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Re: [PATCH 3/8] add default for PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 02:35:39PM +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> spawn /daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc/xgcc -B/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc/ /daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/gcc/testsuite/objc/execute/bf-1.m -fno-diagnostics-show-caret -fdiagnostics-color=never -w -O0 -fgnu-runtime -I/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/gcc/testsuite/../../libobjc -B/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/m68k-linux/./libobjc/.libs -L/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/m68k-linux/./libobjc/.libs -lobjc -lm -o /daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc/testsuite/objc/bf-1.x0
> PASS: objc/execute/bf-1.m compilation,  -O0 -fgnu-runtime
> Executing on aranym: OMP_NUM_THREADS=2 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.::/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc:/daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/m68k-linux/./libobjc/.libs timeout 600 /daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc/testsuite/objc/bf-1.x0    (timeout = 300)
> Executed /daten/aranym/gcc/gcc-20150429/Build/gcc/testsuite/objc/bf-1.x0, status 1
> Output: type = {class_vars=#fc{?=b0i2b2i3b5i12}c}
> ivar 'isa', type '#', offset 0d
> ivar 'f', type 'f', offset 4d
> ivar 'a', type 'c', offset 8d
> ivar 'flags', type '{?="i"b0i2"j"b2i3"k"b5i12}', offset 9d
> ivar 'c', type 'c', offset 12d
> real ivar 'isa' offset 0d
> computed type '#fc{?=b0i2b2i3b5i12}c}' offset 0
> real ivar 'f' offset 4d
> computed type 'fc{?=b0i2b2i3b5i12}c}' offset 4
> real ivar 'a' offset 8d
> computed type 'c{?=b0i2b2i3b5i12}c}' offset 8
> real ivar 'flags' offset 9d
> computed type '{?=b0i2b2i3b5i12}c}' offset 10
> offset 9d and computed position 10 don't match on ivar 'flags' (i = 3)
> child process exited abnormally
> FAIL: objc/execute/bf-1.m execution,  -O0 -fgnu-runtime

it passes for me on x86_64-linux after that commit, what platform is


> Andreas.
> -- 
> Andreas Schwab,
> GPG Key fingerprint = 58CA 54C7 6D53 942B 1756  01D3 44D5 214B 8276 4ED5
> "And now for something completely different."

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