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Re: (Non-)offloading diagnostics

*ping* [patch, Fortran] Fix PR fortran/68147, temporaries for allocatable strings

*ping* [patch, fortran] Two associate fixes in dump-parse-tree.c

[6 Regession] Usage of unitialized pointer io/list_read.c (

Re: [AArch64] Disable pcrelative_literal_loads with fix-cortex-a53-843419

Re: [AArch64] Emit square root using the Newton series

Re: [aarch64] Improve TImode constant moves

Re: [AArch64] Remove AARCH64_EXTRA_TUNE_RECIP_SQRT from Cortex-A57 tuning


[Ada] Fix crash in ASIS mode on concurrent types

[Ada] Fix debug info glitches for character indexes

[Ada] Fix ICE on element of array with enumeration index

[Ada] Fix infinite recursion on circular type in with'ed unit

[Ada] Fix missing synchronization for Atomic_Components on array object

[Ada] Fix oversight in latest create_var_decl change

[Ada] Fix spurious error on renaming of component of return value

[Ada] Fix unexpectedly large frame with calls manipulating strings

[ARM, PATCH v2 0/2] PR68532: Fix VZIP/VUZP recognition for big endian

[ARM] Add support for overflow add, sub, and neg operations

Re: [ARM] implement division using vrecpe/vrecps with -funsafe-math-optimizations

Re: [ARM] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[C PATCH] Fix C error-recovery (PR c/69796, PR c/69974)

[C PATCH] Fix up handling of enum with mode attribute (PR c/69669)

[C++ PATCH] Fix -Wnonnull-compare warning from dynamic_cast <...> (this) (PR c++/69850)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix -Wunused-function (PR debug/66869)

[C++ PATCH] Fix handling of C++11 attributes (PR c++/67767)

[C++ PATCH] Fix option handling when -std=gnu++14 is not used (PR 69865)

[C++ PATCH] Fix regression due to reshape_init being called multiple times (PR c++/69658)

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 68726

[C++ Patch] PR 68726 ("ice: tree check: expected tree_vec, have error_mark in comp_template_args_with_info, at cp/pt.c:7890")

[C++ PATCH] Some further -Wnonnull-compare fixes (PR c++/69850)

[C/C++ PATCH] Fix a -Waddress regression (PR c/69768)

[Committed 0/3] S/390: Move recently added testcases to correct subdirs

[Committed 1/3] S/390: Turn movstr-1.c into compile only test.

[Committed 2/3] S/390: Move movstr-2.c into vector subdir.

[Committed 3/3] S/390: Move vcond-shift.c to vector subdir.

[committed, PATCH] Add IA MCU tests for passing/returning of empty structures/unions

[committed, PATCH] Compile pr69454-2.c with -msse2 -mno-accumulate-outgoing-args

[committed, PATCH] Define check_union_passing6 only for CHECK_FLOAT128

[committed] Add new bswap and abs patterns to PA

[committed] Add testcase for already fixed PR ipa/69239

[COMMITTED] Fix a typo in comment

[committed] Fix declaration of vsscanf on hpux

[committed] Fix failure of g++.dg/parse/parens3.C on hppa

[committed] Fix failure of gcc.dg/tree-ssa/vector-5.c on hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] Fix pr69535

[committed] Fix regexps in gcc.dg/tree-ssa/sra-1[78].c for hpux

[committed] Fix up PR69613 and PR69886 testcases

[committed] jit: fix build after r233218 (build_common_tree_nodes, -fshort-double)

[committed] Remove __seg_tls before first release

[committed] Require alias support for gcc.dg/pr67964.c

[Committed] S/390: Fix 64 bit sibcall

[committed] Xfail gfortran.dg/read_dir.f90 on hppa*-*-hpux*

[COMMITTED][AArch64] Add missing return in aarch64_internal_mov_immediate

[COMMITTED][AArch64] Fix ccmp_1.c test

[COMMITTED][AArch64] Tweak the pipeline model for Exynos M1

[doc, committed] fix PR 69722

Re: [DOC, PATCH] Mention --enable-valgrind-annotations in install.texi

Re: [DOC,PATCH] Mention clog10, clog10f an clog10l in Builtins section.

[Fortran, Patch] (Coarrays) Wrong events size

Re: [Fortran, Patch] (RFC, Coarray) Implement TS18508's EVENTS

[Fortran,4.9/5/6 Regression]ICE for Fortran files when specifying a file instead of an include directory

Re: [gofrontend-dev] Re: libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.6rc1

[gomp-nvptx 0/5] Reorganize soft-stack setup

[gomp-nvptx 1/5] libgomp plugin: correct types

[gomp-nvptx 2/5] Revert "nvptx plugin: bump heap size to 1GB"

[gomp-nvptx 3/5] nvptx backend: set up stacks in entry code

[gomp-nvptx 4/5] libgomp: remove __nvptx_stacks setup code

[gomp-nvptx 5/5] libgomp plugin: manage soft-stack storage

[gomp4] Fix PR64748

[gomp4] Fix use of declare'd vars by routine procedures.

[gomp4][PR 69916] Fix ICE

[hsa branch] Map collapse(2) and collapse(3) to HSA grid dimensions

Re: [hsa merge 00/10] Merge of HSA branch

Re: [hsa merge 01/10] Configury changes and new options

Re: [hsa merge 08/10] HSAIL BRIG description header file

[hsa, testsuite] Gridification tests

[hsa, testsuite] Suppress hsa warnings in compiler gomp tests

[hsa, testsuite] Suppress hsa warnings in libgomp tests

[HSA,PATCH] reduce dump output w/o -details flag

[hsa,testsuite] Adjust libgomp tests that do not work on host fallback

[hsa,testsuite] Introduce offload_device_shared_as effective target

[hsa,testsuite] New directory for HSA-specific C testcases

[hsa/69568] Fix ld instruction type for packed data

[hsa/69674] Make testsuite libgomp.c/for-3.c compile with -m32

[hsa] Fail in presence of atomic operations in private segment

[hsa] Satisfy conditional move operand type constrains

[JAVA PATCH] Builtin support for popcount* and bswap* functions

[JAVA PATCH] Enable more array bounds check elimination

Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

[obvious, ARM] Fix typos.

[omp, hsa] Do not gridify simd constructs

Re: [OpenACC 0/7] host_data construct

[openacc] reference-typed data mappings

[openacc] vector state propagation

[PATCH 0/4] Replace remaining ENABLE_CHECKING macros

[PATCH 0/9] S/390 rework shift count handling - v2

[PATCH 0/9] S/390 rework shift count handling - v3

[PATCH 0/9] S/390: z13 pipeline description, stpcpy + bugfixes

[PATCH 1/2] [ARM] PR68532: Fix up vuzp for big endian

[PATCH 1/2] RFC: Add test coverage for _Pragma (PR preprocessor 69126, 69543, 69558)

Re: [PATCH 1/2][AArch64] Implement AAPCS64 updates for alignment attribute

[PATCH 1/3] Add aarch64-*-rtems* target

[PATCH 1/3] gdb.trace: Move more target dependencies to trace-support.exp

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Make SRA scalarize constant-pool loads

[PATCH 1/4] Replace ENABLE_CHECKING macro with flag_checking in HSA

[PATCH 1/9] gensupport: Fix define_subst operand renumbering.

[PATCH 1/9] S/390: Add IBM z13 pipeline description

Re: [PATCH 10/9] ENABLE_CHECKING refactoring: remove remaining occurrences

[PATCH 2/2] [ARM] PR68532 Fix up vzip recognition for big endian

[PATCH 2/2] PR preprocessor/69126: avoid comparing ad-hoc and non-ad-hoc locations

[PATCH 2/3] Add x86_64-*-rtems* target

[PATCH 2/3] gdb.trace: Surround $call_insn with \y in entry-values.exp

Re: [PATCH 2/4 v2][AArch64] Add support for FCCMP

[PATCH 2/4] Replace ENABLE_CHECKING macro with flag_checking in GNAT

Re: [PATCH 2/4][AArch64] Increase the loop peeling limit

Re: [PATCH 2/9] S/390: Add disabled insn attribute

[PATCH 2/9] S/390: Use enabled attribute overrides to disable alternatives.

[PATCH 2/9] S/390: z13 lcbb fix address operand.

Re: [PATCH 3/3] [RFC] Treat a gimplification failure as an internal error

[PATCH 3/3] contrib/config-list.mk: Add aarch64-rtems and x86_64-rtems

[PATCH 3/3] gdb.trace: Remove unnecessary target check from ftrace.exp.

[PATCH 3/4] Replace ENABLE_CHECKING with CHECKING_P in dwarf2out

Re: [PATCH 3/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in rotate patterns.

[PATCH 3/9] S/390: z13 inline stpcpy implementation.

[PATCH 4/4] Poison ENABLE_CHECKING macro

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Un-XFAIL ssa-dom-cse-2.c for most platforms

Re: [PATCH 4/4][AArch64] Cost CCMP instruction sequences to choose better expand order

[PATCH 4/9] S/390: Adjust movstr-1.c testcase to work with the z13 stpcpy implementation.

[PATCH 4/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in left and logical right shift patterns.

Re: [PATCH 4/n] OpenMP 4.0 offloading infrastructure: lto-wrapper

Re: [PATCH 5/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in arithmetic right shift patterns.

[PATCH 5/9] S/390: z13 fix mode in vcond expansion

[PATCH 6/9] S/390: Add vec_sub_u128 to vecintrin.h

Re: [PATCH 6/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in tabort.

Re: [PATCH 7/9] S/390: Get rid of Y constraint in vector.md.

[PATCH 7/9] S/390: z13 Change predicates of 128 bit add sub.

[PATCH 8/9] S/390: Add single element vector types to iterators.

Re: [PATCH 8/9] S/390: Use define_subst for the setmem patterns.

Re: [PATCH 9/9] S/390: Disallow SImode in s390_decompose_address

[PATCH 9/9] S/390: z13 Add missing commutative operand markers.

Re: [Patch AArch64] GCC 6 regression in vector performance. - Fix vector initialization to happen with lane load instructions.

Re: [Patch AArch64] Restrict 16-bit sqrdml{sa}h instructions to FP_LO_REGS

Re: [Patch AArch64] Use software sqrt expansion always for -mlow-precision-recip-sqrt

[PATCH AArch64]Force register scaling out of mem ref and comment why

[PATCH ARM] RFC: PR69770 -mlong-calls does not affect calls to __gnu_mcount_nc generated by -pg

[PATCH commited] Properly initialize variable in tree-chkp.c

[PATCH COMMITTED] MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself

[PATCH GCC]Obvious change, dump min_profitable_estimate, rather than min_profitable_iters

Re: [PATCH PR67921]Convert pointer expr to proper type before negating it

[PATCH PR68021]Don't add biv candidate if it's not incremented by a single stmt

[PATCH PR68021]Set ratio to 1 when computing the value of biv cand by itself

[PATCH PR69052]Check if loop inv can be propagated into mem ref with additional addr expr canonicalization

[PATCH PR69652, Regression]

[PATCH PR69821] gcc: add option gno-record-debug-prefix-map

[PATCH PR69942] Fix test problem

[PATCH v2] gcov: Runtime configurable destination output

Re: [PATCH v2] sanitize paths used in regular expression

Re: [PATCH v3] PR48344: Fix unrecognizable insn error with -fstack-limit-register=r2

[PATCH v4] PR48344: Fix unrecognizable insn error with -fstack-limit-register=r2

[Patch X86_64]: Minor changes to znver1 pipe reservations.

[PATCH, 386]: Fix PR67032, Geode optimizations incorrectly return -NaN

[PATCH, ARM] Fix redefinition of cpp macros with #pragma GCC pop,reset

Re: [PATCH, ARM] stop changing signedness in PROMOTE_MODE

[Patch, avr] Restore default value of PARAM_ALLOW_STORE_DATA_RACES to 1

Re: [patch, c++] delete "com_interface" attribute

[PATCH, CHKP, committed] Fix PR middle-end/69729

[PATCH, committed] Revert r232560 to fix PR target/69369

[PATCH, committed] TILE-Gx: Fix softfp build error.

[PATCH, committed] TILE-Gx: Use CXX_FOR_BUILD to compile c++ source.

[patch, Fortran, committed] Fix PR 69742, ICE in assoc lists

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr67451, gcc-5, v1] [5/6 Regression] ICE with sourced allocation from coarray

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr67451, v1] [5/6 Regression] ICE with sourced allocation from coarray

[patch, Fortran, pr69296, v1] [6 Regression] [F03] Problem with associate and vector subscript

[patch, Fortran] Fix PR 60526, variable name has already been declared as a type

[patch, Fortran] Fix PR fortran/68147, temporaries for allocatable strings

[Patch, Fortran] PR 69495: unused-label warning does not tell which flag triggered it

[patch, fortran] PR50555 synonymous namelist/statement function dummy argument not allowed

[patch, fortran] PR56007 Remarkably bad error message with DO array=1,2

[Patch, fortran] PR66089 fix elemental dependency mishandling

[patch, fortran] PR69110 ICE with NEWUNIT

[Patch, fortran] PR69423 - [6 Regression] Invalid optimization with deferred-length character

[patch, fortran] Two associate fixes in dump-parse-tree.c

Re: [PATCH, gcc7, aarch64] Add arithmetic overflow patterns

[PATCH, HSA] Fix emission of clrsb{l,ll} builtins

Re: [PATCH, i386, AVX512] Adjust expected result for kunpackb intrinsic in avx512f-klogic-2 test.

[PATCH, i386, COMMITTED] Fix PR69118.

[PATCH, i386] Partially revert ix86_cannot_change_mode_class changes

[PATCH, i386]: Use gen_int_mode to truncate const_int operand

[patch, libgfortran] PR69456 Namelist value with trailing sign is ignored without error

[patch, libstdc++] In debug mode, diagnose empty initializer_list in min/max/minmax

Re: [Patch, MIPS] Fix PR target/68273, passing args in wrong regs

[Patch, MIPS] Patch for PR 68273 (user aligned variable arguments)

RE: [Patch, MIPS] Patch for PR 68400, a mips16 bug

[PATCH, MPX, committed] Fix warning in MPX effective target test

Re: [PATCH, PR middle-end/68134] Reject scalar modes in default get_mask_mode hook

Re: [PATCH, PR target/69454] Disable TARGET_STV when stack is not properly aligned

[PATCH, PR59627, c++] Handle DECL_OMP_DECLARE_REDUCTION in discriminator_for_local_entity

[PATCH, PR67709 ] Don't call call_cgraph_insertion_hooks in simd_clone_create

[PATCH, PR69532]: Simple changes to effective target in two tests from *_ok -> *_hw

[PATCH, PR69599] Fix GOMP/GOACC_parallel optimization in ipa-pta

[PATCH, PR69607] Mark offload symbols as global in lto

[PATCH, PR69707] Handle -fdiagnostics-color in lto

[PATCH, PR69956] Fix multi-step conversion of boolean vectors

[Patch, regex, libstdc++/69794] Unify special character parsing

[PATCH, reload] PRE_INC with invalid hard reg

Re: [PATCH, RFC] New memory usage statistics infrastructure

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Add -maltivec=be semantics in LE mode for vec_ld and vec_st

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix pasto resulting in wrong instruction from builtins for lvxl

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR61397 (test case update for P8 vector loads/stores)

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix PR63354

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix type attribute for a few insns

[PATCH, rs6000] Fixing PR 67145

[PATCH, rs6000] PR 66337: Improve Compliance with Power ABI

Re: [PATCH, stage1] Better error recovery for merge-conflict markers

[Patch, testsuite] Require int32 target support in sso tests

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add -mcpu=ev4 for alpha for gcc.dg/tree-ssa/sra-{18,19}.c

Re: [PATCH, testsuite]: Fix PR 65944, FAIL: g++.dg/lto/pr65276: undefined reference to std2::exception::~exception()

[PATCH, testsuite]: Improve check_effective_target_fsanitize_thread

[PATCH, testsuite]: Move gcc.dg/sancov/asan.c to gcc.dg/asan/sancov-1.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Require avx_runtime target for gcc.target/i386/pr69577.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Use -gdwarf-2 for g++.dg/other/anon5.C

[patch,libgfortran] Bug 69668 - [4.9/5/6 Regression] Error reading namelist opened with DELIM='NONE'

RE: [Patch,microblaze]: Better register allocation to minimize the spill and fetch.

Re: [Patch,tree-optimization]: Add new path Splitting pass on tree ssa representation

[PATCH: RL78] Optimize libgcc routines using clrw and clrb

[PATCH] teach mklog to look in the current directory for ChangeLog files

[PATCH] 19705 - -fno-branch-count-reg doesn't prevent decrement and branch instructions on a count register

[PATCH] 69759 - document __builtin_alloca and __builtin_alloca_with_align

[PATCH] 69780 - [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on __builtin_alloca_with_align, with small alignment

[PATCH] 69912 - [6 regression] ICE in build_ctor_subob_ref initializing a flexible array member

[PATCH] [ARC] Add single/double IEEE precission FPU support.

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] PR68532: Fix VUZP and VZIP recognition on big endian

[PATCH] [documentation] Fix documentation of --param

Re: [PATCH] [graphite] document that isl-0.16 is supported

[PATCH] [PR tree-optimization/68580] Throttle size of PHI nodes we'll walk in FSM threader

[PATCH] [RFA] [PR tree-optmization/69740] Schedule loop fixups when needed

[PATCH] [target/65867] FIx bootstrap failure on mingw32

[PATCH] [wwwdocs] Add a "Plugin issues" section to the GCC 6 porting guide

Re: [PATCH] [wwwdocs] Add common C++ issues to /gcc-6/porting_to.html

[PATCH] Add -funknown-commons to work around PR/69368 (and others) in SPEC2006

Re: [PATCH] Add a new option "-fmerge-bitfields" (patch / doc inside)

[PATCH] add basic .gitattributes files to notice whitespace issues

Re: [PATCH] Add configure flag for operator new (std::nothrow)

[PATCH] Add debug_function_graph_to_file

[PATCH] Add debug_function_to_file

[PATCH] Add GCC Runtime Library Exception to include/plugin-api.h

[PATCH] add more style checks to check_GNU_style.sh

[PATCH] Add PR c++/11814 test case to testsuite

[PATCH] Add testcase for ICE in assemble_integer

[PATCH] Add testcase for PR61033

[PATCH] Adjust g++.dg/tree-ssa/pr61034.C

[PATCH] Another -Wnonnull-compare false positive fix (PR c++/69902)

[PATCH] Avoid 1x vectors in tree-vect-generic (PR rtl-optimization/69896)

[PATCH] Avoid bugs like PR68273 to trigger

[PATCH] bootstrap/69611

[PATCH] Bump max-ssa-name-query-depth default (PR c/69918)

[patch] c++/61198 backport to gcc-4.9

Re: [PATCH] c/69540 - update documentation on -l

[patch] Clarify interaction of -Wnarrowing with -std

[PATCH] combine: Delete EQ* notes when pseudo mode changes (PR60818)

[PATCH] combine: distribute_notes again (PR69567, PR64682)

[PATCH] combine: More distribute_notes trouble (PR69737)

[PATCH] Do not emit red stack zones for a fn with no_sanitize_address (PR sanitizer/69863)

[PATCH] Do not gather mem stats in run_exit_handles (PR middle-end/69919)

[patch] Document __STDCPP_WANT_MATH_SPEC_FUNCS__ macro

Re: [PATCH] Don't change stack_alignment_needed for __tls_get_addr

[PATCH] Ensure noce_convert_multiple_sets handles only multiple sets (PR rtl-optimization/69570)

[PATCH] Fix "no-vsx" target attribute handling (PR target/69969)

Re: [PATCH] fix #69251 - [6 Regression] ICE in unify_array_domain on a flexible array member

Re: [PATCH] fix #69573 - FAIL: gcc.dg/pr61053.c

[PATCH] Fix -mcpu=power8 atomic expansion (PR target/69644)

[PATCH] Fix a C++ -Wnonnull-compare regression (PR c++/69850)

[PATCH] Fix another ipa-split caused ICE (PR ipa/69241)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on m68k (PR target/69885)

Re: [PATCH] Fix Bug 17896: The expression (a>0 & b>0) should give clearer warning message (-Wparentheses)

[PATCH] Fix c/69643, named address space wrong-code

[PATCH] Fix c_parser_for_statement for ObjC (PR objc/69844)

[PATCH] Fix Cilk+ #pragma cilk grainsize preprocessing (PR c++/69826)

[PATCH] Fix compile/memory hog in the combiner (PR rtl-optimization/69592)

Re: [PATCH] Fix constexpr evaluation of comparisons involving pointer-to-members

[PATCH] Fix DF bitmap memory stat accounting and some minor mem-stat stuff

[patch] fix docs for C++ warn_unused type attribute

[PATCH] Fix driver handling of multiple -ftree-parallelize-loops=<n> options (PR driver/69805)

[PATCH] Fix DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer referring to DW_TAG_dwarf_procedure (PR debug/69947)

[PATCH] Fix endless recursion in decide_alg (PR target/69888)

[PATCH] Fix expansion of TREE_ADDRESSABLE bitwise copies (PR c++/69851)

[PATCH] Fix fnsplit ICE (PR tree-optimization/69209)

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/vect/vect-mask-store-move-1.c

[PATCH] Fix half of PR69586

[PATCH] Fix ICE in sync_resolve_size (PR c++/69797)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in vcond expansion with -mavx512f -mno-avx512bw (PR target/69820)

[PATCH] Fix ICE when expanding incorrect shift counts (PR rtl-optimization/69764)

[PATCH] Fix ICE when expanding incorrect shift counts (PR rtl-optimization/69764, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix installed plugin headers for aarch64, m68k and c6x (PR target/69894, PR target/69895)

[PATCH] Fix ipa-split handling of clobbers and debug stmts in return_bb (PR ipa/68672)

[PATCH] Fix jit crash on aarch64, mips

Re: [PATCH] Fix libstdc++-v3/include/math.h:66:1 2: error: 'constexpr bool std::isnan(double)' conflicts with a previous declaration

[PATCH] Fix missing warning with bool (PR c/67854)

[PATCH] Fix normal_inner_ref expansion (PR middle-end/69909)

[PATCH] Fix powerpc shift/rotate/mask insn handling (PR target/69946)

[PATCH] Fix PR 69282: ICE on 464.h264ref at -O3

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/66786 (ICE with nested lambdas in variable template)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/68948 (wrong code generation due to invalid constructor call)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/69056 (argument pack deduction failure during overload resolution)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69098 (bogus errors with static data member template)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/69139 (deduction failure with trailing return type)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/69283 (auto deduction fails when ADL is required)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69694 (non-dependent MODOP_EXPR with NULL type)

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69736

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/69961 (invalid ctor call with dependent args)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/69810

[PATCH] Fix PR37448 (and dups?)

[PATCH] Fix PR48795

[PATCH] Fix PR56888

[PATCH] Fix PR64748

[PATCH] Fix PR68963

[PATCH] Fix PR69274, 435.gromacs performance regression due to RA

[PATCH] Fix PR69291, RTL if-conversion bug

[PATCH] Fix PR69553

[PATCH] Fix PR69556

[PATCH] Fix PR69568

[PATCH] Fix PR69574

[PATCH] Fix PR69579

[PATCH] Fix PR69595, bogus -Warray-bound warning

[PATCH] Fix PR69606

[PATCH] Fix PR69609, BB reorder slowness

[PATCH] Fix PR69715

[PATCH] Fix PR69719

[PATCH] Fix PR69720

[PATCH] Fix PR69726

[PATCH] Fix PR69760

[PATCH] Fix PR69771, bogus CONST_INT during shift expansion

[PATCH] Fix PR69776 more

[PATCH] Fix PR69776, FRE/PRE not honoring middle-end memory model

[PATCH] Fix PR69783

[PATCH] Fix PR69801

[PATCH] Fix PR69854

[PATCH] Fix PR69882

[PATCH] Fix PR69907

[PATCH] Fix PR69951

[PATCH] Fix PR69983

[PATCH] Fix PR70011 (backlevel test case)

[PATCH] Fix reassoc ICE (PR tree-optimization/69802)

[PATCH] Fix regcprop noop move handling (PR rtl-optimization/69896)

[PATCH] Fix split-path-2.c on targets with unsigned characters by default

[patch] Fix SSA_NAME_OCCURS_IN_ABNORMAL_PHI issue in backprop

[PATCH] Fix thinko in build_vector_from_ctor (PR middle-end/69915)

Re: [PATCH] Fix tilegx libgcc with multilib

[patch] Fix timevar internal consistency failure

[PATCH] Fix unnecessary -Wmaybe-uninitialized false positive (PR target/65313)

Re: [PATCH] Fix up _Pragma GCC diagnostics regressions (PR preprocessor/69543, PR c/69558)

[PATCH] Fix up avx512* regressions caused by the cse.c one-liner change (PR target/69671)

[PATCH] Fix up bootstrap on i686 --with-arch=corei7 --with-fpmath=sse (PR bootstrap/69677)

[PATCH] Fix up handling of REG_EH_REGION notes in LRA (PR middle-end/69838)

[PATCH] Fix up memset handling in DSE (PR rtl-optimization/69891)

[PATCH] Fix up move_plus_up (PR rtl-optimization/69691)

[PATCH] Fix up recent texinfo regression

[PATCH] Fix up various issues with missing lhs on calls with addressable return value (PR ipa/69241, PR c++/69649)

[PATCH] Fix up vectorization of multiplication with bool cast to integer (PR tree-optimization/69820)

Re: [PATCH] Fix use of declare'd vars by routine procedures.

[PATCH] Fix valgrind reported issue during char constant lexing (PR c++/69628)

[PATCH] Fix valgrind reported issue with diagnostics caret (PR c/69627)

Re: [PATCH] Fix wide_int unsigned division (PR tree-optimization/69546, take 2)

[PATCH] Fixup PR69291 fix

[PATCH] Fixup PR69719 fix

[PATCH] Further -Wnonnull-compare fixes (PR c++/69922)

[Patch] Gate vect-mask-store-move-1.c correctly, and actually output the dump

[PATCH] gcc: invoke: delete -mno-fma4 docs

[PATCH] gcov: Configurable destination for error output

Re: [PATCH] hurd: align -p and -pg behavior on Linux

[PATCH] Improve PTA restrict handling for non-restrict pointers

Re: [PATCH] libffi testsuite: Use split to ensure valid tcl list

[PATCH] libitm: Introduce target macro TARGET_BEGIN_TRANSACTION_ATTRIBUTE.

Re: [patch] libstdc++/69116 Constrain std::valarray functions and operators

[patch] libstdc++/69581 Don't define guard macros when doing #include_next in math.h and stdlib.h

[patch] libstdc++/69626 Test for C99 stdlib.h functions with -std=c++98

[patch] libstdc++/69893 make <tr1/cmath> work with C++11

[patch] libstdc++/69939 Qualify get and forward

[patch] libstdc++/69945 Add __gnu_cxx::__freeres hook

[PATCH] libstdc++: S/390: Add missing baseline_symbols.txt for s390x/-m31.

[PATCH] Make C++ use the enum mode attribute

[PATCH] Make cstddef / cstdarg more robust (PR 69881)

[PATCH] Move the -Wnonnull compare against NULL warning from FEs to early uninit under -Wnonnull-compare (PR c/69835)

Re: [PATCH] New flag for dumping information about constexpr function calls memoization (GCC 5.2.0)

Re: [PATCH] New plugin events when evaluating constexpr expressions.

[PATCH] Note that -Wunreachable-code used to be a warning option (PR c/69900)

[PATCH] nvptx: do not use alternative spelling of unsigned comparisons

[PATCH] obsolete the deprecated rtems targets

Re: [PATCH] Partially fix PR c++/12277 (Warn on dynamic cast with known NULL results)

[PATCH] powerpc: Handle DImode rotatert implemented with rlwinm (PR69946)

[PATCH] PR c++/69139

[PATCH] PR driver/69265 and 69453: improved suggestions for various misspelled options

Re: [PATCH] PR driver/69265: improved suggestions for various misspelled options

[PATCH] PR driver/69779: fix bogus cleanup code used by libgccjit affecting s390x

[PATCH] PR other/69554: avoid excessive source printing for widely-separated locations

[PATCH] PR plugins/69758: add params.list to PLUGIN_HEADERS

[PATCH] PR preprocessor/69664: fix rich_location::override_column

[PATCH] PR rtl-optimization/64081: Enable RTL loop unrolling for duplicated exit blocks and back edges.

[PATCH] PR28901 Add two levels for -Wunused-const-variable.

[PATCH] PR69619: Fix exponential issue in ccmp.c

[PATCH] Re: [wwwdocs] Add common C++ issues to /gcc-6/porting_to.html

[PATCH] Re: PR c++/69139

[PATCH] Reduce pool allocator overhead for !CHECKING_P

Re: [PATCH] Remove PTX link option

[PATCH] Remove unreachable code from get_ref_base_and_extent

[PATCH] S/390: Correct documentation typos.

[PATCH] S/390: Do not require -march=z13 on s390 but only on s390x.

[PATCH] S/390: Fix r6 vararg handling.

[PATCH] S/390: PR 69625: Add test case

[PATCH] S/390: PR69709 Fix risbg splitter

[PATCH] s390: Add -fsplit-stack support

Re: [PATCH] s390: New mcount call sequence for z900+ CPUs in 31-bit mode.

[PATCH] Spelling fixes - behaviour and neighbour

Re: [PATCH] target/68972 - g++.dg/cpp1y/vla-initlist1.C test case fails on powerpc64le

[PATCH] testsuite/s390: Add __morestack test.

[PATCH] tweak -Wplacement-new to fix #69662

[patch] Update copyright years in libstdc++ manual

Re: [Patch] Update GCC Internals: remove section Preserving virtual SSA form

[PATCH] update include/plugin-api.h to add hooks for section alignment + size

[PATCH] vector-compare-4.c

[PATCH] Workaround LTO debug info bugs in dwarf2out (PR debug/69705)

[PATCH] xtensa: fix libgcc build with --text-section-literals

[PATCH], PR 68404 patch #2 (disable power8/power9 fusion on PowerPC)

Re: [PATCH], PR 68404 patch #3 (fix earlyclobber problem on power8 fusion)

Re: [PATCH], PR 68404 patch #4 (fix earlyclobber problem on power8 fusion)

[PATCH], PR 69461, PowerPC specific fix for toc-fusion

[PATCH], PR 69667, Fix PowerPC long double failure with -mlra

[PATCH], PR target/68404, Fix PowerPC fusion error

Re: [PATCH][2/2] Improve array-bound warnings and VRP


[PATCH][AArch64] Only update assembler .arch directive when necessary

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] PR target/69161: Don't use special predicate for CCmode comparisons in expressions that require matching modes

[PATCH][AArch64] PR target/69613: Return zero TARGET_SHIFT_TRUNCATION_MASK when SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED is false

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Remove an unused reload hook.

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Replace insn to zero up DF register

[PATCH][AArch64] Set TREE_TARGET_GLOBALS in aarch64_set_current_function when new tree is the default node to recalculate optab availability

[PATCH][AArch64] Skip gcc.target/aarch64/assembler_arch_1.c if assembler does not support it

[PATCH][AArch64][v2] Skip gcc.target/aarch64/assembler_arch_1.c if assembler does not support it

[PATCH][ARM] Add initial support for the Cortex-A32

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Enable fusion of AES instructions

[PATCH][ARM] Error out of arm_neon.h if compiling for soft-float ABI

Re: [PATCH][ARM] PR target/69161: Don't ignore mode when matching comparison operator in cstore-like patterns

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/69875 Fix atomic_loaddi expansion

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/70008

[PATCH][ARM] Reduce size of arm1020e automaton

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Remove neon_reinterpret, use casts

[PATCH][ARM] Tests for arm_restrict_it patterns in thumb2.md

Re: [PATCH][ARM][0/4] Fixing PR target/65932

Re: [PATCH][ARM][1/4] PR target/65932: Add testcase

Re: [PATCH][ARM][2/4] Fix operand costing logic for SMUL[TB][TB]

[PATCH][ARM][4.9 Backport] PR target/69875 Fix atomic_loaddi expansion

Re: [PATCH][ARM][4/4] Adjust gcc.target/arm/wmul-[123].c tests

[PATCH][ARM][5 Backport] PR target/69875 Fix atomic_loaddi expansion

[PATCH][ARM][RFC] PR target/65578 Fix gcc.dg/torture/stackalign/builtin-apply-4.c for single-precision fpus

[PATCH][ARM][wwwdocs] Mention Cortex-A32 and Cortex-A35 support in changes.html for GCC 6

Re: [PATCH][cilkplus] fix c++ implicit conversions with cilk_spawn (PR/69024, PR/68997)

[PATCH][CilkPlus] Fix PR69363

[PATCH][GCC7] Remove scaling of COMPONENT_REF/ARRAY_REF ops 2/3

[PATCH][gcse] PR rtl-optimization/69886: Check target mode in can_assign_to_reg_without_clobbers_p

[PATCH][LRA]Don't generate reload for output scratch operand from reload instruction.

[PATCH][P1 tree-optimization/68541] Add heuristics to path splitting

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/65917] Record both equivalences from if (x == y) style conditionals

Re: [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/69270] Exploit VRP information in DOM

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/69999] Schedule loop fixups when duplicating certain blocks for path splitting

Re: [PATCH][RFC][Offloading] Fix PR68463

[PATCH][SPARC] sparc: switch -fasynchronous-unwind-tables on by default.

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Add blurb to top of gcc-6/changes.html

[PATCH][wwwdocs][committed] Fix typo and tws in changes.html

[PATCH]Replace -shared with -r -nostdlib in gcc.dg/lto/pr61526 pr54709 pr64415 test cases.

Re: [PATCHES, PING*5] Enhance standard DWARF for Ada

Re: [PING 2, PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

Re: [PING 2, PATCH] S/390: Reduce accuracy of bessel_6.f90.

RE: [PING PATCH: RL78] Optimize libgcc routines using clrw and clrb

Re: [PING, Patch, fortran, pr67451, v1] [5/6 Regression] ICE with sourced allocation from coarray

Re: [PING, patch, Fortran, pr69296, v1] [6 Regression] [F03] Problem with associate and vector subscript

Re: [PING, PATCH] libitm: Introduce target macro TARGET_BEGIN_TRANSACTION_ATTRIBUTE.

Re: [PING, PATCH] PR/68089: C++-11: Ingore "alignas(0)".

[PING] [PATCH] target/68972 - g++.dg/cpp1y/vla-initlist1.C test case fails on powerpc64le

[PING] Add new mexecute-only arm option.

[ping] Enable -mstackrealign with SSE on 32-bit Windows

Re: [PING] genattrab.c generate switch

[PING] Re: [PATCH] [wwwdocs] Add a "Plugin issues" section to the GCC 6 porting guide

[PING][ARM] Re: Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[PING][PATCH, PR67709 ] Don't call call_cgraph_insertion_hooks in simd_clone_create

[PING][PATCH, PR69607] Mark offload symbols as global in lto

[PING][PATCH] Don't mark offload symbols with force_output in ltrans

Re: [PING][PATCH] Mark symbols in offload tables with force_output in read_offload_tables

[Ping][PATCH][GCC-5] Fix "#pragma GCC pop_options" warning.

[PING^2] Re: [PATCH] [wwwdocs] Add a "Plugin issues" section to the GCC 6 porting guide

Re: [Ping^2][PATCH][GCC-5] Fix "#pragma GCC pop_options" warning.

Re: [PING^3][PATCH, 12/16] Handle acc loop directive

[pr 69666] No SRA default_def replacements for unscalarizable

[PR 69920] Prevent SRA from leaving a removed SSA_NAME in IL

[PR fortran/60126] Internal compiler error with code using pointer reshaping (gfortran 4.8.2)

[pr/69916] ICE with empty loops

Re: [PR66726] Fixe regression caused by Factor conversion out of COND_EXPR

Re: [PR69315] enable finish_function to recurse for constexpr functions

[PR69634] fix debug_insn-inconsistent REG_N_CALLS_CROSSED

[RFC, PR68580] Handle pthread_create error in tsan testsuite

[RFC] [MIPS] Enable non-executable PT_GNU_STACK support

[RFC] [P2] [PR tree-optimization/33562] Lowering more complex assignments.

[RFC] [PATCH] Add __array_size keyword

[RFC] Add contrib/fix-ChangeLog.sh

Re: [RFC] Combine vectorized loops with its scalar remainder.

[RFC] Variants of __typeof

[RFC][PATCH][PR40921] Convert x + (-y * z * z) into x - y * z * z

[RFC][PATCH][PR63586] Convert x+x+x+x into 4*x

[RFC][PR69708] IPA inline not working for function reference in static const struc

Re: [RS6000] ABI_V4 init of toc section

Re: [RS6000] lqarx and stqcx. registers

[RS6000] reload_vsx_from_gprsf splitter

[SH][committed] Adjust some test cases

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67260

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67636

[SH][committed] Fix PR 69713

[SH][committed] Fix PR 69806

[SPARC] Fix PR target/69706

[testsuite, c++] Require init_priority support for g++.dg/ext/attr-constructor1.C

[testsuite, i386] Require alias support in gcc.target/i386/chkp-hidden-def.c

[testsuite] Adapt gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2/prod-options.c for Solaris assembler

[testsuite] Skip gcc.dg/ifcvt-4.c on Visium

[v3, 4.9] Handle C++11 <math.h> overloads on Solaris 11, 12

[visium] Tidy up support of machine-specific libfuncs

[wwwdocs] Add a link to porting_to

[wwwdocs] Add a note about in-class initialization of static data member

[wwwdocs] Add common C++ issues to /gcc-6/porting_to.html

[wwwdocs] Add more PowerPC information to gcc-6/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Add some C++ bits to porting_to

[wwwdocs] Changes for LTO and IPA, ver 2

[WWWDocs] Deprecate support for non-thumb ARM devices

[wwwdocs] Describe behavior of -flifetime-dse in class constructors

[wwwdocs] Document 3 changes in GCC 6

[wwwdocs] Document null 'this' dereference issue in /gcc-6/porting_to.html

[wwwdocs] extensions.html - colberg.org/gcc-lua/ now uses https

[wwwdocs] extensions.html -- update sourceforge.net link

[wwwdocs] Fix broken links on /readings.html

[wwwdocs] Fix doc link to x86 built-in functions in gcc-4.8/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Fix reference to Andreas Bauer's thesis (readings.html)

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.6/porting_to.html -- lists.fedoraproject.org is on https now

[wwwdocs] index.html -- make section on releases a bit denser

[wwwdocs] main page -- shorten/reduce size of request for further news

[wwwdocs] Mention flexible array type and mangling change

[wwwdocs] msdn.microsoft.com now uses https (gcc-4.7/changes.html)

[wwwdocs] New bits to porting_to

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: Please remove mirror2.babylon.network

[wwwdocs] readings.html -- remove broken link to PDP-11 FAQ

[wwwdocs] Replace <br /><span> by <div> on index.html

[wwwdocs] Trim the navigation bar

[wwwdocs] Update -Wnonnull description

Re: [wwwdocs] Update changes.html for LTO and IPA

[wwwdocs] Update link for Openbench

[wwwdocs] Update link to ThreadSanitizer

[wwwdocs] Use gcc.css for "Get our announcements"

Re: [wwwdocs][PATCH] Add notes on -Wmisleading-indentation to GCC 6 porting guide

add check for aarch64 in check_effective_target_section_anchors()

Avoid redundant DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME computations for ODR types

AW: [RFC, PR68580] Handle pthread_create error in tsan testsuite

AW: AW: Wonly-top-basic-asm

AW: Is it OK for rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1 to attempt to compute the frame layout? (was Re: [PATCH] Skip re-computing the mips frame info after reload completed)

AW: Wonly-top-basic-asm

better debug info for C++ cdtors, aliases, thunks and other trampolines

bswap PRs 69714, 67781

C PATCH for c/69819 (error-recovery ICE)

C++ PATCH for c++/10200 (DR 141, template name lookup after ->)

C++ PATCH for c++/65985 (wrong error with constexpr ctor)

C++ PATCH for c++/67364 (constexpr vs. empty class)

C++ PATCH for c++/68049 (ICE with may_alias)

C++ PATCH for c++/68585 (wrong error with constexpr list-initialization)

C++ PATCH for c++/68679 (ICE with member template in unnamed struct)

C++ PATCH for c++/68890 (ICE with constexpr value-initialization)

C++ PATCH for c++/68926 (SFINAE failure with template-id)

C++ PATCH for c++/69323 (ICE on template friend)

C++ PATCH for c++/69657 (abs not inlined)

C++ PATCH for c++/69688 (bogus error with -Wsign-compare)

C++ PATCH for c++/69743 (wrong overload resolution with variadic templates)

C++ PATCH for c++/69753 (DR141 broke member template lookup)

C++ PATCH for c++/69842 (wrong error with generic lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/69889 (ICE with lambda conversion)

C++ PATCH for c++/69958 (wrong sizeof...)

C++ PATCH for c++/69995 (wrong value with C++14 constexpr)

C++ PATCH to make constexpr respect -fno-inline

Re: C++ PATCHes for abi_tag bugs

Clear visibility of TYPE_DECL

Re: Combine simplify_set WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS

Commit: MSP430: Update devices list

Correct c-torture stkalign test

Re: Default compute dimensions

Default compute dimensions (runtime)

Re: Fix c/69522, memory management issue in c-parser

Fix compilation of libbacktrace/mmap.c on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

Fix incomplete initialization of declspecs

Fix PR44281 (bad RA with global regs)

Re: Fix PR67639

Fix PR69648: lra removes set of PIC reg, then introduces new use

Fix PR69752, insn with REG_INC being removed as equiv_init insn

Fix/work around PR57676, LRA terminates prematurely

gcc-4_9-branch backports

gcc-5-branch backports

Re: genattrab.c generate switch

Go patch committed: Mark stub functions with $stub, skip them in runtime.Callers

Go patch committed: Unpack method names when sorting them

i386: add a variant peephole for decl (mem)

i386: relax scan-assembler test in lzcnt-1 testcase

Re: Is it OK for rtx_addr_can_trap_p_1 to attempt to compute the frame layout? (was Re: [PATCH] Skip re-computing the mips frame info after reload completed)

libgcc patch committed: Align stack in __stack_split_initialize

libgcc: On AIX, increase chances to find landing pads for exceptions

libgo patch committed: Add some Getsockopt functions to the syscall package

libgo patch committed: Change gcstack_size to size_t

libgo patch committed: Don't refer to _end

libgo patch committed: For c-archive, install signal handler synchronously

libgo patch committed: Lock goroutine to thread during cgo call

libgo patch committed: Support pkg-config in go tool

libgo patch committed: Update to final 1.6 release

libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.6rc1

lra-remat issues (PR68730)

Merge from GCC trunk to gccgo branch

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

msp430: fix function type declarations

New Brazilian Portuguese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New C++ PATCH for c++/10200 et al

New Esperanto PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Finnish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Finnish PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New German PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Russian PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Swedish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New template for 'cpplib' made available

New template for 'gcc' made available

Re: New tests for PRs 52531 and 57365

New Ukrainian PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'cpplib' (version 6.1-b20160131)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'gcc' (version 6.1-b20160131)

openacc reference reductions

Re: Partial Offloading (was: [hsa merge 07/10] IPA-HSA pass)

Patch ping

PATCH to add -flifetime-dse=1

Patch to fix PR69148

patch to fix PR69461

PATCH] Fix PR 31531: A microoptimization of isnegative of signed integer

PING [PATCH] fix #69251 - [6 Regression] ICE in unify_array_domain on a flexible array member

PPC libgcc IEEE128 soft-fp exception/rounding fixes

PR 69577: Invalid RA of destination subregs

random struct-layout-1 link failures caused by timeouts

Remove -fshort-double (PR60410)

Remove couple of dead lines in reload_cse_simplify

Revert gcc r227962

RFA (convert): PATCH for c++/69631 (wrong overflow error with -fwrapv)

RFA: Prevent an ICE when redeclaring a static function as weak

RFC: [Patch, PR Bug 60818] - ICE in validate_condition_mode on powerpc*-linux-gnu* ]

RFC: Fix ARMv3 support

Small C++ PATCH for debug_tree(cp_expr)

testsuite fix

Re: TR29124 C++ Special Maths - Make <math.h> pull functions into global namespace.

Turnoff prefetching for -march=znver1

Un-parallelized OpenACC kernels constructs with nvptx offloading: "avoid offloading"

Re: Use plain -fopenacc to enable OpenACC kernels processing

Use plain -fopenacc to enable OpenACC kernels processing (was: [PATCH, 6/16] Add pass_oacc_kernels)

Warning location fix, PR c++/69733

Re: Wonly-top-basic-asm

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