd-intrinsics.exp, it's "run" unless is-effective-target
arm_neon_hw on arm targets.

this explains, thanks.


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