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***ping*** [Patch, fortran] PR68196 [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on function result with procedure pointer component

-fstrict-aliasing fixes 1/5: propagate -fno-strict-aliasing in the inliner

[0/2] OpenACC routine support

[0/3] OpenACC reductions

Re: [0/7] Type promotion pass and elimination of zext/sext

[1/2] i386 ROP mitigation: make more of regrename callable

Re: [1/2] OpenACC routine support

Re: [1/3] OpenACC reductions

[2/2] i386 ROP mitigation

Re: [2/2] OpenACC routine support

Re: [2/3] OpenACC reductions

Re: [3/3] OpenACC reductions

[5 PATCH] Fix ICE with mangling aliases (PR c++/67354)

Re: [7/7] Adjust-arm-test cases

[AARCH64] Adding constant folding for __builtin_fmulx* with scalar 32 and 64 bit arguments

[AArch64] Cortex-A57 Choose some new branch costs.

[AArch64] Fix vqtb[lx][234] on big-endian

[AArch64] Move iterators from atomics.md to iterators.md

[AArch64] Rework ARMv8.1 command line options.

Re: [AArch64] Update comments on the usage of X30 in FIXED_REGISTERS and CALL_USED_REGISTERS

Re: [Aarch64] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

Re: [AArch64][dejagnu][PATCH 5/7] Dejagnu support for ARMv8.1 Adv.SIMD.

Re: [AARCH64][PATCH 1/3] Implementing the variants of the vmulx_ NEON intrinsic

Re: [AARCH64][PATCH 2/3] Implementing vmulx_lane NEON intrinsic variants

Re: [AARCH64][PATCH 2/3] Implementing vmulx_lane NEON intrinsic variants + Changelog

Re: [AARCH64][PATCH 3/3] Adding tests to check proper error reporting of out of bounds accesses to vmulx_lane* NEON intrinsics

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 4/7] Add ACLE feature macro for ARMv8.1,Adv.SIMD instructions.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 6/7] Add NEON intrinsics vqrdmlah and vqrdmlsh.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 7/7] Add NEON intrinsics vqrdmlah_lane and vqrdmlsh_lane.

Re: Re: [AArch64][TLSGD][2/2] Implement TLS GD traditional for tiny code model

[Ada] Add missing type conversions

[Ada] Better handling of invalid switches in GNAT.Command_Line

[Ada] Concurrent constituents of a single protected/task type

[Ada] Contract_Cases on entries

[Ada] Crahs on indexing operation with named associations

[Ada] Crash on function returning limited view of class-wide type

[Ada] Crash on illegal selected component in synchronized body.

[Ada] Crash on illegal use of limited view of classwide type

[Ada] Crash on inconsistent IF-expression

[Ada] Enable -fstrict-overflow at all optimization levels

[Ada] Fix C++ interfacing bug on 32-bit Windows

[Ada] Fix crash on renaming of unconstrained array in ASIS mode

[Ada] Fix ICE on on indirect renaming of address at -O

[Ada] Fix missing layout information in ASIS mode

[Ada] Fix simple C interfacing issues

[Ada] Fix simple missed optimization

[Ada] Fix stack usage increase for renaming of indexed component

[Ada] Fix unexpected position error with aliasing and size clause

[Ada] Fix volatile flag setting in gigi

[Ada] Freezing of contracts, Part_Of and current instance of a concurrent type

[Ada] Handling of overloaded indexing functions

[Ada] housekeeping work in sigtramp.h

[Ada] Internal crash on illegal aspect Part_Of

[Ada] Introduce a Frontend_Exceptions flag in system.ads

[Ada] Iterable aspect for an integer type

[Ada] Legality checks on calls to a Generic_Dispatching_Constructor.

[Ada] Library-level error on aspects

[Ada] Make System.String_Hash available through GNAT.String_Hash

[Ada] Malformed argument with pragma Refined_State

[Ada] Missing detection of elaboration dependency

[Ada] Missing error on volatile return type of non-volatile function

[Ada] More efficient code generated for object overlays

[Ada] Normalize_Pathname with unresolved reference directory

[Ada] Obscure messages due to freezing of contracts

[Ada] PR ada/66242 Finalization with restriction No_Exception_Propagation

[Ada] PR ada/68345

[Ada] Process entry, protected and task bodies in ASIS mode.

[Ada] Remove more redundant checks in loops

[Ada] Spurious visibility error with derivation and incomplete declaration

[Ada] Spurious visibility error with private subtye, inlining and instance

[Ada] State refinement predicates for GNATprove

[Ada] Undefined symbols with pragma Initialize_Scalars

[Ada] Warn when a non-imported constant overlays a constant

Re: [ARM] Fix PR middle-end/65958

Re: [ARM] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[ARM][PATCH, PR 68223] arm_[su]min_cmp pattern fails

[Back port r227760] PR67460 [5 Regression] Spurious: f951: all warnings being treated as errors

Re: [Boolean Vector, patch 1/5] Introduce boolean vector to be used as a vector comparison type

Re: [Bulk] [OpenACC 0/7] host_data construct

[C PATCH] Don't leak C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPRs into fold() (PR c/68412)

[C PATCH] Fix error-recovery with variable-sized compound literals (PR c/68090)

[C PATCH] Fix ice-on-invalid with typedef declarations in for loops (PR c/68320)

[C PATCH] Fix parsing when using declarations in for loops and typedefs (PR c/67784)


[C++ PATCH] Fix ICE with NOP_EXPRs in check_case_bounds (PR c++/68362)

[C++ PATCH] Fix same canonical type node ICE for constrained functions (PR c++/68434)

[C++ PATCH] Fix ubsan downcast -fsanitize=vptr sanitization (PR c++/68508)

[C++ PATCH] Fix unexpanded pack error with auto-deduced functions (PR c++/68396)

[C++ PATCH] Issue hard error even with -fpermissive for certain goto violations (PR c++/67409)

[C++ PATCH] Issue hard error even with -fpermissive for certain goto violations (PR c++/67409, take 2)

[C++ Patch] PR 68087

[c++-delayed-folding] Introduce convert_to_complex_nofold

[c++-delayed-folding] Introduce convert_to_real_nofold

[c-family] Fix -fdump-ada-spec ordering issue in C++

[C/C++ PATCH] Reject declarators with huge arrays (PR c/68107, c++/68266)

[commit] [patch] Python Pretty Printers get disabled on libstdc++ reload by GDB (PR libstdc++/68448)

[committed, trivial] Fix typo and trailing whitespace in dump-file strings in parloops

[committed] gcc.dg/Wno-frame-address.c: Skip on hppa*-*-*

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Add args_str var in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Add comments in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Add emacs indent setting

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Add len_of_call var in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Add pass_num, prefix and postfix vars in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Make print command clearer in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Rename len_of_end to len_of_close in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Rename prefix_len var to len_of_prefix in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Rename var where to call_starts_at in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Simplify init of postfix_starts_at in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Simplify match regexp in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Unify semicolon use in handle_line

[committed] gen-pass-instances.awk: Use early-out in handle_line

[committed] Handle recursive restrict in function parameter

[COMMITTED] libitm: Fix recent changes to allocations log.

[COMMITTED] libitm: Use multiplicative hashing in the multi-lock TM method.

[committed] PR 68406: Avoid problem with older host compilers

[committed] Remove dead macros

[Committed] S/390: Add bswaphi2 pattern

[committed] Use RECORD_OR_UNION_TYPE_P in c-family/

[embedded-5-branch][PATCH 0/2] Backporting algorithmic optimization and testcase change

[embedded-5-branch][PATCH 1/2] Backporting algorithmic optimization in match and simplify

[embedded-5-branch][PATCH 2/2]Backporting fix for PR-67948.

Re: [Fortran, patch, pr68218, backport to 5 and 4.9, v1] ALLOCATE with size given by a module function

[Fortran, patch, pr68218, v1] ALLOCATE with size given by a module function

Re: [Fortran, Patch] (RFC, Coarray) Implement TS18508's EVENTS

Re: [gofrontend-dev] Re: libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.5 release

Re: [gomp4 05/14] omp-low: set 'omp target entrypoint' only on entypoints

Re: [gomp4 06/14] omp-low: copy omp_data_o to shared memory on NVPTX

[gomp4, committed, 1/9] Move expansion of kernels region back to first omp-expand

[gomp4, committed, 2/9] Update gate_oacc_kernels to handle oacc function

[gomp4, committed, 3/9] Revert "Add skip_stmt parm to pass_dominator::get_sese ()"

[gomp4, committed, 4/9] Revert "Add pass_dominator::sese_mode_p ()"

[gomp4, committed, 5/9] Handle oacc function in parloops

[gomp4, committed, 6/9] Update goacc kernels C testcases

[gomp4, committed, 7/9] Update goacc kernels Fortran testcases

[gomp4, committed, 8/9] Release_defs in expand_omp_atomic_fetch_op

[gomp4, committed, 9/9] Remove BUILT_IN_GOACC_KERNELS_INTERNAL

[gomp4, committed] Add dominator_base::may_peel_loop_headers_p

[gomp4, committed] Add pass_dce in oacc kernels pass group

[gomp4, committed] Backport make_restrict_var_constraints fixes from trunk

[gomp4, committed] Cleanup formatting of DEF_GOACC_BUILTINs

[gomp4, committed] Cleanup formatting of pass_expand_omp_ssa::execute

[gomp4, committed] expand oacc kernels region at same time as oacc parallel region

[gomp4, committed] Fix double word typo in tree-inline.c

[gomp4, committed] Implement -foffload-alias

[gomp4, committed] Insert IFN_GOACC_DIM_POS for oacc kernels call in parloops

[gomp4, committed] Make formatting resemble trunk in f95-lang.c

[gomp4, committed] Provide PROP_gimple_eomp unconditionally in pass_expand_omp

[gomp4, committed] Remove DEF_GOACC_BUILTIN_FNSPEC

[gomp4, committed] Remove gimple_stmt_omp_data_i_init_p

[gomp4, committed] Remove misc oacc kernels functions

[gomp4, committed] Remove no_overflow_tree_code

[gomp4, committed] Remove omp-low.h include

[gomp4, committed] Remove shadowing declaration in oacc_entry_exit_ok_1

[gomp4, committed] Remove ssa support in expand_omp_target

[gomp4, committed] Remove superfluous pass_expand_omp_ssa

[gomp4, committed] Remove TODO_remove_unused_locals from todo_flags_finish of pass_data_expand_omp_ssa

[gomp4, committed] Remove unused DEF_ATTR_FOR_STRING and DEF_ATTR_TREE_LIST

[gomp4, committed] Revert "Add c-c++-common/goacc/kernels-loop-nest-independent.c"

[gomp4, committed] Revert "Add counter inits to zero_iter_bb in expand_omp_for_init_counts"

[gomp4, committed] Revert "Add dom_walker::walk_until"

[gomp4, committed] Revert "Add IFN_GOACC_DATA_END_WITH_ARG"

[gomp4, committed] Revert "Use marked_independent in oacc kernels region"

[gomp4, committed] Revert omp_data_i init handling in ccp and forwprop

[gomp4, committed] Revert omp_data_i init handling in copy_prop

[gomp4, committed] Simplify get_omp_data_i_param

[gomp4, committed] Undo cgraph_node::release_body workaround

[gomp4, ptx] worker & gang complex double reductions

[gomp4,committed] Handle recursive restrict in function parameter

[gomp4,committed] Revert "Add pass_dominator::jump_threading_p ()"

Re: [gomp4.1] Handle linear clause modifiers in declare simd

Re: [gomp4.1] Handle new form of #pragma omp declare target

[gomp4.5] depend nowait support for target

[gomp4.5] Don't mark GOMP_MAP_FIRSTPRIVATE mapped vars addressable

[gomp4.5] Fix up doacross with dynamic scheduling

[gomp4.5] Fix up ordered threads simd

[gomp4.5] Handle #pragma omp declare target link

[gomp4.5] Tweak OpenMP 4.5 mapping rules

[gomp4] Adjust Fortran OACC async lib test

[gomp4] assorted trunk backports

[gomp4] backport ptx changes from trunk

[gomp4] backport trunk FE changes

[gomp4] Fix some broken tests

Re: [gomp4] fortran cleanups and c/c++ loop parsing backport

[gomp4] fortran routine backports

[gomp4] Merge trunk r229764 (2015-11-04) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r229809 (2015-11-05) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r229831 (2015-11-06) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230048 (2015-11-09) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230082 (2015-11-10) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230169 (2015-11-11) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230255 (2015-11-12) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230274 (2015-11-12) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230627 (2015-11-19) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230720 (2015-11-22) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r230906 (2015-11-25) into gomp-4_0-branch

Re: [gomp4] OpenACC async clause regressions

Re: [gomp4] OpenACC reduction tests

[gomp4] Random omp-low.c backporting

[gomp4] Re: [1/3] OpenACC reductions

[gomp4] Re: [2/3] OpenACC reductions

[gomp4] Re: [3/3] OpenACC reductions

[gomp4] Re: [OpenACC] declare directive

[gomp4] Re: [openacc] tile, independent, default, private and firstprivate support in c/++

[gomp4] Re: [PATCH, 10/16] Add pass_oacc_kernels pass group in passes.def

[gomp4] Re: OpenACC declare directive updates

[gomp4] remove c++ reference restriction

[gomp4] remove IFN_GOACC_DIM handling from device_lower

[gomp4] revert fortran declare changes

[gomp4] Rework gimplifyier region flags

[gomp4] teach fortran to reject the device clause in acc routines

[gomp4] Use pass_ch instead of pass_ch_oacc_kernels (was: [PATCH, 8/16] Add pass_ch_oacc_kernels)

[hsa 1/12] Configuration and offloading-related changes

[hsa 10/12] HSAIL BRIG description header file (hopefully not a licensing issue)

[hsa 11/12] Majority of the HSA back-end

[hsa 12/12] HSA register allocator

[hsa 2/12] Modifications to libgomp proper

[hsa 3/12] HSA libgomp plugin

[hsa 4/12] OpenMP lowering/expansion changes (gridification)

[hsa 5/12] New HSA-related GCC options

[hsa 6/12] IPA-HSA pass

[hsa 7/12] Disabling the vectorizer for GPU kernels/functions

[hsa 8/12] Pass manager changes

[hsa 9/12] Small alloc-pool fix

[hsa] Back-end enhancement

[HSA] Back-end enhancement and various fixes

[hsa] depend nowait support for target

[hsa] Describe grid with target clauses

[HSA] fix emission of function names with user-defined assembly names

[hsa] Fix operand and instruction types for bit-ops

[hsa] Fix static local variable name conflict

[HSA] Implementation of various omp_* function

[HSA] libgomp and hsa-gen.c header file refactoring

[hsa] Merged trunk revision 230248 into the hsa branch

[hsa] omp_target_associate_ptr and omp_target_is_present on shared memory

[hsa] Pass kernel launch attributes through a device-specific argument

[hsa] Perform version checks in HSA plugin

[hsa] Redesign busy loop waiting so that a kernel dispatch signal can be reused

[HSA] support global variables

[hsa] Use gimplify_expr in gridification

[hsa] Use new format of device-specific target arguments

[hsa] Use proper accesses to gimple_omp_for

[i386] Rotate stack checking loop

[ia64] Rotate stack checking loop

Re: [libgomp] task scheduler rewrite and task priorities implementation

Re: [libstdc++ testsuite][patch] many locale tests only SUPPORTED on linux, start making these portable

Re: [mask conversion, patch 2/2, i386] Add pack/unpack patterns for scalar masks

Re: [mask-load, patch 1/2] Use boolean predicate for masked loads and store

Re: [mask-load, patch 2/2, i386] Add/modify mask load/store patterns

Re: [mask-vec_cond, patch 1/2] Support vectorization of VEC_COND_EXPR with no embedded comparison

Re: [mask-vec_cond, patch 2/2, i386] Add patterns for vcond_mask_optab

[mips] Rotate stack checking loop

[nios2, committed] remove duplicates in || expression

[nvptx] complex vector reductions

[nvptx] SESE region optimization

[Obivous][testsuite,aarch64/arm] Fix typo

[Obvious][AArch64] Fix gcc.target/aarch64/vclz.c

Re: [OpenACC 0/7] host_data construct

[openacc] acc loop updates in fortran

[OpenACC] C, C++: bind and nohost clauses

Re: [OpenACC] declare directive

[openacc] fortran loop clauses and splitting

Re: [OpenACC] internal fn folding

Re: [OpenACC] num_gangs, num_workers and vector_length in c++

[openacc] tile, independent, default, private and firstprivate support in c/++

[PATCH 0/2] Fix invalid left shift of negative value.

Re: [PATCH 0/2] Levenshtein-based suggestions (v3)

[PATCH 0/2] Libsanitizer merge from upstream r253555.

[PATCH 0/4][AArch64] Add scheduling and cost models for Exynos M1

[PATCH 0/5] Add support -mcpu=thunderxt88pass1 and needed changes to support that

[PATCH 0/6] Another fixes of various memory leaks

[PATCH 0/6] Automatically use vector optabs

Re: [patch 0/6] scalar-storage-order merge (2)

[PATCH 0/7] 64-bit obstack support in libiberty

[PATCH 0/7] S/390: Minor fixes and improvements for the vector builtins.

[PATCH 00/12] misc conditional compilation work

[PATCH 00/15] Unittests framework v4: -fself-test

Re: [PATCH 00/16] Unit tests framework (v3)

[PATCH 01/02] PR/62314: add ability to add fixit-hints

[PATCH 01/12] reduce conditional compilation for HARD_FRAME_POINTER_IS_ARG_POINTER

[PATCH 01/15] Selftest framework (unittests v4)

[PATCH 02/02] C FE: add fix-it hint for . vs ->


[PATCH 02/15] Add selftests to bitmap.c

[PATCH 03/12] remove conditional compilation of sdb debug info

[PATCH 03/15] Add selftests to tree-cfg.c

[PATCH 03/N] Just another set of memory leaks

[PATCH 04/12] always define XCOFF_DEBUGGING_INFO

[PATCH 04/15] Add selftests to et-forest.c

[PATCH 04/N] Fix big memory leak in ix86_valid_target_attribute_p

[PATCH 05/12] always define VMS_DEBUGGING_INFO

[PATCH 05/15] Add selftests to fold-const.c

[PATCH 05/N] Fix memory leaks in graphite

[PATCH 06/12] always define DWARF2_DEBUGGING_INFO

[PATCH 06/15] Add function-tests.c

[PATCH 07/12] always define DBX_DEBUGGING_INFO

[PATCH 07/15] Fix warning in function-tests.c

[PATCH 07/N] Fix memory leaks in haifa-sched


[PATCH 08/15] Add selftests to gimple.c

[PATCH 09/12] always define TARGET_PECOFF

[PATCH 09/15] Add hash-map-tests.c

[PATCH 1/2] [graphite] add testsuite automatic dg-options and dg-do action for isl-ast-gen-* and fuse-* files

[PATCH 1/2] [graphite] always print parameter names as P_{SSA_NAME_VERSION}

[PATCH 1/2] [graphite] do not create unnecessary dimensions in scop scattering

[PATCH 1/2] [graphite] move all declarations to a same .h file

[PATCH 1/2] [graphite] Move codegen related functions to graphite-isl-ast-to-gimple.c

[PATCH 1/2] destroy values as well as keys when removing them from hash maps

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Fix invalid left shift of negative value.

Re: [PATCH 1/2] Implement Levenshtein distance

[PATCH 1/2] Libsanitizer merge from upstream r253555.

[PATCH 1/2] RFC: C++: attempt to provide location_t in more places

Re: [PATCH 1/2] s/390: Implement "target" attribute.

[PATCH 1/2] simplify-rtx: Simplify trunc of and of shiftrt

Re: [PATCH 1/2][ARC] Add support for ARCv2 CPUs

Re: [PATCH 1/2][ARM] PR/65956 AAPCS update for alignment attribute

[PATCH 1/3] [graphite] call update_ssa once

RE: [PATCH 1/4 v2][AArch64] Generalize CCMP support

[PATCH 1/4] [ARM] PR63870 Add qualifiers for NEON builtins

[PATCH 1/4][AArch64] Add scheduling and cost models for Exynos M1

[PATCH 1/4][AArch64] Generalize CCMP support

[PATCH 1/5] [AARCH64]: Move #undef into .def files.

[PATCH 1/6] Fix memory leak in cilk

[PATCH 1/6] Use IFN_SQRT in tree-vect-patterns.c

Re: [PATCH 1/6]tree-ssa-dom.c: Normalize exprs, starting with ARRAY_REF to MEM_REF

[PATCH 1/7] New obstack_next_free is not an lvalue

[PATCH 1/7] S/390: Fix vrepi constraint letter.

[PATCH 1/7][ARM] Add support for ARMv8.1.

Re: [PATCH 1/9] ENABLE_CHECKING refactoring

Re: [PATCH 10/10] Compress short ranges into source_location

[PATCH 10/12] always define EH_RETURN_HANDLER_RTX

[PATCH 10/15] Add hash-set-tests.c

[PATCH 10/9] ENABLE_CHECKING refactoring: remove remaining occurrences

[PATCH 11/12] always define HAVE_AS_LEB128

[PATCH 11/15] Add selftests to input.c

[PATCH 12/12] always define ENABLE_OFFLOADING

[PATCH 12/15] Add rtl-tests.c

[PATCH 13/15] Add selftests to tree.c

[PATCH 14/15] Add selftests to vec.c

[PATCH 15/15] RFC: Add ggc-tests.c

[PATCH 2/2] [graphite] check for ISL generated code that leads to division by zero

[PATCH 2/2] [graphite] Enable condegen in case of cond phis.

[PATCH 2/2] [graphite] fix PR67984: check for constants in rename map

[PATCH 2/2] [graphite] improve construction of the original schedule

[PATCH 2/2] add original schedule to scop

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Fix invalid left shift of negative value.

[PATCH 2/2] Libsanitizer merge from upstream r253555.

[PATCH 2/2] remove val_ssa_equiv_hash_traits

[PATCH 2/2] RFC: C++ FE: expression ranges (work in progress) v3

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Extend 20050603-3.c testcase to 64-bit

Re: [PATCH 2/2][ARC] Add support for ARCv2 CPUs

[PATCH 2/3] [graphite] fix PR68279: bail out when scev gets instantiated to not_known

[Patch 2/3][Aarch64] Add support for IEEE-conformant versions of scalar fmin* and fmax*

[PATCH 2/4 v2][AArch64] Add support for FCCMP

[PATCH 2/4] [ARM] PR63870 Mark lane indices of vldN/vstN with appropriate qualifier

[PATCH 2/4][AArch64] Add support for FCCMP

[PATCH 2/4][AArch64] Increase the loop peeling limit

[PATCH 2/5] [AARCH64] Change IMP and PART over to integers from strings.

[PATCH 2/6] Fix memory leak in tree-ssa

[PATCH 2/6] Make builtin_vectorized_function take a combined_fn

[PATCH 2/7] Correct libvtv obstack use

[PATCH 2/7] S/390: Enable vrepi constants.

[PATCH 2/7][ARM] Multilib support for ARMv8.1.

[PATCH 3/3] [graphite] fix PR68493: bail out when codegen_error is set

[PATCH 3/4] [ARM] PR63870 Add test cases

Re: [PATCH 3/4] Add libgomp plugin for Intel MIC

Re: [PATCH 3/4] bb-reorder: Add -freorder-blocks-algorithm= and wire it up

[PATCH 3/4][AArch64] Add CCMP to rtx costs

Re: [PATCH 3/4][AArch64] Add scheduling model for Exynos M1

[PATCH 3/5] [AARCH64] Fix part num and implement indendent.

[PATCH 3/6] Fix memory leaks in IPA devirt

Re: [PATCH 3/6] Share code from fold_array_ctor_reference with fold.

[PATCH 3/6] Vectorize internal functions

[PATCH 3/7] S/390: Fix RT flag in vstrc instruction.

[PATCH 3/7] Update libsanitizer obstack interceptors

[PATCH 3/7][ARM] Add patterns for new instructions

[PATCH 3a/4][AArch64] Add attribute for compatibility with ARM pipeline models

[PATCH 3b/4][AArch64] Add scheduling model for Exynos M1

Re: [patch 4/3] Header file reduction - Tools for contrib - second cut

[PATCH 4/4 v2][AArch64] Cost CCMP instruction sequences to choose better expand order

Re: [PATCH 4/4] [ARM] Add attribute/pragma target fpu=

Re: [PATCH 4/4] Add -Wmisleading-indentation to -Wall

[PATCH 4/4][AArch64] Add cost model for Exynos M1

[PATCH 4/4][AArch64] Cost CCMP instruction sequences to choose better expand order

Re: [PATCH 4/5] remove usage of BIGGEST_FIELD_ALIGNMENT in encoding.c

[PATCH 4/5] {AARCH64] Add comment for the company's cores.

[PATCH 4/6] Fix memory leak in loop_vec_info

[PATCH 4/6] Simplify ix86_builtin_vectorized_function

[PATCH 4/7] Copy gnulib obstack files

[PATCH 4/7] S/390: Sort builtin types - cleanup only.

[PATCH 4/7][ARM] Add ACLE feature macro for ARMv8.1 instructions.

[PATCH 4a/4] [ARM] PR63870 Use internal_error() for invalid lane numbers

[PATCH 4b/4] [ARM] PR63870 Remove error for invalid lane numbers

Re: [PATCH 4b] diagnostic-show-locus.c changes: Insertions

[PATCH 5/5] [AARCH64] Add variant support to -m*=native and add thunderxt88pass1.

Re: [PATCH 5/5] remove usage of ADJUST_FIELD_ALIGN in encoding.c

[PATCH 5/6] Fix parser memory leak in cilk_simd_fn_info

[PATCH 5/6] Simplify rs6000_builtin_vectorized_function

Re: [PATCH 5/6]tree-sra.c: Fix completely_scalarize for negative array indices

[PATCH 5/7] Modify obstack.[hc] to avoid having to include other gnulib files

[PATCH 5/7] S/390: Fix vec_splat_* builtins.

[PATCH 5/7][Testsuite] Support ARMv8.1 ARM tests.

[PATCH 6/6] Fix memory leak in tree-chkp.c

Re: [PATCH 6/6] Make SRA replace constant-pool loads

[PATCH 6/6] Simplify aarch64_builtin_vectorized_function

[PATCH 6/7] S/390: vec_set mode DI->SI for shift_count

[PATCH 6/7] Silence obstack.c -Wc++compat warning

[PATCH 6/7][ARM] Add ACLE intrinsics vqrdmlah and vqrdmlsh

Re: [PATCH 6/n] OpenMP 4.0 offloading infrastructure: option handling

[PATCH 7/7] Configury changes for obstack optimization

[PATCH 7/7] S/390: Make constant checking more strict

[PATCH 7/7][ARM] Add ACLE intrinsics vqrdmlah_lane and vqrdmlsh_lane

[PATCH 7/N] Fix newly introduced memory leak in tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c

[PATCH 9/9] ENABLE_CHECKING refactoring: C family front ends

[Patch AArch64] Add support for Cortex-A35

[Patch AArch64] Reinstate CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS to fix pr67609

[Patch AArch64] Switch constant pools to separate rodata sections.

[PATCH AArch64]Handle REG+REG+CONST and REG+NON_REG+CONST in legitimize address

Re: [PATCH applied], Power9 patches #6-8 (IEEE 128-bit h/w, 128-bit direct move, integer mult/add)

Re: Re: [Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 00/20] Executable tests

[Patch ARM] Add support for Cortex-A35

[Patch ARM] Switch ARM to unified asm.

Re: [PATCH c/c++] use explicit locations for some warnings in c-pragma.c

[patch committed FT32] Pattern for CC to register move

[PATCH committed] PR other/61321 - demangler crash on casts in template parameters

[Patch GCC 5/Vect] Partial backport of r228751 (pr68238)

Re: [Patch ifcvt] Teach RTL ifcvt to handle multiple simple set instructions

[PATCH PR52272]Be smart when adding iv candidates

[PATCH PR68529]Fix not recognized scev by computing no-overflow info for loop with NE_EXPR exit condition

[PATCH PR68542]

[PATCH RFC 0/2] GCC: MIPS IEEE Std 754 NaN interlinking support


[PATCH RFC 2/2] MIPS/GCC: IEEE Std 754 NaN interlinking support

[PATCH series, 16] Use parloops to parallelize oacc kernels regions

[PATCH testsuite ARM] : Update armv6 unaligned macro tests

Re: [PATCH v2 11/13] Test case for conversion from __seg_tls:0

[PATCH v2] [ARM] PR61551 RFC: Improve costs for NEON addressing modes

Re: [PATCH v2] [PR debug/67192] Fix C loops' back-jump location

[PATCH v2] Add uaddv_optab, usubv4_optab

[PATCH v2] Clarify promises about undefined behavior with signed <<

[PATCH v2] libitm: Support sized delete.

[PATCH v3 0/2] Fix C loops' back-jump location

[PATCH v3 0/4] [ARM] PR63870 vldN_lane/vstN_lane error messages

[PATCH v3 1/2] [PR debug/67192] Fix C loops' back-jump location

[PATCH v3 2/2] [PR debug/67192] Further fix C loops' back-jump location

Re: [PATCH v4] SH FDPIC backend support

[PATCH, 0/6] Remove first_pass_instance

[PATCH, 1/16] Insert new exit block only when needed in transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[PATCH, 10/16] Add pass_oacc_kernels pass group in passes.def

[PATCH, 11/16] Update testcases after adding kernels pass group

[PATCH, 12/16] Handle acc loop directive

[PATCH, 13/16] Add c-c++-common/goacc/kernels-*.c

[PATCH, 14/16] Add gfortran.dg/goacc/kernels-*.f95

[PATCH, 15/16] Add libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/kernels-*.c

[PATCH, 16/16] Add libgomp.oacc-fortran/kernels-*.f95

[PATCH, 2/16] Make create_parallel_loop return void

[PATCH, 2/2] Handle recursive restrict in function parameter

[PATCH, 2/6] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_reassoc

[PATCH, 3/16] Ignore reduction clause on kernels directive

Re: [PATCH, 3/6] Add recursion to make_param_constraints

[PATCH, 3/6] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_dominator

[PATCH, 4/16] Implement -foffload-alias

[PATCH, 4/6] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_object_sizes

[PATCH, 5/16] Add in_oacc_kernels_region in struct loop

[PATCH, 5/6] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_ccp

[PATCH, 6/16] Add pass_oacc_kernels

[PATCH, 6/6] Remove first_pass_instance

[PATCH, 7/16] Add pass_dominator_oacc_kernels

[PATCH, 8/16] Add pass_ch_oacc_kernels

[PATCH, 9/16] Add pass_parallelize_loops_oacc_kernels

[PATCH, alpha]: Add TARGET_PRINT_OPERAND and friends

[PATCH, alpha]: Hookize some more macros

[PATCH, applied] Fixup PowerPC error from my last commit

Re: [PATCH, applied], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #9 (config.gcc)

[PATCH, ARM, v2] PR target/68059 libgcc should not use __write for printing fatal error

FW: [PATCH, ARM/testsuite] Fix thumb2-slow-flash-data.c failures

[PATCH, ARM] PR target/68059 libgcc should not use __write for printing fatal error

[patch, avr] Add new Atmel AVR devices

[PATCH, C++] Wrap OpenACC wait in EXPR_STMT

[PATCH, committed] fortran/primary.c -- fix whitespace

[PATCH, committed] PR fortran/PR68227

[PATCH, committed] PR67826 gcc/fortran/openmp.c:1808: bad test ?

[PATCH, doc] Document some standard pattern names

[patch, doc] fix PR53587, missing documentation for -mms-bitfields

[patch, doc] fix PR65129, markup on __builtin_assume_aligned

[patch, doc] PR 48568, missing docs for visibility attribute on variables

[patch, doc] PR 56036, misplaced @end table

[Patch, fortran] PR68196 [4.9/5/6 Regression] ICE on function result with procedure pointer component

[Patch, fortran] PR68534 - No error on mismatch in number of arguments between submodule and module interface

[Patch, fortran] PRs 68237 & 66762 - submodule problems

[PATCH, gcc5 backport] Fix PR ipa/65908

[PATCH, HSA] fix emission of HSAIL for builtins

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Enable QI-mode mask logic patterns on non- AVX-512DQ targets.

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Split out mask version for vec_extract_hi_<mode>.

[PATCH, i386] PR68497. Fix ICE with -fno-checking

[PATCH, i386] Use scalar mask for 16-byte and 32-byte vectors when possible

[PATCH, i386]: Check natural alignment of the operand in misaligned_operand predicate

[PATCH, i386]: Fix gcc.c-torture/compile/pr41634.c FAIL

[PATCH, i386]: Fix gcc.target/i386/pr66648.c FAIL

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 68263, Vector "*mov<mode>_internal" fails to handle misaligned load/store from reload

[PATCH, i386]: Use ssememalign attribute value to reject insns with misaligned operands

[PATCH, libcpp]: Correctly advance the pointer to an aligned address.

[PATCH, libgomp] Rewire OpenACC async

[PATCH, libstdc++-v3, DJGPP] Update error constants for DJGPP

RE: [PATCH, MIPS, PR/61114] Migrate to reduc_..._scal optabs.

RE: [PATCH, Mips] Compact branch/delay slot optimization.

RE: [Patch, MIPS] Frame header optimization for MIPS (part 2)

[Patch, MIPS] Remove definition of TARGET_PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES

Re: [PATCH, PING*3] DWARF: materialize subprogram renamings in Ada as imported declarations

Re: [PATCH, PING*4] PR debug/53927: fix value for DW_AT_static_link

Re: [PATCH, PING*4] Track indirect calls for call site information in debug info.

[PATCH, PR middle-end/68134] Reject scalar modes in default get_mask_mode hook

[PATCH, PR target/68405, i386, committed] Add missing break

[PATCH, PR target/68416, i386, MPX] Add bounds registers to ALL_REGS set

[PATCH, PR tree-optimization/68145] Fix vectype computation in vectorizable_operation

[PATCH, PR tree-optimization/68327] Compute vectype for live phi nodes when copmputing VF

[PATCH, PR tree-optimization/PR68305] Support masked COND_EXPR in SLP

[PATCH, PR46032] Handle BUILT_IN_GOMP_PARALLEL in ipa-pta

[PATCH, PR68286] Fix vector comparison expand

[PATCH, PR68337] Don't fold memcpy/memmove we want to instrument

[PATCH, PR68373 ] Call scev_const_prop in pass_parallelize_loops::execute

[PATCH, PR68460] Always call free_stmt_vec_info_vec in gather_scalar_reductions

Re: [PATCH, RFC] fortran [was Re: #pragma GCC unroll support]

Re: [PATCH, rs6000, gcc 5 backport] Fix PR target/67808, LRA ICE on double to long double conversion

[PATCH, rs6000] Remove redundant logic from rs6000_secondary_reload_direct_move

[PATCH, testsuite]: Add ieee options for gcc.dg/torture/pr68264.c

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix g++.dg/cilk-plus/CK/pr66326.cc FAILs

[PATCH, testsuite]: Improve gcc.target/i386/pr67609-2.c SSE2 runtime test

[PATCH, testsuite]: Move x86 specific tests to gcc.target/i386 directory

Re: [PATCH, VECTOR ABI] Add __attribute__((__simd__)) to GCC.

[Patch, vrp] Allow VRP type conversion folding only for widenings upto word mode

[PATCH, x86] Fix posix_memalign declaration in mm_malloc.h

[PATCH,committed] PR fortran/67982 -- add testcase

[PATCH,committed] PR fortran/68318 -- increment reference count

[PATCH,RFC] Introduce RUN_UNDER_VALGRIND in test-suite

[Patch,SLP]: Correction in the comment for SLP vectorization profitable case.

RE: [Patch,testsuite]: Fix the tree-ssa/split-path-1.c testcase

Re: [Patch,tree-optimization]: Add new path Splitting pass on tree ssa representation

[PATCH,x86,FreeBSD] Update FreeBSD/i386 to i586

[PATCH/RFC 0/2] C++ FE: expression ranges (v3)

[PATCH/RFC v2] PR68212: Improve Accounting of Block Frequencies During Loop Unrolling

[PATCH/RFC/RFA] Machine modes for address printing (all targets)

[PATCH/RFC] C++ FE: expression ranges (v2)

[PATCH/RFC] C++ FE: expression ranges (work in progress)

[PATCH/RFTesting][MIPS] Migrate reduction optabs in mips-ps-3d.md

[PATCH; committed] Fix typo in doc/gty.texi

[PATCH] (Partial) Implementation of simplificaiton of CSHIFT

[PATCH] -Wshift-overflow: Warn for shifting sign bit out of a negative number

[PATCH] 02/N Fix memory leaks in IPA

[PATCH] 21_strings/basic_string/capacity/wchar_t/18654.cc

[PATCH] 23_containers/vector/profile/vector.cc

[PATCH] [4.9] Re: [PATCH][5] Backport ISL 0.15 support

[PATCH] [ARC] Add support for atomic memory built-in.

Re: [PATCH] [ARM, Callgraph] Fix PR67280: function incorrectly marked as nothrow

[PATCH] [ARM/Aarch64] add initial Qualcomm support

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] neon-testgen.ml typo

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] PR61551 RFC: Improve costs for NEON addressing modes

[PATCH] [graphite] do not collect cold loops in scops

[PATCH] [graphite] fix PR68314: revert all patches touching the construction of the original schedule

[PATCH] [graphite] fix PR68453: recursively add phi nodes to merge points

[PATCH] [graphite] improve debug of codegen

[PATCH] [ping] Add support for ARM embedded multilibs

[PATCH] [PR68603] Associate conditional C++ loop's back-jump with start, not body

Re: [PATCH] [PR68603] Associate conditional C++ loop's back-jump with start, not body

Re: [PATCH] Add -fchecking

[PATCH] Add clang-format config to contrib folder

[PATCH] Add configure flag for operator new (std::nothrow)

[patch] add ELFv2 check to FreeBSD PowerPC64

[PATCH] Add LANG_HOOKS_EMPTY_RECORD_P for C++ empty class

[PATCH] Add PR rtl-optimization/68249 and PR rtl-optimization/68321 testcases

[PATCH] Add save_expr langhook (PR c/68513)

Re: [PATCH] add self-tuning to x86 hardware fast path in libitm

[PATCH] Add support for ARM embedded multilibs


[PATCH] Add testcase for PR rtl-optimization/68250

[PATCH] add testcase for PR68335

[PATCH] Add testcase for PR68482

[PATCH] Adjust gcc.dg/vect/bb-slp-32.c

[PATCH] AIX asserts

[PATCH] AIX declare aliases

[PATCH] Allocate constant size dynamic stack space in the prologue

[PATCH] Allow embedded timestamps by C/C++ macros to be set externally (2)

[PATCH] Allow vrp to thread across backedges using FSM threader

[PATCH] Another merge from gomp-4_5-branch to trunk

[PATCH] Avoid false vector mask conversion

[PATCH] Avoid more irreducible loops in FSM threader

[PATCH] Avoid ssa-thread-11.c on various targets

[PATCH] Avoid useless work in loop vectorization

[patch] backport PIE support for FreeBSD to gcc-49

[patch] backport remove of soft float for FreeBSD powerpc for gcc-4.9

Re: [PATCH] Better error messages for merge-conflict markers (v3)

[PATCH] C++ FE: offer suggestions for misspelled field names

[PATCH] c++/42121 - diagnose invalid flexible array members

Re: [PATCH] c/67882 - improve -Warray-bounds for invalid offsetof

[patch] c/c++ asan tests for FreeBSD

[Patch] Change to argument promotion in fixed conversion library calls

[PATCH] Check NULL loop->latch in verify_loop_structure

Re: [PATCH] clarify documentation of -Q --help=optimizers

[PATCH] Clarify that -fwrapv covers all signed arithmetic overflow

[PATCH] Clear LOOP_CLOSED_SSA after pass_ccp

[PATCH] combine: Handle aborts in is_parallel_of_n_reg_sets (PR68381)

[PATCH] Complete cxa_atexit for AIX

[PATCH] Convert a test to GIMPLE

[PATCH] Convert manual unsigned +/- overflow checking into {ADD,SUB}_OVERFLOW (PR target/67089)

[patch] Copy-edit the Option Summary in invoke.texi

[PATCH] correct -Wself-init diagnostic location

[PATCH] ctype functions and signedness

[patch] Define std::experimental::randint etc.

[PATCH] Diagnose OpenMP standalone directives after labels (PR c/63326)

[PATCH] Disable shrink-wrapping for ix86_static_chain_on_stack functions (PR target/67770)

Re: [PATCH] Do not allow irreducible loops/regions in a scop

[PATCH] Do not sanitize left shifts for -fwrapv (PR68418)

[patch] Document new overflow arithmetics patterns

[PATCH] Don't ICE on symbolic ranges in VRP (PR tree-optimization/68455)

[PATCH] Don't lower VEC_PERM_EXPR if it can be expanded using vec_shr optab (PR target/68483)

[PATCH] Don't reapply loops flags if unnecessary in loop_optimizer_init

[PATCH] Enable libmpx by default on supported target

Re: [PATCH] Enable libstdc++ numeric conversions on Cygwin

[PATCH] enable loop fusion on isl-15

[PATCH] Fix bb-reorder problem with degenerate cond_jump (PR68182)

[PATCH] fix c++/68308 - [6 Regression] ICE: tree check: expected integer_cst

Re: [PATCH] Fix c-c++-common/torture/vector-compare-1.c on powerpc

[PATCH] Fix debug fallout of proposed PR68162 fix

[PATCH] Fix debug info related ICE when inlining back fnsplit function (PR debug/66432)

Re: [PATCH] Fix declaration of pthread-structs in s-osinte-rtems.ads

[PATCH] Fix declaration of pthread-structs in s-osinte-rtems.ads (ada/68169)

Re: [PATCH] Fix declaration of pthread-structs in s-osinte-rtems.ads (ada/68169)

[PATCH] Fix detection of setrlimit in libstdc++ testsuite

[PATCH] Fix division-by-unsigned optimization in VRP (PR tree-optimization/68431)

[patch] Fix doxygen @file comment in libstdc++ header

[PATCH] Fix GC ICE during simd clone creation (PR middle-end/68339)

[PATCH] Fix genmatch dependency issue

[PATCH] Fix genmatch SAVE_TEMPS usage for multi-uses

[PATCH] Fix ICE for boolean comparison

[PATCH] Fix ICE for masked store of boolean value

[PATCH] Fix ICE with mangling aliases (PR c++/67354)

[PATCH] Fix ICE with mangling aliases (PR c++/67354, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix ifcvt one_cmpl_abs optimization (PR rtl-optimization/68376)

[PATCH] Fix inconsistent use of integer types in gcc/lto-streamer-out.c

[PATCH] Fix IRA register preferencing

[PATCH] Fix leading zero with g0 editing

[PATCH] Fix libcpp ICE (PR preprocessor/60736)

[PATCH] Fix mcore-elf builds

[PATCH] Fix memory leaks

[PATCH] Fix memory leaks and use a pool_allocator

Re: [PATCH] Fix memory leaks in tree-ssa-uninit.c

[PATCH] Fix minor fallout from output_address changes

[PATCH] Fix oacc kernels default mapping for scalars

[PATCH] Fix object init in alloc-pool.h

[PATCH] Fix obvious typo that breaks boot strap in delayed folding

[PATCH] Fix pattern causing C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPRs leak into gimplifier (PR c/68513)

[PATCH] Fix possible correctness issue in BB dependence analysis

[patch] Fix PR c++/68290

[PATCH] Fix PR ipa/68035

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR ipa/68035 (v2)

[PATCH] Fix PR ipa/68311

[patch] Fix PR lto/61313

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/65958

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/68251

[PATCH] Fix PR objc/68438 (uninitialized source ranges)

[PATCH] Fix PR rtl-optimization/68287

[patch] Fix PR target/67265

[PATCH] Fix PR56118

[PATCH] Fix PR58497 testcase for SPARC

[PATCH] fix PR65726

[PATCH] Fix PR66721, re-try vectorization without SLP

[PATCH] Fix PR66799

[PATCH] Fix PR67203

[PATCH] Fix PR67790

[PATCH] Fix PR68029

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR68067

[PATCH] Fix PR68117

[PATCH] Fix PR68117 (hopefully)

[PATCH] Fix PR68240

[PATCH] Fix PR68248

[PATCH] Fix PR68306

[PATCH] Fix PR68306 (and 68367)

[PATCH] fix PR68341: correctly compute the insertion point for close phi nodes

[PATCH] fix PR68428: ignore bb dominated by the scop->exit

[PATCH] Fix PR68445

[PATCH] Fix PR68470, ICE in IPA split

[PATCH] Fix PR68492

[PATCH] Fix PR68502

[PATCH] Fix PR68517

[PATCH] Fix PR68528

[PATCH] Fix PR68554

[PATCH] Fix PR68555

[PATCH] Fix PR68559

[PATCH] Fix PR68592

[PATCH] Fix problem reported in PR68465

Re: Re: [PATCH] Fix PRs 66502 and 67167

[PATCH] Fix reassoci ICE (PR tree-optimization/68157)

Re: [patch] fix regrename pass to ensure renamings produce valid insns

[PATCH] Fix SH/FDPIC bad codegen with ssp enabled

[PATCH] Fix target arch attribute for skylake

[PATCH] Fix transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt with -g

[PATCH] Fix tree_operand_hash traits

[PATCH] Fix typo.

[PATCH] Fix uninitialized src_range within c_expr (Re: libcpp/C FE source range patch committed (r230331))

[PATCH] Fix unused variable.

[PATCH] Fix up reduction-1{1,2} testcases (PR middle-end/68221)

[PATCH] Fix up target {{enter,exit} nowait,update} depend nowait

[PATCH] Fix VEC_PERM_EXPR expansion regression (PR tree-optimization/68552)

[PATCH] Fix vector rsqrt discovery (PR tree-optimization/68501)

[PATCH] fix vectorizer performance problem on cygwin hosted cross compiler

[PATCH] Fix vms targets

[PATCH] Fix warning in tree-diagnostic.h.

[PATCH] fortran/openmp.c -- Fix bootstrap

[patch] FreeBSD x86_64/i386 apply r125920

[PATCH] g++.dg/cpp1y/pr58708.C wchar_t size

[PATCH] g++.dg/init/vbase1.C and g++.dg/cpp/ucn-1.C

[PATCH] GCC system.h and Graphite header order

[PATCH] GCC-5 Backport of pr67037

[PATCH] gcc.c: new macro POST_LINK_SPECS to be able to add additional steps after linking

[PATCH] gcc/config.gcc: fix typo for powerpc e6500 cpu_is_64bit

Re: [patch] gcc5 FreeBSD rs6000 PIE handling

Re: [patch] gcc6 FreeBSD rs6000 PIE handling

[PATCH] gcc: configure: fix test == bashisms

[patch] Generate DW_AT_endianity in DWARF 3 or above

[PATCH] Get rid of insn-codes.h in optabs-tree.c

[patch] GSoC: Implement std::experimental::shared_ptr

Re: [PATCH] i386: Use the STC bb-reorder algorithm at -Os (PR67864)

Re: [PATCH] Implement GOMP_OFFLOAD_unload_image in intelmic plugin

[PATCH] Implement OpenMP 4.5 region/construct nesting rules

[patch] Implement std::experimental::source_location (sort of)

[PATCH] Improve BB vectorization dependence analysis

[PATCH] Improve C++ loop's backward-jump location

[PATCH] Improve comments in pass_tree_loop_init::execute

[PATCH] Improve verification of loop->latch in verify_loop_structure

[PATCH] libcpp: add examples to source_location description

[PATCH] libitm: Support __cxa_free_exception and fix exception handling.

Re: [PATCH] libitm: Support sized delete.

[patch] libsanitizer

[patch] libstdc++/56158 Extend valid values of iostream bitmask types

[patch] libstdc++/60421 (again) Loop in std::this_thread sleep functions

[patch] libstdc++/64651 allow rethrow_exception to be found by ADL

[patch] libstdc++/66059 optimise std::make_integer_sequence

[patch] libstdc++/68190 Fix return type of heterogeneous find for sets

[PATCH] libstdc++: Fix libstdc++/67440: pretty-printing of a const set<foo> fails

[patch] link libgccjit using LDFLAGS

[PATCH] lround for PowerPC

[PATCH] Make BB vectorizer work on sub-BBs

[PATCH] Make CCP effectively remove UNDEFINED defs

[PATCH] Make disabled-optimization warning more informative; increase default max-gcse-memory

[PATCH] Make fdump-tree-sccp-details more complete

[PATCH] Mark by_ref mem_ref in build_receiver_ref as non-trapping

[PATCH] Merge from gomp-4_5-branch to trunk

[PATCH] Minor refactoring in tree-ssanames.c & freelists verifier

[PATCH] MIPS/GCC/doc: Reorder `-mcompact-branches='

[PATCH] More compile-time saving in BB vectorization

Re: [patch] New 'all' front end header reduction

Re: [PATCH] New attribute to create target clones

Re: [patch] New backend header reduction

[PATCH] New plugin events when evaluating constexpr expressions.

[patch] New remainder of front end header reduction

[PATCH] New version of libmpx with new memmove wrapper

[PATCH] nvptx: implement automatic storage in custom stacks

Re: [patch] Only do shrink_to_fit() when exceptions enabled

[PATCH] OpenMP 4.5 is now publicly available

[Patch] Optimize condition reductions where the result is an integer induction variable

[PATCH] Optimize scalars in shared clauses to firstprivate if proven not written (PR tree-optimization/68128)

[PATCH] Partially fix PR c++/12277 (Warn on dynamic cast with known NULL results)

Re: [PATCH] Pass manager: add support for termination of pass list

[PATCH] PR 65751 Bogus &L in error message

[PATCH] PR 68192 Export AIX TLS symbols

[PATCH] PR 68366 - include emit-rtl.h in sdbout.c

Re: [PATCH] PR ada/66205 gnatbind generates invalid code when finalization is enabled in restricted runtime

[PATCH] PR c/68473: sanitize source range-printing within certain macro expansions

[PATCH] PR driver/67613 - spell suggestions for misspelled command line options

[PATCH] PR fortran/43996 -- Too large array constructor in SPREAD

[PATCH] PR fortran/58027,60993 -- BOZ in array constructor initialization expression

[PATCH] PR fortran/59910 -- structure constructor in DATA statement

[PATCH] PR fortran/67803 -- Check CHARACTER array constructor element types

[PATCH] PR fortran/68053 -- Reduce initialization expression to constant value

[PATCH] PR fortran/68151 -- Check CASE selector for valid type

[PATCH] Pr fortran/68153 -- Enhance checking of RESHAPE shape arg

[PATCH] PR fortran/68244 -- Check for NULL() in an array spec.

[PATCH] PR fortran/68283 -- remove a rogue gfc_internal_error()

[PATCH] PR fortran/68319 -- Implement checks for F2008:C1206

[Patch] PR tree-optimization/68234 Improve range info for loop Phi node

[PATCH] PR tree-optimization/68413 : Only check for integer cond reduction on analysis stage

Re: [PATCH] PR/67682, break SLP groups up if only some elements match

[PATCH] PR47266

[PATCH] PR52251

[PATCH] PR54224 Warn for unused internal procedures -- update testcase

[PATCH] PR67305, tighten neon_vector_mem_operand on eliminable registers

[PATCH] PR67518 and PR53852 -- add testcase.

[Patch] PR68137, drop constant overflow flag in adjust_range_with_scev when possible

[PATCH] PR68271 [6 Regression] Boostrap fails on x86_64-apple-darwin14 at r230084

[PATCH] Preserve the original program while using graphite

[PATCH] Preserve the original program while using graphite.

[patch] Python Pretty Printers get disabled on libstdc++ reload by GDB (PR libstdc++/68448)

[PATCH] Refactor BB vectorization

[PATCH] Remove backedge handling support in tree-ssa-threadupdate.c

[PATCH] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_vrp

[PATCH] Remove more backedge threading support

[PATCH] remove parameter_rename_map

[PATCH] remove unused config/arm/coff.h

Re: [PATCH] replace BITS_PER_UNIT with __CHAR_BIT__ in target libs

[patch] RFC asan support for i?86/x86_64-*freebsd*

[PATCH] RFC: Enable graphite at -O3 -fprofile_use

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix for and_operand oversight (PR68332, PR67677)

[PATCH] rs6000_adjust_cost old thinko

[PATCH] S/390: bswap testcases require -march=z900 to work with -m31.

[PATCH] S/390: bswap64 testcases require -mzarch.

[PATCH] S/390: Clobber r1 in patterns resulting in pfpo instruction.

[PATCH] S/390: Enable 64 bit atomic tests with -m31 -mzarch.

Re: [Patch] S/390: Fix symbol ref alignment

[PATCH] S/390: Fix warning in "*movstr" pattern.

[PATCH] S/390: Further bswap enhancements.

[PATCH] shrink-wrap: Fix thinko (PR68520)

Re: [PATCH] Simple optimization for MASK_STORE.

[PATCH] simplify-rtx: Simplify sign_extend of lshiftrt to zero_extend (PR68330)

[Patch] sync top level configure with binutils-gdb

[PATCH] testsuite/experimental/random/randint.cc

[PATCH] Transactional Memory: Support __cxa_free_exception and fix exception handling.

Re: [PATCH] tree-scalar-evolution.c: Handle LSHIFT by constant

[patch] Tweak comments in libstdc++ header

[patch] Update C++17 library implementation status

[patch] update locale support fro FreeBSD


Re: [PATCH] Use signed boolean type for boolean vectors

Re: [PATCH] Use subreg_regno instead of subreg_regno_offset

[PATCH] vect_slp_analyze_node_dependences TLC

Re: [PATCH] x86 interrupt attribute

[PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #1

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #1 (revised)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #10 (SFmode/DFmode d-form addressing)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #2 (add modulus instructions)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #3 (scalar count trailing zeros)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #4

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #5 (ISA 3.0 fusion)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #6 (IEEE 128-bit hardware support)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #7 (direct move enhancements)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patch #8 (add integer multiply/add)

Re: [PATCH], Add power9 support to GCC, patches #2-5 committed

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit patch #7 (revised #2), Subpatch #17

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit patch #8 (libgcc bits)

Re: [PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit patch #8 (libgcc bits, revised)

[PATCH][1/2] Fix PR68553

[PATCH][2/2] Fix PR68553

Re: [PATCH][4.9/5 Backport] PR rtl-optimization/67037 Use copy_rtx when necessary

[PATCH][4.9] Backport fix for PR sanitizer/64820.


[PATCH][AArch64] Documentation fix for -fpic

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix ICE on (const_double:HF 0.0)

[PATCH][AArch64] Handle function literal pools according to function size

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve add immediate expansion

[PATCH][AArch64] PR target/68129: Define TARGET_SUPPORTS_WIDE_INT

[PATCH][AArch64] PR target/68363 Check that argument is real INSN in aarch64_madd_needs_nop

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Replace insn to zero up DF register

[PATCH][AArch64][cleanup] Remove uses of CONST_DOUBLE_HIGH, CONST_DOUBLE_LOW

[PATCH][AArch64][v2] Improve comparison with complex immediates followed by branch/cset

[PATCH][ARC] Fix ARC backend ICE on pr29921-2

[PATCH][ARC] Refurbish emitting DWARF2 for epilogue.

Re: [PATCH][ARM/AArch64] PR 68088: Fix RTL checking ICE due to subregs inside accumulator forwarding check

[PATCH][ARM] Do not expand movmisalign pattern if not in 32-bit mode

[PATCH][ARM] Enable fusion of AES instructions

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Fix checking RTL error in cortex_a9_sched_adjust_cost

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Fix costing of vmul+vcvt combine pattern

[PATCH][ARM] PR 49526: Add support for smmul,smmla,smmls instructions

[PATCH][ARM] PR 68143 Properly update memory offsets when expanding setmem

[PATCH][ARM] PR 68149 Fix ICE in unaligned_loaddi split

Re: [PATCH][ARM] PR target/67929 Tighten vfp3_const_double_for_bits checks

[PATCH][ARM] Use snprintf rather than sprintf where possible

[PATCH][ARM][3/3][v2] Implement negsicc, notsicc optabs

[PATCH][ARM][cleanup] Remove uses of CONST_DOUBLE_HIGH/LOW

[PATCH][ARM]Fix addsi3_compare_op2 pattern.

[PATCH][calls.c] PR rtl-optimization/67226: Take into account pretend_args_size when checking stack offsets for sibcall optimisation

[PATCH][calls.c][4.9/5 backport] PR rtl-optimization/67226: Take into account pretend_args_size when checking stack offsets for sibcall optimisation

[PATCH][cfgloop] PR middle-end/68375: Restructure get_loop_body_in_bfs_order to handle loops with only a header

[PATCH][combine] PR rtl-optimization/68381: Only restrict pure simplification in mult-extend subst case, allow other substitutions

[PATCH][combine][RFC] Don't transform sign and zero extends inside mults

[PATCH][cp][committed] Fix bootstrap on arm due to print format warning

[PATCH][DJGPP][libgfortran] Do not use S_ISVTX for DJGPP in libfortran/intrinsic/chmod.c

[PATCH][GCC] Make stackalign test LTO proof

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] Disable neon testing for armv7-m

[PATCH][GCC][ARM] testcase memset-inline-10.c uses -mfloat-abi=hard but does not check whether target supports it

[PATCH][haifa-sched] PR rtl-optimization/68236: Exit early from autoprefetcher lookahead if not in haifa sched

[PATCH][i386]Migrate reduction optabs to reduc_<op>_scal

[PATCH][install.texi] Add note against GNAT 4.8 on ARM targets.

[PATCH][optabs][ifcvt][1/3] Define negcc, notcc optabs

Re: [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/67892] Use FSM threader to handle backedges

[PATCH][PR tree-optimization/68198] Avoid CFG explosion due to threading

[PATCH][RFC] Remove warning for SET VOIDmode -> BLKmode.

Re: [PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/67749: Do not emit separate SET insn in IF-ELSE case

[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/68435 Allow (c ? x++ : x--) form

[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/68506: Fix emitting order of insns in IF-THEN-JOIN case

[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] Reject insns that are multiple_sets

[PATCH][RTL-ree] PR rtl-optimization/68194: Restrict copy instruction in presence of conditional moves

[PATCH][WIP] libstdc++: Make certain exceptions transaction_safe.

Re: [PATCHES, PING*5] Enhance standard DWARF for Ada

Re: [PING 2] [PATCH] c++/67942 - diagnose placement new buffer overflow

[PING] [PATCH] clarify documentation of -Q --help=optimizers

[PING] [PATCH] Improve C++ loop's backward-jump location

[ping] Change behavior of -fsched-verbose option

Re: [ping] Fix PR debug/66728

Re: [PING] Re: [PATCH] c++/67913, 67917 - fix new expression with wrong number of elements

Re: [ping] Re: Fix PR debug/66728

[Ping][C++ Patch] PR c++/67846

[PING][PATCH, 12/16] Handle acc loop directive

[PING][PATCH, 3/16] Ignore reduction clause on kernels directive

RE: [PING][Patch] Add support for IEEE-conformant versions of scalar fmin* and fmax*

[PING][PATCH][4.9] Backport fix for PR sanitizer/64820.

Re: [PING][PATCH][4.9]Backport "Fix register corruption bug in ree"

Re: [Ping][PATCH][GCC][ARM] testcase memset-inline-10.c uses -mfloat-abi=hard but does not check whether target supports it

[PING^2][PATCH] Improve C++ loop's backward-jump location

Re: [PR fortran/63858] Fix mix of OpenACC and OpenMP sentinels in continuations

Re: [PR64164] drop copyrename, integrate into expand

[PR66326, Cilk+] Fix FP exception occured in CilkPlus runtime

[PR67335] drop dummy zero from reverse VTA ops, fix infinite recursion

Re: [PR67383][ARM][4.9]Backport of "Allow any register for DImode values in Thumb2"

Re: [PR67891] drop is_gimple_reg test from set_parm_rtl

[PR68001, CilkPlus] Fix for PR68001

Re: [PR68083] stop ifcombine from moving uninitialized uses before their guards

[PR68432 00/26] Handle size/speed choices for internal functions

[PR68432 01/22][ARM] Remove operand dependency from "type" attribute

[PR68432 02/22][ARM] Remove operand dependency from use_literal_pool

[PR68432 03/22][NDS32] Remove "length" dependency from "enabled" attribute

[PR68432 04/22] Remove global which_alternative

[PR68432 05/22] Add support attributes that operate on insn codes

[PR68432 06/22] Use code,alternative attributes for aarch64

[PR68432 07/22] Use code,alternative attributes for alpha

[PR68432 08/22] Use code,alternative attributes for arc

[PR68432 09/22] Use code,alternative attributes for arm

[PR68432 10/22] Use code,alternative attributes for avr

[PR68432 11/22] Use code,alternative attributes for c6x

[PR68432 12/22] Use code,alternative attributes for i386

[PR68432 13/22] Use code,alternative attributes for m68k

[PR68432 14/22] Use code,alternative attributes for mips

[PR68432 15/22] Use code,alternative attributes for mn10300

[PR68432 16/22] Use code,alternative attributes for nds32

[PR68432 17/22] Use code,alternative attributes for s390

[PR68432 18/22] Use code,alternative attributes for sparc

[PR68432 19/22] Use code,alternative for bool_attrs

[PR68432 20/22] Record attributes for define_expand

[PR68432 21/22] Pass optimization type to direct_internal_fn_supported_p

[PR68432 22/22] Use preferred_for_size in i386 internal fn optabs

[ptx] Add more whitespace

[PTX] Add weak support

[PTX] address space patch

[PTX] Adjust mode splitting

[PTX] Another libcall patch

[PTX] Fix CFA breakage

[ptx] fix CLZ

[ptx] Fix sso tests

[ptx] immediate operands

[PTX] number parameters from zero

[PTX] OpenACC complex double reductions

[ptx] overrride anchor hook

[ptx] partitioning optimization

[PTX] remove unnecessary predicates

[ptx] remove workaround

[PTX] rework PTX prototype emission

[PTX] simplify call emission

[PTX] Simplify function decl output

[RFA] [PATCH] Fix invalid redundant extension elimination for rl78 port

RE: [RFA] Compact EH Patch

[RFA] Do not use libiberty's getpagesize on Android

[RFA] Implement incremental IL linking

[RFC PATCH] Do not sanitize left shifts for -fwrapv

Re: [RFC, PATCH v2] Disable -fprofile-use related optimizations if corresponding .gcda file not found.

Re: [RFC, Patch]: Optimized changes in the register used inside loop for LICM and IVOPTS.

[RFC] [PATCH V2]: RE: [RFC] [Patch] Relax tree-if-conv.c trap assumptions.

[RFC] [Patch] PR67326 - relax trap assumption by looking at similar DRS

Re: [RFC] Combine vectorized loops with its scalar remainder.

Re: [RFC] Cse reducing performance of register allocation with -O2

[RFC] Device-specific OpenMP target arguments

[RFC] Getting LTO incremental linking work

[RFC] Remove first_pass_instance from pass_vrp

[rfc] Skip non-default multilib and libstdc++-v3 debug builds in bootstrap builds

RE: [RFC][PATCH] Preferred rename register in regrename pass

[rs6000] Rotate stack checking loop

[sched] Dump dependency graph to a dot file

[sh] Add flag_unsafe_math_optimizations to sincossf3

[SH][committed] Fix PR 68277

[SPARC] Add missing final period

[SPARC] Fix PR target/57845

[SPARC] Fix PR target/68408

[SPARC] Minor cleanup

[sparc] Rotate stack checking loop

[testsuite] Small adjustment to gcc.dg/sso testcases

[testsuite][ARM target attributes] Fix effective_target tests

[trivial, committed] Use decl_type in create_variable_info_for_1

[v3 patch] GSoC: implement polymorphic memory resources

[v3 PATCH] Implement D0013R2, logical type traits.

[v3 PATCH] LWG 2510, make the default constructors of library tag types explicit.

[v3 PATCH] Make the default constructors of tuple and pair conditionally explicit.

[v3] Handle C++11 <math.h> overloads on Solaris 12

Re: [vec-cmp, patch 1/6] Add optabs for vector comparison

Re: [vec-cmp, patch 2/6] Vectorization factor computation

Re: [vec-cmp, patch 3/6] Vectorize comparison

Re: [vec-cmp, patch 4/6] Support vector mask invariants

[visium] Provide user-mode version of libraries

[visium] Remove obsolete prototypes

[visium] Turn a few macros into hooks

[wwwdocs] Adjust link to exactcode.de in benchmarks/index.html

[wwwdocs] Bring release branch and release tags up-to-date in svn.html

Re: [wwwdocs] GCC 6 Release Notes for RTEMS

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.8/changes.html: adjust AddressSanitizer link

[wwwdocs] isocpp.org now uses https

[wwwdocs] Mention SH FDPIC support

[wwwdocs] projects/prefetch.html: change reference to mips.com

[wwwdocs] Remove broken Intel AVX-512 reference from svn.html

[wwwdocs] Remove dead reference from gcc-4.3/porting_to.html

[wwwdocs] Switch golang.org to https

Re: [wwwdocs] Update C++ conformance status

[wwwdocs] Update libstdc++ release notes in gcc-6/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Update link to AVX-512... docs

[wwwdocs] Update reference to Go 1

Add -fno-math-errno to gcc.dg/lto/20110201-1_0.c

Add a combined_fn enum

Add a way to free tree node

Add basic support for direct_optab internal functions

Add gencfn-macros.c

Add genmatch support for internal functions

Add internal bitcount functions

Add internal math functions

Add new timers for lowlevel LTO streaming

Add null identifiers to genmatch

Add out-of-line versions of some <stdatomic.h> functions (PR c/65083)

Add support for CLZERO ISA

Add uaddv4_optab, usubv4_optab

Re: Add VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to operand_equal_p

Allow matching of side effects in operand_equal_p

Another boot strap fix

Automatic openacc loop partitioning

Aw: Re: TR1 Special Math

Backport important ASan features from upstream.

Re: basic asm and memory clobbers

Re: Benchmarks of v2 (was Re: [PATCH 0/5] RFC: Overhaul of diagnostics (v2))

Re: Broken link

C++ PATCH for bootstrap/68346 (bogus -Wtautological-compare)

C++ PATCH for c++/67941 (UBsan error with empty lambda)

C++ PATCH for c++/68422 (sizeof... slow to evaluate)

C++ PATCH for non-type constrained-type-specifiers

C++ PATCH to __builtin_constant_p handling

C++ PATCH to checking of explicit instantiation namespace

C++ PATCH to handling of duplicate typedefs

C++ PATCH to instantiation of lambda closure

C++ PATCH to integrate c++-delayed-folding branch

C++ PATCHes for bootstrap/68346, 68361

Re: C++11 support still experimental?

Re: Change behavior of -fsched-verbose option

Re: Combined constructs' clause splitting

Combined constructs' clause splitting (was: [gomp4] backport trunk FE changes)

Debug iterators operator->

Division Optimization in match and simplify

Do not leak function local blocks to global LTO stream

Don't treat rint as setting errno

Enable pointer TBAA for LTO

Extend fold_const_call to combined_fn

Extend mathfn_built_in to handle combined_fn

Extend tree-call-cdce to calls whose result is used

Fix -fdump-ipa-devirt ICE

Fix -fno-checking segfault

Re: Fix 61441


Fix 61441 [2/5] Use REAL_VALUE_ISSIGNALING_NAN instead of REAL_VALUE_ISNAN where appropriate

Fix 61441 [3/5] Remove flag_errno_math check for RINT

Fix 61441 [4/5] Produce quiet NaN for real value operations

Fix 61441 [5/5] Disable various transformations for signaling NaN operands

Fix atomic test

Fix computation of TYPE_CANONICAL of VECTOR_TYPE

fix formatting

Fix ipa-polymorphic-call-info ICE

Fix lto-symtab ICE during Ada LTO bootstrap

Fix openacc test

Fix openacc testcase

Re: Fix PR 67609

Fix PR c++/68527

Fix PR middle-end/68253

Fix PR middle-end/68259

Fix resolution handling WRT incremental linking

Fix tree-ssa-dce Ada LTO bootstrap ice

Fix TYPE_PACKED verify_type ICE

Fix verify_type ICE during Ada bootstrap

Fix verify_type ICE with transparent aggr

GCC 5 branch now frozen for GCC 5.3 RC1

GCC 5.3 Status Report (2015-11-20)

GCC 6 Status Report (2015-11-09)

GCC Status Report (2015-11-15), Stage 3 in effect now

Re: gcc-6/changes.html : Document AMD znver1

gen-pass-instances.awk: Remove unused var in handle_line

Gimple loop splitting

Go patch committed: add receiver type to specific type function name

Go patch committed: Fix minor performance problem in import-archive

Go patch committed: Traverse types of call expression

Go testsuite patch committed: Skip nilptr.go if PIE

Handle constant fp classifications in fold-const-call.c

Handle internal functions in is_tm_pure_call

ICF fixes

improved RTL-level if conversion using scratchpads [half-hammock edition]

Improving the cxx0x_warning.h diagnostic

Incorrect code due to indirect tail call of varargs function with hard float ABI

libcpp/C FE source range patch committed (r230331).

libgo patch committed: always use --whole-archive in go tool

libgo patch committed: Don't overallocate in select

libgo patch committed: Don't run multicast tests on nil interface if -test.short

libgo patch committed: Fix offset handling in syscall.Sendfile

libgo patch committed: Fix PR 67976 on GCC 5 branch

libgo patch committed: Fix reflect.Call of function returning zero-sized type

libgo patch committed: Fix unexported embedded structs

libgo patch committed: Handle DW_AT_specification in cgo

Re: libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.5 release

libgo patch committed: use correct tool dir with gccgo

libgo: use clock_gettime to get current time

Re: libgomp: Compile-time error for non-portable gomp_mutex_t initialization

libiberty TAGS

Make more use of combined_fn

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Merge of HSA branch

More Division optimization using match and simplify

Move #undef DEF_BUILTIN* to builtins.def

Move #undef DEF_INTERNAL_FN to internal-fn.def

Move c_getstr to fold-const.c

Move const char * -> int/fp folds to fold-const-call.c

Move constant bitop and bswap folds to fold-const-call.c

Re: Move constant folds for maths functions to new file

msp430: fix alignment in multiply

Re: Multiply Optimization in match and Simplify

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.2.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.2.0)

nvptx priority queues nonsupport in libgomp

Offload configurations (was: [patch] New backend header reduction)

open acc default data attribute

OpenACC atomic directive

OpenACC declare directive updates

OpenaCC dimension checking

OpenACC dimension range propagation optimization

OpenACC Firstprivate

Openacc reduction tests

Patch for PR68106 was backported to gcc-5 branch

Patch RFA: Improve building gotools with a cross compiler

PATCH to add hash_map::empty

patch to fix PR67954

patch to fix PR68536

PATCH to shorten_compare -Wtype-limits handling

Re: ping [aPATCH] Fix c++/67337 (segfault in mangle.c)

Ping: [PATCH 3/6] Vectorize internal functions

Ping: [Patch, fortran] Bug 68241 - [meta-bug] Deferred-length character - PRs50221, 68216, 63932, 66408, 67674 and 49954

Pinging patches

Pointless configure checks for <errno.h> macros

Port libvtv to Solaris


PPC bootstrap failure builtin clz

PR 68393: Handle SUBREG_PROMOTED_VAR_P in expand_direct_optab_fn

PR68264: Use unordered comparisons for tree-call-cdce.c

Recent patch craters vector tests on powerpc64le-linux-gnu

regrename/i386: ROP vs df and stack-regs

regrename: don't overflow insn_rr_info

regrename: Fix for earlyclobber operands

remove inadvertent testcase commit

Remove instantiations when no concept check

Remove noce_mem_write_may_trap_or_fault_p in ifcvt

Remove obsolete openacc reduction code

Remove unused openacc call

Replace match.pd DEFINE_MATH_FNs with auto-generated lists

Revert "Add kernels-loop-nest-independent.f95"

RFA (GGC): PATCH to support GGC finalizers with PCH

RFA: PATCH to gimple_canonical_types_compatible_p for middle-end/66214

RFA: PATCH to match.pd for c++/68385

RFC/RFA: Fix bug with REE optimization corrupting extended registers

RFC: C++ delayed folding merge

RFC: Experimental use of Sphinx for GCC documentation

RFC: Incomplete Draft Patches to Correct Errors in Loop Unrolling Frequencies (bugzilla problem 68212)

S/390: Fix warnings in "*setmem_long..." patterns.

Short-cut generation of simple built-in functions

Small C++ PATCH to clean up non-type template parameter handling

State of support for the ISO C++ Transactional Memory TS and remanining work

Status of rich location work (was Re: [PATCH 06/10] Track expression ranges in C frontend)

teach delay folding in c++ about OACC_LOOPs

tm_p.h for bb-reorder.c?

Re: TR1 Special Math

Re: Try to update dominance info in tree-call-cdce.c

Unreviewed libstdc++ patch

Unreviewed patch

update acc routines in fortran

update zlib to 1.2.8

Use combined_fn in tree-ssa-math-opts.c

Use combined_fn in tree-ssa-reassoc.c

Use combined_fn in tree-vect-patterns.c

Use combined_fn in tree-vrp.c

Use TBAA for lto-symtab decl merging warnings

Re: vector lightweight debug mode

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