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(patch,rfc) s/gimple/gimple */

****ping****: [Patch, fortran] PR40054 and PR63921 - Implement pointer function assignment - redux

[0/7] Type promotion pass and elimination of zext/sext

[1/7] Add new tree code SEXT_EXPR

[2/7] Add new type promotion pass

[3/7] Optimize ZEXT_EXPR with tree-vrp

[4/7] Use correct promoted mode sign for result of GIMPLE_CALL

[5/7] Allow gimple debug stmt in widen mode

[6/7] Temporary workaround to get aarch64 bootstrap

[7/7] Adjust-arm-test cases

Re: [AArch64/testsuite] Add more TLS local executable testcases

[AArch64] Delete aarch64_symbol_context which is not used

[AArch64] Fix Prefetch ICE

[AArch64] Fix vcvt_high_f64_f32 and vcvt_figh_f32_f64 intrinsics.

[AArch64] Force __builtin_aarch64_fp[sc]r argument into a REG

[AArch64] Handle const address in aarch64_print_operand

[AArch64] Implement copysign[ds]f3

Re: [AArch64] Improve TLS Descriptor pattern to release RTL loop IV opt

[AArch64] Simplify TLS pattern by hardcoding relocation modifiers into pattern

[Aarch64] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[AArch64][PATCH 1/5] Use atomic instructions for swap and fetch-update operations.

[AArch64][PATCH 2/5] Add BIC instruction.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 2/5] Make BIC, other logical instructions, available. (was: Add BIC instruction.)

[AArch64][PATCH 3/5] Add atomic load-operate instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 4/5] Use atomic load-operate instructions for fetch-update patterns.

[AArch64][PATCH 5/5] Use atomic load-operate instructions for update-fetch patterns.

[Aarch64][target/PR 67143][5.2] Backport correct constraints for atomic operations.

[AArch64_be] Fix vldX/vstX AdvSIMD intrinsics

[AArch64_be] Fix vtbl[34] and vtbx4

[Ada] Housekeeping work in gigi

[Ada] Issue a warning for -gstabs

[Ada] Language-defined checks and side effects in gigi

[Ada] Relax assertion in gigi

Re: [ARC] Cleanup A5 references

[ARM] Add ARMv8.1 command line options.

Re: [ARM] Fix PR middle-end/65958

Re: [ARM] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[ASAN/KSAN/TSAN doc patch] Fix broken sanitizer links in docs/invoke.texi

[build] Support PIE on Solaris

[build] Use CRTs provided by Solaris

[C PATCH, committed] Some lookup_* TLC

[C PATCH] Better diagnostic for empty enum (PR c/67432)

[C PATCH] Better diagnostics for missing struct/union (PR c/67580)

[C PATCH] Fix missing warning (PR c/67730)

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 67576 ("[4.9/5/6 Regression] expression of typeid( expression ) is evaluated twice")

[C++ PATCH] Avoid calling type_dependent_expression_p on TYPE_DECLs (PR c++/67522)

[C++ PATCH] Complete the implementation of N4230, Nested namespace definition.

[C++ PATCH] Fix OpenMP class iterator error recovery (PR c++/67511)

[C++ PATCH] Fix small typos in the coding rule enforcement warnings.

[C++ Patch] PR 51911 V2 ("G++ accepts new auto { list }")

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 53184 ("Unnecessary anonymous namespace warnings")

[C++ Patch] PR 53856

[C++ Patch] PR 67318 ("[6 regression] Parsing error when using abbreviated integral type names in template parameter pack declaration")

[C++ Patch] PR 67369 ("[5/6 Regression] ICE (in tsubst_decl, at cp/pt.c:11302) with -std=c++14")

[C++ PATCH] Set C++ standard earlier

[c++-delayed-folding] code review

[c++-delayed-folding] cp_fold_r

Re: [c++-delayed-folding] fold_simple

[C++] Coding rule enforcement

[C/C++ PATCH] RFC: Implement -Wduplicated-cond (PR c/64249)

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] RFC: Implement -Wduplicated-cond (PR c/64249) (take

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] RFC: Implement -Wduplicated-cond (PR c/64249) (version 2)

[commit, spu] Re: [BUILDROBOT] spu: left shift of negative value

[commit][spu] Support atomic builtins

[committed, pa] Add long long support to config/pa/linux-atomic.c

[committed, pa] Change argument type and casts in pa_ldil_cint_p and pa_cint_ok_for_move to unsigned

[committed, pa] Don't generate sibcall to public functions on TARGET_ELF32

[committed, pa] Update atomic support in PA backend

[committed, PATCH] Change IA MCU processor from iamcu to lakemount

[committed, PATCH] Fix typos in comments in config/i386/i386.c

[committed, PATCH] gcc.dg/debug/pr65771.c: Use tls_runtime instead of tls.

[Committed] Add gcc.dg/vect/pr62171.c

[COMMITTED] Fix ICE compiling sbgdec.c in ffmpeg package

[committed] Fix warning from config/pa/fptr.c

[Committed] S/390: Add missing brackets

[Committed] S/390: Add V1TImode to constant pool modes.

[Committed] S/390: Don't use vgm for v1ti and v1tf.

[Committed] S/390: Fix mode iterators vmal, vmah, and vmalh.

[committed] taking transactional credits

[COMMITTED]AArch64] Skip tiny and large code model on gcc.target/aarch64/pic-small.c

[Darwin, Driver/specs] A bit more TLC, factor version-min code, lose some dead specs.

[Darwin, driver] Make our sysroot handling the same as clang's.

[doc, committed] clean up Asm Labels documentation

[fortran, committed] Add PR55603 testcase

[Fortran, committed] XFAIL read_dir.f90 on FreeBSD

[fortran,committed] Trivial MVBITS cleanup

[FYI][PATCH] libgo/runtime: S/390: Workaround for broken setcontext in Gcc.

Re: [GCC, ARM] armv8 linux toolchain asan testcase fail due to stl missing conditional code

[gcc-5-branch][PATCH][AARCH64]Fix for branch offsets over 1 MiB

[gom4, committed] Don't parallelize oacc kernels region with adjacent loops

[gomp4 0/8] NVPTX: initial OpenMP offloading

[gomp4 1/8] nvptx: remove assumption of OpenACC attrs presence

[gomp4 2/8] nvptx mkoffload: do not restrict to OpenACC

[gomp4 3/8] libgomp: provide target-to-host fallback diagnostic

[gomp4 4/8] libgomp: minimal OpenMP support in plugin-nvptx.c

[gomp4 5/8] libgomp: provide sem.h, mutex.h, ptrlock.h on nvptx

[gomp4 6/8] libgomp: provide stub bar.h on nvptx

[gomp4 7/8] libgomp: work around missing pthread_attr_t on nvptx

[gomp4 8/8] libgomp: provide ICVs via env.c on nvptx

[gomp4, committed] Don't unnecessarily set address taken in expand_omp_for_generic

[gomp4, committed] Ignore reduction clauses in kernels region

[gomp4, committed] Skip inner loops in oacc kernels region

[gomp4, WIP] Implement -foffload-alias

Re: [gomp4, wip] remove references to ganglocal shared memory inside gcc

[gomp4,committed] Remove release_dangling_ssa_names

[gomp4.1] Depend clause support for offloading

[gomp4.1] depend nowait support for target {update,{enter,exit} data}

[gomp4.1] DOACROSS expansion and various fixes

[gomp4.1] Doacross library implementation

[gomp4.1] Doacross tweaks

[gomp4.1] Fix up ordered threads handling and initial step towards ordered simd

[gomp4.1] Fixup handling of doacross loops with noreturn body

[gomp4.1] Follow-up to PRs 67504 and 67522

[gomp4.1] Initial #pragma omp ordered simd support

[gomp4.1] Small doacross fixes and improvements

Re: [gomp4.1] Structure element mapping support

Re: [gomp4.1] Various accelerator updates from OpenMP 4.1

[gomp4] Address texinfo warnings

[gomp4] adjust worker reduction allocation

[gomp4] Another oacc reduction simplification

[gomp4] assign unused gwv clauses to auto/independent parallel acc loops

[gomp4] Break out dimension checking

Re: [gomp4] declare directive

[gomp4] default reduction expansion

[gomp4] error on acc loops not associated with offloaded acc regions

Re: [gomp4] expunge shared_size from launch API

[gomp4] Fix handling of declare'd variable.

[gomp4] fold acc_on_device

[gomp4] force global locks for nvptx targets

[gomp4] IFN_UNIQUE

[gomp4] implicit data mappings of dummy arguments

Re: [gomp4] lock/unlock internal fn

[gomp4] lockless reductions

[gomp4] Merge trunk r228054 (2015-09-23) into gomp-4_0-branch

Re: [gomp4] New reduction infrastructure for OpenACC

[gomp4] oacc xform updates

Re: [gomp4] OpenACC reduction tests

[gomp4] Override default target hook

[gomp4] parallel reduction nested inside data regions

[gomp4] predicate register caching

[gomp4] ptx assembler formatting

[gomp4] PTX partition discovery cleanup

[gomp4] ptx patches from trunk

[gomp4] ptx reduction simplification

[gomp4] ptx reformatting

[gomp4] reduction cleanup

[gomp4] reduction simplification

[gomp4] remap variables inside gang, worker, vector and collapse clauses

[gomp4] Remove erroneous test and unreachable situation.

[gomp4] remove goacc locking

[gomp4] Remove more gang local bits

[gomp4] remove xfails in the libgomp reduction tests

[gomp4] Rename oacc_transform pass

[gomp4] rework ptx builtins ... again

[gomp4] SESE region neutering

[gomp4] small cleanup

[gomp4] tile clause asterisk argument

[gomp4] Update fortran tests.

[gomp4] Use cuda library's error strings

[gomp4] use integer_zerop

[gomp4] useless reduction locks and other bug fixes

[gomp4] vector reductions

Re: [gomp] more ptx builtins

[GOOGLE] Disable -fno-reorder-blocks-and-partition if no -fprofile-use to avoid unnecessary overhead

[google][gcc-4_9] Remove unused key field in gcov_fn_info

[Graphite] Redesign Graphite scop detection

[graphite] Refactor graphite-optimize-isl.c

[HSA] Add new gate predicate

[hsa] Add support for __builtin_mem{set,cpy}.

[hsa] Avoid setting register definitions when adding operands to a phi node

[hsa] Class refactoring of hsa_insn_basic

[hsa] Create HSA clones

[HSA] Enhancement of back-end

[hsa] Fix insn type in gen_hsa_ternary_atomic_for_builtin

[hsa] Fix TARGET_MEM_REF code emission.

[hsa] Gridification rewrite followups

[hsa] Gridification via whole construct nest cloning

[hsa] HSA: reuse get_integer_type_by_bytes

[hsa] Implement a number of atomic builtins

[hsa] Introduce a new ctor for hsa_op_immed.

[HSA] introduce hsa_num_threads

[hsa] Remove obsolete non-plugin execution path from libgomp

[hsa] Represent atomic loads with atomic insn, introduce set_op

[hsa] Stricter target_follows_kernelizable_pattern

[hsa] Treat address values specially

[hsa] Use newly added hsa_op_immed ctor.

Re: [libcpp/C PATCH] Handle lines encoded into several maps in linemap_position_for_loc_and_offset

Re: [libffi] Correct powerpc sysv stack argument accounting (#194)

[libgfortran,committed] Fix some issues revealed by sanitizer

Re: [libgo] Use stat_atim.go on Solaris 12+

[nvptx] reformatting

[openacc] use cuda error routine

[Patch 0/2 ARM/AArch64] Add a new Cortex-A53 scheduling model

[PATCH 0/2] xtensa: call0 ABI fixes

[PATCH 0/3] remove tm.h from libobjc/sendmsg.c

[PATCH 0/4] bb-reorder: Add the "simple" algorithm

[PATCH 0/5] RFC: Overhaul of diagnostics (v2)

[PATCH 00/10] removal of typedefs that hide pointerness episode 1

[PATCH 00/22] RFC: Overhaul of diagnostics

[PATCH 01/10] don't typedef alias_set_entry and unhide pointerness

[PATCH 01/22] Change of location_get_source_line signature

[PATCH 02/10] dse.c: remove some typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 02/22] Testsuite: add dg-{begin|end}-multiline-output commands

[PATCH 03/10] var-tracking.c: remove typedef of location_chain

[PATCH 03/22] Move diagnostic_show_locus and friends out into a new source file

[PATCH 04/10] var-tracking.c: remove typedef of shared_hash

[PATCH 04/22] Reimplement diagnostic_show_locus, introducing rich_location classes

[PATCH 05/10] bt-load.c: remove typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 05/22] Add overloads of inform, warning_at, etc that take a source_range

[PATCH 06/10] tree-ssa-ter.c: remove typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 06/22] PR/62314: add ability to add fixit-hints

[PATCH 07/10] tree-vrp.c: remove typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 07/22] Implement token range tracking within libcpp and C/C++ FEs

[PATCH 08/10] dwarf2cfi.c: remove typedef that hides pointerness

[PATCH 08/22] C frontend: use token ranges in various diagnostics

[PATCH 09/10] dwarf2out.c: remove typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 09/22] C frontend: store and use token ranges in c_declspecs

[Patch 1/2 AArch64/ARM] Give AArch64 ROR (Immediate) a new type attribute

[PATCH 1/2] add recursion on the inner loops

[PATCH 1/2] s/390: Implement "target" attribute.

[PATCH 1/2] shrink-wrap: Header hygiene

[PATCH 1/2] xtensa: fix TLS calls for call0 ABI

[PATCH 1/2][ARC] Add support for ARCv2 CPUs

Re: [PATCH 1/3, libgomp] Adjust offload plugin interface for avoiding deadlock on exit

Re: [PATCH 1/3] [gomp] Add RTEMS configuration

[PATCH 1/3] remove STRUCT_VALUE macro

[PATCH 1/4] [ARM] Add attribute/pragma target fpu=

RE: [PATCH 1/4] [MIPS] Add support for MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA)

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add mkoffload for Intel MIC

[PATCH 1/4] bb-reorder: Split out STC

[PATCH 1/5] Testsuite: add dg-{begin|end}-multiline-output commands

[PATCH 10/10] tree-ssa-loop-im.c: remove typedefs that hide pointerness

[PATCH 10/22] C++ FE: Use token ranges for various diagnostics

Re: [PATCH 11/15][AArch64] vreinterpret(q?), vget_(low|high), vld1(q?)_dup

[PATCH 11/22] Objective C: c/c-parser.c: use token ranges in two places

Re: [PATCH 12/15][AArch64] Add vcvt(_high)?_f32_f16 intrinsics, with BE RTL fix

[PATCH 12/22] Add source-ranges for trees

Re: [PATCH 13/15][ARM/AArch64 Testsuite] Add float16 tests to advsimd-intrinsics testsuite

[PATCH 13/22] gcc-rich-location.[ch]: add methods for working with tree ranges

Re: [PATCH 14/15][ARM/AArch64 Testsuite]Add test of vcvt{,_high}_i{f32_f16,f16_f32}

[PATCH 14/22] C: capture tree ranges for various expressions

Re: [PATCH 15/15][ARM] Update sourcebuild.texi with testsuite/effective-target hooks

[PATCH 15/22] Add plugin to recursively dump the source-ranges in a tree

[PATCH 16/22] C/C++ frontend: use tree ranges in various diagnostics

[PATCH 17/22] libcpp: add location tracking within string literals

[PATCH 18/22] Track locations within string literals in tree_string

[PATCH 19/22] gcc-rich-location.[ch]: add debug methods for cpp_string_location

[Patch 2/2 ARM/AArch64] Add a new Cortex-A53 scheduling model

[PATCH 2/2] call scev analysis in scop-detection as in sese-to-poly

[PATCH 2/2] s/390: Implement "target" attribute.

[PATCH 2/2] shrink-wrap: Rewrite try_shrink_wrapping

[PATCH 2/2] xtensa: fix xtensa_fallback_frame_state for call0 ABI

Re: [PATCH 2/3] [gomp] Thread pool management

[PATCH 2/3] remove unused defines from sendmsg.c

Re: [PATCH 2/4 v2] bb-reorder: Add the "simple" algorithm

[PATCH 2/4] [ARM] Add attribute/pragma target fpu=

RE: [PATCH 2/4] [MIPS] Add pipeline description for MSA

[PATCH 2/4] bb-reorder: Add the "simple" algorithm

Re: [PATCH 2/5] completely_scalarize arrays as well as records.

[PATCH 2/5] Reimplement diagnostic_show_locus, introducing rich_location classes (v2)

[PATCH 20/22] Use rich locations in c-family/c-format.c

[PATCH 21/22] Use Levenshtein distance for various misspellings in C frontend

[PATCH 22/22] Add fixit hints to spellchecker suggestions

Re: [PATCH 3/3] [gomp] Add thread attribute customization

[PATCH 3/3] stop including tm.h in sendmsg.c

[PATCH 3/4] [ARM] Add attribute/pragma target fpu=

[PATCH 3/4] bb-reorder: Add -freorder-blocks-algorithm= and wire it up

[PATCH 3/5] Implement token range tracking within libcpp and the C FE (v2)

[PATCH 4/4] [ARM] Add attribute/pragma target fpu=

[PATCH 4/4] bb-reorder: Documentation updates

[PATCH 4/5] Implement tree expression tracking in C FE (v2)

[PATCH 5/5] Add plugin to recursively dump the source-ranges in a tree (v2)

Re: [PATCH 6/n] OpenMP 4.0 offloading infrastructure: option handling

[PATCH ARM]: PR67745: Fix function alignment after __attribute__ 1/2

[PATCH ARM]: PR67745: Fix function alignment after __attribute__ 2/2

[PATCH c-family/49654/49655] reject invalid options in pragma diagnostic

Re: [PATCH c/c++] use explicit locations for some warnings in c-pragma.c

[patch committed FT32] Fix address space predicate

[patch committed FT32] Fixes for hardware startup

[patch committed FT32] Limit MEMSET, MEMCPY to <512 bytes

[patch committed SH] Fix build failure

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/67573

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/67716

[PATCH diagnostics/67460] Replace some_warnings_are_errors with diagnostic_kind_count (context, DK_WERROR)

Re: [PATCH g++ driver] Push -static-libstdc++ back onto the command line to allow spec substitutions to use it.

Re: [PATCH GCC][rework]Improve loop bound info by simplifying conversions in iv base

[PATCH GCC]Improve rtl loop inv cost by checking if the inv can be propagated to address uses

[PATCH GCC]Look into unnecessary conversion when checking mult_op in get_shiftadd_cost

[PATCH GCC]Try to fold (long)(A-B) into (long)A - (long)B for canonicalization in tree affine

[Patch ifcvt 1/3] Factor out cost calculations from noce cases

[Patch ifcvt 2/3] Move noce_if_info in to ifcvt.h

[Patch ifcvt 3/3] Create a new target hook for deciding profitability of noce if-conversion

[Patch ifcvt costs 0/3] Introduce a new target hook for ifcvt costs.

[patch match.pd c c++]: Ignore results of 'shorten_compare' and move missing patterns in match.pd

[PATCH PR66388]Add sizetype cand for BIV of smaller type if it's used as index of memory ref

[Patch Prototype AArch64 ifcvt 4/3] Wire up the new if-convert costs hook for AArch64

[PATCH tree-inline v2] do not say "called from here" with UNKNOWN_LOCATION

[PATCH tree-inline] do not say "called from here" with UNKNOWN_LOCATION

[PATCH v2] [libstdc++] Run tests on RTEMS

[PATCH v2] fix TLS support detection for sh targets

Re: [PATCH v2][GCC] Algorithmic optimization in match and simplify

[PATCH v5][aarch64] Implemented reciprocal square root (rsqrt) estimation in -ffast-math

[PATCH WIP] Use Levenshtein distance for various misspellings in C frontend v2

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix alpha bootstrap failure due to -Werror=shift-negative-value

[PATCH, ARM] Clean up arm_option_params_internals macro settings for attribute/pragma targets

[PATCH, ARM] Cleanup attr_thumb-static2.c test directives


[PATCH, ARM]: Fix static interworking call

[Patch, avr] Fix PR65210

[patch, committed] Dump function attributes

[PATCH, committed] Trivial typo fix in pretty-print.h

[PATCH, Darwin] Some driver TLC (improve support for the '-arch' flag).

Re: [Patch, Fortran, 66927, v2] [6 Regression] ICE in gfc_conf_procedure_call

[Patch, fortran/67567] resolve.c: gfc_error called with iface->module == NULL

Re: [Patch, fortran] F2008 - implement pointer function assignment

[PATCH, fortran] PR 53379 Backtrace on error termination

[Patch, fortran] PR40054 and PR63921 - Implement pointer function assignment - redux

[Patch, fortran] PR66681 - Wrong result in assigning this_image() to a complex coarray

[Patch, fortran] PR66993 - Spurious ambiguous symbol error with submodules

[Patch, fortran] PR67721 deep copy missing when assigning derived type constructor to an array

[PATCH, fortran] Revival of AUTOMATIC patch

[Patch, fortran] Submodules and private entities

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix iterator for k<logic>, introduce kshift[lr][bwdq].

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix operands in mask unpack[si|di] patterns.

Re: [PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix register name while checking for AVX-512VBMI presence.

[PATCH, i386, AVX-512] Fix splitter for `not-xor' logic.

[PATCH, i386] Introduce switch for Skylake Server CPU.

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 67484, asan detects heap-use-after-free with target options

[PATCH, i386]: Merge *vec_extract<PEXTR_MODE12:mode>_zext patterns

Re: [Patch, libfortran] PR 67414 Improve error handling

[PATCH, libgfortran] Fix FIND_FILE decls and use.

[PATCH, libgomp] PR 67141, uninitialized acc_device_lock mutex

[PATCH, libiberty] Fix PR63758 by using the _NSGetEnviron() API on Darwin.

Re: [Patch, libstdc++] Add specific error message into exceptions

[Patch, libstdc++] Fix data races in basic_string implementation

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR67619, ICE at -O1 and above in int_mode_for_mode, at stor-layout.c

RE: [PATCH, MIPS] Compact branch support for MIPS32R6/MIPS64R6

[PATCH, Mips] Compact branch/delay slot optimization.

[PATCH, MIPS] Frame header optimization for MIPS O32 ABI

[PATCH, nios2] Fix to nios2_legitimize_address

Re: [PATCH, PR 57195] Allow mode iterators inside angle brackets

[PATCH, PR target/67761] Fix i686-*-* bootstrap comparison failure

[PATCH, PR67405, committed] Avoid NULL pointer dereference

[PATCH, RFC] Implement N4230, Nested namespace definition

[PATCH, rs6000] Add expansions for min/max vector reductions

[PATCH, rs6000] Add memory barriers to tbegin, tend, etc.

[PATCH, rs6000] Extend LE swap optimization to handle vector permutes with constant masks

[PATCH, rs6000] Use hardware support for vector character multiply

[Patch, testsuite] Skip addr_equal-1 if target keeps null pointer checks

[PATCH, testsuite]: Also scan for $loopfn

[PATCH, testsuite]: Check all variables to be non-zero before signbit tests in tg-tests.h

[PATCH,committed] Fix typos in comment.

[PATCH,committed] Read-only DWARF2 frame tables on AIX

[PATCH,committed] xfail Fortran tests on i386-*freebsd*

[PATCH,committed] XFAIL read_dir.f90 on DragonflyBSD

[Patch,optimization]: Optimized changes in the estimate register pressure cost.

RE: [Patch,tree-optimization]: Add new path Splitting pass on tree ssa representation

[Patch/ccmp] Cost instruction sequences to choose better expand order

Re: [PATCH: RL78] libgcc fixes for divmodsi, divmodhi and divmodqi

[PATCH] -fopenmp-simd LTO ICE fix (PR middle-end/67452)

Re: [PATCH] 2015-07-31 Benedikt Huber <benedikt dot huber at theobroma-systems dot com> Philipp Tomsich <philipp dot tomsich at theobroma-systems dot com>

[PATCH] 2015-09-03 Benedikt Huber <benedikt dot huber at theobroma-systems dot com> Philipp Tomsich <philipp dot tomsich at theobroma-systems dot com>

Re: [PATCH] 2015-09-03 Benedikt Huber <benedikt dot huber at theobroma-systems dot com> Philipp Tomsich <philipp dot tomsich at theobroma-systems dot com>

Re: [PATCH] [ARM, Callgraph] Fix PR67280: function incorrectly marked as nothrow

[PATCH] [ARM] Replacing variable swaps that use a temporary variable with a call to std::swap in gcc/config/arm/arm.c

Re: [PATCH] [gomp] Simplify thread pool initialization

[PATCH] [graphite] Remove limit_scops

[PATCH] [libstdc++] Run tests on RTEMS

[PATCH] [MIPS] Fix wrong instruction in the delay slot

Re: [PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix pr63210.c testcase.

Re: [PATCH] [ping] Use single shared memory block pool for all pool allocators

[PATCH] [RTEMS] Update RTEMS thread model

[Patch] [x86_64] znver1 enablement

[PATCH] Add __builtin_argument_pointer

Re: [PATCH] add initial support for J2 core to sh target


[Patch] Add OPT_Wattributes to ignored attributes on template args

[PATCH] add static-linked PIE support

Re: [Patch] Add to the libgfortran/newlib bodge to "detect" ftruncate support in ARM/AArch64/SH

[PATCH] Add toplevel comment to builtins.c - dont add simplifications here


[PATCH] Another small cleanup to the const_and_copies stack

[PATCH] avail_expr_stack is no longer file scoped

[PATCH] avail_exprs is no longer file scoped

[patch] Avoid #ifdef _GLIBCXX_DEBUG in regex_compiler.h

[PATCH] Break out phi-only cprop into its own file

[patch] Bump size of stack checking protection area

[PATCH] Clarify __atomic_compare_exchange_n docs

[patch] Clean up libstdc++ includes slightly.

[PATCH] Clear flow-sensitive info in phiopt (PR tree-optimization/67769)

[PATCH] Clear variables with stale SSA_NAME_RANGE_INFO (PR tree-optimization/67690)

[PATCH] const_and_copies is no longer file scoped

[PATCH] Convert SPARC to LRA

[PATCH] Disable -fno-reorder-blocks-and-partition if no -fprofile-use to avoid unnecessary overhead

RE: [PATCH] Disable -mbranch-likely for -Os when targetting generic architecture

[PATCH] Do not add_location_or_const_value_attribute in early dwarf

[PATCH] doc/install.texi: Mention contrib/download_prerequisites

[PATCH] Document match.pd changed if syntax and switch

Re: [PATCH] Don't create superfluous parm in expand_omp_taskreg

[PATCH] Don't ICE on invalid asm memory input (PR inline-asm/67448)

[PATCH] DWARF support for AIX v2

[PATCH] DWARF support for AIX v3

[PATCH] DWARF support for AIX v4

[PATCH] DWARF support for AIX v5

[PATCH] Enable libstdc++ numeric conversions on Cygwin

[patch] Enable lightweight checks with _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS.

[PATCH] Explicit register earlyclobber fix

[PATCH] Fix -Wmisleading-indentation false-positive

[PATCH] Fix 47679 by improving jump threading

[PATCH] Fix 67064 - Register asm variable broken

[PATCH] Fix a -Wmisleading-indentation false-negative

[PATCH] Fix a few UB when left-shifting

[PATCH] Fix building interix targets

[PATCH] Fix building microblaze targets with trunk

[PATCH] Fix Cygwin bootstrap failing to find win32 libraries

Re: [PATCH] Fix default_binds_local_p_2 for extern protected data

[PATCH] Fix dwarf2out ICE

[PATCH] Fix endianness assumption in LRA

[PATCH] Fix error recovery on invalid OpenMP clauses (PR c/67501)

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/asm-4.c

[PATCH] Fix ICE in predicate comparison in uninit (PR middle-end/67512)

[PATCH] Fix ICE on invalid combined loop constructs in templates (PR c++/67523)

Re: [PATCH] Fix ICE when generating a vector shift by scalar

[PATCH] Fix ICE with type dependent collapse argument (PR c++/67504)

[PATCH] Fix ICEs with invalid C #pragma omp atomic (PR c/67495)

[PATCH] fix PR53852: stop ISL after a given number of operations

[PATCH] Fix PR64078

[PATCH] Fix PR66705

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR66952

[PATCH] Fix PR67037: Wrong code at -O1 and above on ARM

[PATCH] Fix PR67170

[PATCH] Fix PR67253

[PATCH] Fix PR67271

[PATCH] Fix PR67442

[PATCH] Fix PR67470

[PATCH] Fix PR67568

[PATCH] Fix PR67651

[PATCH] Fix PR67662

[PATCH] Fix PR67664

[PATCH] Fix PR67699, remove abstract origin streaming

[PATCH] fix PR67700

[PATCH] Fix PR67741

[PATCH] Fix sanitizer/67258 (by cherry picking upstream patch)

[PATCH] Fix seq_cost prototype to use signed int

[PATCH] Fix TERed insn locations

[PATCH] Fix testcase from PR48885

[PATCH] Fix thinko in safelen, simdlen and aligned clause parsing (PR c/67500)

[PATCH] fix TLS support detection for sh targets

[PATCH] Fix undefined behavior in h8300 backend

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in arc port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in cris port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in mips port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in msp430 port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in rl78 port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in rx port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in SH port

[PATCH] Fix undefined behaviour in SH port,

[PATCH] Fix up ICE with linear on questionable testcase (PR middle-end/67517)

[PATCH] Fix up OpenMP ICE on even more problematic testcase (PR middle-end/67521)

[PATCH] Fix warnings building pdp11 port

[patch] Fix wrong code on dynamic array slices

[PATCH] fortran/66979 -- FLUSH requires a UNIT number in the spec-list

[PATCH] fortran/67525 -- fix ICE in SELECT TYPE

[PATCH] fortran/67526 -- fix NULL pointer issue

[PATCH] fortran/67614 -- Detect an invalid NULL in an arithmetic if

[PATCH] fortran/67616 -- Fix ICE within a BLOCK construct

[PATCH] Further OpenMP linear NO_COPYOUT or lastprivate changes (PR c++/67514)

Re: [PATCH] gcc/fold-const.c: Correct the report warning position.

[PATCH] gcc: doc: add missing space in asan-stack desc

[patch] Get rid of useless EH cleanups at -O0

[PATCH] GFortran testsuite visibility dependency

[patch] gfortran testsuite/read_dir.f90 - set xfail on dragonfly as well

[PATCH] hurd: align -p and -pg behavior on Linux

[PATCH] Implement GOMP_OFFLOAD_unload_image in intelmic plugin

Re: [PATCH] Import liboffloadmic from upstream

[PATCH] Improve DOM's optimization of control statements

[PATCH] Improve genmatch errors

[PATCH] Improve restrict handling further

[patch] Leave errno unchanged by successful std::stoi etc

[PATCH] liboffloadmic emulation mode: make it asynchronous

[patch] libstdc++/58265 Implement N4258 noexcept for std::basic_string.

[patch] libstdc++/62039 Add concept checks to std::next and std::prev.

[patch] libstdc++/64857 Rationalise PCH headers and 17_intro/headers tests.

[patch] libstdc++/65092 Allocator-extended constructors for container adaptors.

[patch] libstdc++/65142 Check read() result in std::random_device.

[patch] libstdc++/65473 Make <ciso646> define libstdc++ version macros.

[patch] libstdc++/65704 portable timed_mutex and recursive_timed_mutex

[patch] libstdc++/65913 Handle alignment in __atomic_is_lock_free

Re: [patch] libstdc++/66902 Make _S_debug_messages static.

[patch] libstdc++/66998 Make std::experimental::not_fn SFINAE-friendly.

[patch] libstdc++/67173 Fix filesystem::canonical for Solaris 10.

[PATCH] libstdc++/67408

[patch] libstdc++/67408 Handle distinct __gthread_recursive_mutex_t type.

[patch] libstdc++/67583 Fix invalid sputn calls in tests

[patch] libstdc++/67707 Leave moved-from std::deque in a valid state

[patch] libstdc++/67726 LWG 2135: terminate() in condition_variable::wait()

[patch] libstdc++/67747 Allocate space for dirent::d_name

[PATCH] Make compute_deps, extend_schedule static

[PATCH] Make fold_stmt not transfer EH info

[PATCH] Make sure that contrib/download_prerequisites is run from correct place

[PATCH] Make tsan tests less picky about ansi escape codes in diagnostics.

Re: [PATCH] Make ubsan tests less picky about ansi escape codes in diagnostics.

[PATCH] Minor cleanup of const_and_copies stack

[PATCH] Minor DOM cleanup

RE: [PATCH] MIPS: Prevent the p5600-bonding.c test from being run for the n32 and 64 ABIs

[PATCH] More class-ification of DOM

[PATCH] Move check_global_declaration from toplev.c to cgraphunit.c

[PATCH] Move code out of tree-ssa-dom into tree-ssa-scopedtables

[PATCH] Move language dependend DIE annotations early

Re: [PATCH] New attribute to create target clones

[patch] Only do shrink_to_fit() when exceptions enabled

Re: [PATCH] Optimize certain end of loop conditions into min/max operation

[patch] Pack global state of forwprop to one structure

[PATCH] Pass in avail_expr_stack and setup edge_infos earlier

[PATCH] PR 60586

Re: [PATCH] PR 62173, re-shuffle insns for RTL loop invariant hoisting

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/67363: Fix setenv/unsetenv declaration issue in gcc.c

Re: [PATCH] PR bootstrap/67385: READELF_FOR_TARGET isn't used in gcc configure

[PATCH] PR fortran/67615 -- check for scalar expression

[PATCH] PR target/67215: -fno-plt needs improvements for x86

[PATCH] PR target/67480: AVX512 bitwise logic insns pattern is incorrect

[PATCH] PR28901 -Wunused-variable ignores unused const initialised variables

Re: [PATCH] PR66870 PowerPC64 Enable gold linker with split stack

[Patch] PR67351 Implement << N & >> N optimizers

Re: [Patch] PR67351 Implement << N & >> N optimizers

[PATCH] PR67401: Fix wrong code generated by expand_atomic_compare_and_swap

[PATCH] PR67421, Cost instruction sequences when doing left wide shift

[PATCH] Preserve restrict dependence info in FRE/PRE

[PATCH] Prevent unnecessary recompilation for trivial params.def changes

[PATCH] Propagate -fdiagnostics-* options in lto-wrapper


[patch] Reduce space and time overhead of std::thread

[PATCH] Refactor dwarf2out_late_global_decl

[PATCH] Refactor dwarf2out_late_global_decl WRT early debug

[PATCH] Refactor optimize isl

[patch] Relax Debug Mode assertions on operator-> for smart pointers.

[PATCH] Remove dead code from graphite-optimize-isl.c

[PATCH] remove dead code of commutative_reductions

[patch] Remove empty libstdc++ directories

[PATCH] remove many typedefs

[patch] Remove redundant conditional expressions in <system_error>

[PATCH] Remove restriction for remote testing

[PATCH] Remove undefined behaviour from hppa backend

[patch] Rename shadowed variable in libstdc++ test.

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix -mdebug=stack code for spe_gp_offset

[PATCH] s/390: Implement "target" attribute.

[PATCH] select isl-0.15 in download_prerequisites

[PATCH] shrink-wrap: Fix up partitions (PR67587)

[PATCH] shrink-wrap: Handle multiple predecessors of prologue

[PATCH] Side-step wide_int_to_tree issue

[PATCH] start of rewrite of unordered_{set,map}

[PATCH] Target hook for disabling the delay slot filler.

Re: [PATCH] Teach genmatch.c to generate single-use restrictions from flags

[Patch] Teach RTL ifcvt to handle multiple simple set instructions

[PATCH] Tweak INTTYPE_MINIMUM to avoid warning

[patch] Two small libstdc++ testsuite tweaks

Re: [PATCH] Unswitching outer loops.

[PATCH] update a few places for the change from gimple_statement_base to gimple

Re: [PATCH] Update ENABLE_CHECKING to make it usable in "if" conditions

[PATCH] Update RTEMS multilib for SPARC

[PATCH] Update SSA_NAME manager to use two lists

Re: [PATCH] Updated LTO early debug patch

[PATCH] use MIN fusion for ISL-14

[PATCH] Use stdint-wrap.h on *-*-netbsd[56]*

[PATCH] v2 shrink-wrap: Rewrite

[PATCH] v3 of diagnostic_show_locus and rich_location (was Re: [PATCH 2/5] Reimplement diagnostic_show_locus, introducing rich_location classes (v2))

[PATCH] vectorizing conditional expressions (PR tree-optimization/65947)

[PATCH] Warn when comparing nonnull arguments to NULL in a function.

[PATCH] Work towards fixing PR66142

[PATCH] x86 interrupt attribute

[PATCH] xtensa: add uclinux support

[PATCH], PowerPC IEEE 128-bit patch #7 (revised)

Re: [PATCH][1/5] Add param parloops-chunk-size

Re: [PATCH][2/5] Handle simple latch bb in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

Re: [PATCH][20/n] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

[PATCH][25/25] Remove GENERIC stmt combining from SCCVN

Re: [PATCH][4/N] Introduce new inline functions for GET_MODE_UNIT_SIZE and GET_MODE_UNIT_PRECISION

Re: [PATCH][AArch64 0/8] Add D-registers to TARGET_ARRAY_MODE_SUPPORTED_P

Re: [PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 1/8] Rename vec_store_lanes<mode>_lane to aarch64_vec_store_lanes<mode>_lane

Re: [PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 2/8] Remove VSTRUCT_DREG, use BLKmode for d-reg aarch64_st/ld expands

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 3/8] Stop using EImode in aarch64-simd.md and iterators.md

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 4/8] Remove EImode

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 5/8] Remove V_FOUR_ELEM, again using BLKmode + set_mem_size.

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 6/8] Remove V_TWO_ELEM, again using BLKmode + set_mem_size.

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 7/8] Combine the expanders using VSTRUCT:nregs

[PATCH][AArch64 array_mode 8/8] Add d-registers to TARGET_ARRAY_MODE_SUPPORTED_P

[PATCH][AArch64] Add separate insn sched class for vector LDP & STP

[PATCH][AARCH64] Emulating aligned mask loads on AArch64

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix FAIL: gcc.target/aarch64/target_attr_crypto_ice_1.c (internal compiler error)

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve add immediate expansion

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve code generation for float16 vector code

[PATCH][AArch64] Use logics_imm type for 2nd alternative of *and<mode>3nr_compare0

[PATCH][AArch64] Use preferred aliases for CSNEG, CSINC, CSINV

[PATCH][AArch64][0/5] Improve immediate generation

Re: [PATCH][AArch64][1/3] Expand signed mod by power of 2 using CSNEG

[PATCH][AArch64][1/5] Improve immediate generation

[PATCH][AArch64][2/3] Implement negcc, notcc optabs

[PATCH][AArch64][2/5] Improve immediate generation

[PATCH][AArch64][3/5] Improve immediate generation

[PATCH][AArch64][4/5] Improve immediate generation

[PATCH][AArch64][5/5] Improve immediate generation

[PATCH][ARM] Fix arm bootstrap failure due to -Werror=shift-negative-value

[PATCH][ARM] PR 67439: Allow matching of *arm32_movhf when -mrestrict-it is on

Re: [PATCH][ARM][3/3] Expand mod by power of 2

[PATCH][ARM][3/3] Implement negsicc, notsicc optabs

Re: [PATCH][C++] Avoid PCH dependent mangling

[PATCH][committed] Fix aarch64/target_attr_10.c test following r227997

[PATCH][committed] Fix PR67652: wrong sizeof calculation in liboffloadmic

[PATCH][committed] Some trivial dwarf2out.c refactoring

[PATCH][committed][PR middle-end/67649] Fix use of valgrind API

Re: [PATCH][GCC] Algorithmic optimization in match and simplify

[PATCH][optabs][ifcvt][0/3] Define negcc, notcc optabs and use for if-conversion

[PATCH][optabs][ifcvt][1/3] Define negcc, notcc optabs

[PATCH][PING][C++] Fix PR67333

[PATCH][PR67476] Add param parloops-schedule

[PATCH][PR67666] Handle single restrict pointer in struct in create_variable_info_for_1

[PATCH][PR67671] Handle restrict pointer references as restrict in AA

[PATCH][RS6000] Migrate from reduc_xxx to reduc_xxx_scal optabs

RE: [PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] Make non-conditional execution if-conversion more aggressive

[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/67465: Do not ifcvt complex blocks if the else block is empty

[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/67465: Handle pairs of complex+simple blocks and empty blocks more gracefully

[PATCH][tree-inline][obvious] Delete redundant count_insns_seq

[PATCH][wwwdocs][AArch64] Add entry for target attributes and pragmas

[PING] [Aarch64] Use vector wide add for mixed-mode adds

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 53184 ("Unnecessary anonymous namespace warnings")

Re: [PING] Re: [PATCH] c/66516 - missing diagnostic on taking the address of a builtin function

RE: [PING][Patch] Add support for IEEE-conformant versions of scalar fmin* and fmax*

[PING][PR67476] Add param parloops-schedule

[PR middle-end/60832] Do not convert widest_int to tree just for printing it.

Re: [PR64164] drop copyrename, integrate into expand

Re: [PR65637][PATCH][3/5] Fix gcc_assert in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

Re: [PR65637][PATCH][4/5] Fix inner loop phi in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

Re: [PR65637][PATCH][5/5] Handle 2 preds for fin_bb in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

[PTX] atomics compare exchange

[PTX] port some cleanups from gomp4

Re: [RFA] Compact EH Patch

[RFA][PATCH] Fix building cr16-elf with trunk compiler

Re: [RFC AArch64][PR 63304] Handle literal pools for functions > 1 MiB in size.

Re: [RFC PATCH] parse #pragma GCC diagnostic in libcpp

Re: [RFC, PR target/65105] Use vector instructions for scalar 64bit computations on 32bit target

[RFC,PATCH] DWARF support for AIX

Re: [RFC] COMDAT Safe Module Level Multi versioning

[RFC] Dump function attributes

[RFC] Masking vectorized loops with bound not aligned to VF.

[RFC] PR tree-optimization/67628: Make tree ifcombine more symmetric and interactions with dom

[RFC] Prevent unnecessary recompilation for trivial params.def changes

[RFC] Try vector<bool> as a new representation for vector masks

[RFC][PATCH] Preferred rename register in regrename pass

Re: [RFC][Scalar masks 1/x] Introduce GEN_MASK_EXPR.

[RS6000] Don't pass --oformat to ld

[RS6000] Fix PowerPC ICE due to secondary_reload ignoring reload replacements

[RS6000] Make -msingle-pic-base remove the ELFv2 global entry code

[RS6000] Weak functions may not be file local

[SH][committed] Add some test cases for PR 59478

[SH][committed] Adjust pr64345-1.c testcase for SH2A

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67061

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67126

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67391

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67506

[SH][committed] FIx PR 67657

[SH][committed] Fix PR 67675

[SH][committed] Improve treg_set_expr matching

[SH][committed] Remove SH5/SH64 documentation

[SH][committed] Use effective target checks for tests

Re: [SPARC] Simplify const_all_ones_operand

[testsuite, fortran] XFAIL gfortran.dg/execute_command_line_2.f90 (PR libfortran/67412)

Re: [testsuite] Clean up effective_target cache

[testsuite] Don't xfail gcc.dg/vect/no-scevccp-outer-11.c

[testsuite] Fix order of dg-do and dg-require-effective-target directives

[testsuite] Link gcc.dg/pie-link.c with -pie

[testsuite] Minor tweaks for visium

[testsuite][committed] Move target independent test to c.torture

[ubsan PATCH] Clear up unnecessary code

[ubsan PATCH] Don't instrument static initializers (PR sanitizer/67279)

[ubsan PATCH] Fix uninitialized var issue (PR sanitizer/64906)

Re: [v3 patch] <regex> refactoring - pull out common data members as _Context

Re: [v3 PATCH] Add C++11 <cuchar>

[v3 PATCH] Avoid creating dangling references in case of nested tuples for tuple constructors that construct from other tuples.

[v3 patch] Fix Filesystem TS directory iterators

[v3 patch] Fix filesystem::create_directories() function

[visium] Add --with-cpu configure option

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.9

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 5.x

[wwwdocs] Document some gcc-6 changes

[wwwdocs] GCC 6 Release Notes for RTEMS

[wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: Advertisement in the GCC mirrors list, again

[wwwdocs] PATCH forRe: Advertisement in the GCC mirrors list

Re: [wwwdocs] Re: C++ Concepts available in trunk?

[wwwdocs] Rotate news

Re: [wwwdocs] Skeleton for GCC 6 release notes

[wwwdocs][committed] Deprecate SH5/SH64

[x86 PATCH] Improve performance for Haswell family.

Re: Add checkpoint to libgomp dg-shouldfail tests

Amend documentation of DF LIVE problem

Re: ARC length attribute patch

ARM: fp16 Fix PR 67624 - Incorrect conversion of float Infinity to __fp16

Backports of Solaris 12 patches to gcc 5 branch

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/44282 (ia32 calling convention attributes and mangling)

C++ PATCH for c++/67041 (auto variable template and lambda)

C++ PATCH to disconnect -Wabi= from -fcompat-version=

C++ PATCH to implement fold-expressions

Commit: MSP430: Fix typo in --target-help text

CSE pass prevents loop-invariant motion

Dead code in move_stmt_r

debug mode symbols cleanup

dejagnu version update?

Do not use TYPE_CANONICAL in useless_type_conversion

Re: Elimitate duplication of get_catalogs in different abi

fdiagnostics-color=never does not disable color for some diagnostics

Fix 61441

RE: Fix intelmic-mkoffload.c if the temp path contains a '-'

Fix PR ada/66965

Re: Fix reload1.c warning for some targets

fixed misplaced testcase

Fold acc_on_device

Go compiler patch: issue receive type errors earlier

Go patch committed: Accept untyped integer values as indexes

Go patch committed: Avoid compiler crash on initialization error

Go patch committed: Don't allow constant shifts of non-integers

Go patch committed: Don't crash on erroneous channel reads

Go patch committed: Don't crash on malformed numeric constants

Go patch committed: Don't use context for constant expressions

Go patch committed: Fix possible out of bounds memcmp

Go patch committed: handle out of range constant integer to string conversion

Go patch committed: mark erroneous constants as invalid

Go patch committed: report errors from very large types

Go patch committed: report invalid receiver types

ifcvt vs. expand_binop

JIT breakage after last builtin-types change

libbacktrace patch committed: fix test for mmap failure

libbacktrace patch committed: Graceful fallback if out of memory

libbacktrace patch committed: Update dependencies

libgo patch committed: check linking split-stack and non-split-stack together

libgo patch committed: Don't provide ustat on arm64 GNU/Linux

libgo patch committed: Go back to ignoring stack sizes for next GC

libgo patch committed: Return 0, not NULL, for type int

libgo patch committed: rewrite lfstack to look more like gc code

libgo patch committed: Use -fno-split-stack for Go if linker doesn't support split-stack

libgo patch committed: Use =, not ==, in mksysinfo.sh

libgomp: Compile-time error for non-portable gomp_mutex_t initialization (was: libgomp nvptx plugin: rework initialisation and support the proposed load/unload hooks)

libgomp: Guard all devices/num_devices/num_devices_openmp access by register_lock (was: libgomp: Guard all offload_images/num_offload_images access by register_lock)

libgomp: Guard all offload_images/num_offload_images access by register_lock (was: libgomp nvptx plugin: rework initialisation and support the proposed load/unload hooks)

Location of "dg-final" directives? (was Re: [PATCH][GCC] Algorithmic optimization in match and simplify)

Re: lto wrapper verboseness

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

New OpenACC pass and Target Hook

New post-LTO OpenACC pass

New power of 2 hash policy

New Turkish PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.2.0)

Re: Openacc launch API

OpenACC subarray data alignment in fortran

Patch for PR 66424 has been backported to GCC-5 branch

patch for PR61578

a patch for PR61578

Patch GCC for profile-func-internal-id=0 coverage-callback=1

Re: patch to fix PR66424

Patch: Adjust my e-mail-address in MAINTAINERS file

Ping Re: Pass -foffload targets from driver to libgomp at link time

PING: [gcc-5-branch][PATCH] PR rtl-optimization/67029: gcc-5.2.0 unable to find a register to spill with O3 fsched-pressure fschedule-insns

PING: [PATCH] Limit alignment on error_mark_node variable

Ping^2 Re: Pass -foffload targets from driver to libgomp at link time

PING^2: [gcc-5-branch][PATCH] PR rtl-optimization/67029: gcc-5.2.0 unable to find a register to spill with O3 fsched-pressure fschedule-insns

Possible patch for pr62242

Possible patch for pr62242 -- follow-up

PR pretty-print/67567 do not pass NULL as a string

PR67588: module.c heap use after free and some submodule tidying up

ptx offload data format

Refactor intelmic-mkoffload.c argv building to use obstacks (was: [PATCH 1/4] Add mkoffload for Intel MIC)

Re: Refactor omp_reduction_init: omp_reduction_init_op

Refactor omp_reduction_init: omp_reduction_init_op (was: [gomp4] ptx reduction simplification)

Re: Remove redundant test for global_regs

Reviving SH FDPIC target

RFA: TM PATCH to volatile checking

RFC: Combine of compare & and oddity

Split up optabs.[hc]

Unreviewed libgo patch

Update my email address.

Update soft-fp from glibc

Re: Use gcc/coretypes.h:enum offload_abi in mkoffloads

Re: Use resolution info to get rid of weak symbols

using scratchpads to enhance RTL-level if-conversion: the new patch is almost ready to be prepared for merging to trunk, but not 100% ready yet

vector lightweight debug mode

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