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[patch] Rewrite check_global_declarations() generically

[This is actually for the debug-early branch, but I figured I'd avoid the [debug-early] subject line to alert others of the upcoming change. Actually, I should've adapted this and submitted it to mainline, but considering I should be submitting the debug-early work "Real Soon Now" (tm), I don't want to get side-tracked.]

This is one of those changes that Richi likes-- moving stuff out of the front-ends and into generic land...

The check_global_declarations checks were failing in the branch because mainline depends on both, trees being present, and tree bits being set late in the compilation, sometimes as late as RTL (in the case of TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED). The front-ends were making a list of interesting globals, and feeding them to check_global_declarations() to issue certain use without define (and vice versa) warnings.

Instead of caching these globals from the front-end all the way to the back-end, I redesigned it to check global declarations generically, in a language agnostic way, while using symtab/cgraph to determine usage (instead of TREE_USED and other magic bits that weren't as accurate or in certain cases, available).

With this patch we fix a slew of regressions on the debug-early branch, and we find a lot more legitimate warnings. I had to adjust a lot of tests, because we're being much more aggressive. IMO, this is good. Interestingly enough, I even found the following in gengtype.c:

+/* ?? Why are we keeping this?  Is this actually used anywhere?  */
 output_typename (outf_p of, const_type_p t)

The reason mainline was not picking this up was because output_typename() was calling itself, thus the infrastructure assumed it was used. By the way, can I remove this unused symbol instead of papering over the problem with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED?

The attached patch was tested with GCC and GDB. It only has one regression, which I've asked Jason to look at to determine if it is a false positive or not: g++.dg/torture/pr46383.C.

Gentlemen, is this an approach you can bless? Don't worry about fully reviewing it (unless you want to-- no complaints here), I just want to make sure it's something I can commit to the branch and continue onto other regressions. You will all get a chance to crucify the entire branch real soon :).


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