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Re: Elimitate duplication of get_catalogs in different abi

On 05/09/2015 23:02, FranÃois Dumont wrote:
> On 22/08/2015 14:24, Daniel KrÃgler wrote:
>> 2015-08-21 23:11 GMT+02:00 FranÃois Dumont <>:
>>> I think I found a better way to handle this problem. It is
>>> that needs to be built with --fimplicit-templates. I even think that the
>>> * file do not need this option but as I don't know what is the
>>> drawback of this option I kept it. I also explicitely used the file name
>>> even if it is an alias to a configurable source file.  I
>>> guess there must be some variable to use no ?
>>> With this patch there are 6 additional symbols. I guess I need to
>>> declare those in the scripts even if it is for internal library usage,
>>> right ?
>> I would expect that the new Catalog_info definition either has deleted
>> or properly (user-)defined copy constructor and copy assignment
>> operator.
>> - Daniel
> This type is used in C++98 so I need to make those private, not deleted.
> With this change, is the patch ok to commit ?
> FranÃois

What about this patch ?

I am still uncomfortable in exposing those implementation details in the
versionned symbols but I don't know how to do otherwise. Do you want me
to push this code in std::__detail namespace ?


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