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[patch, doc] reorganize function attribute documentation

This patch is another incremental step in cleaning up the attribute documentation in extend.texi. Here I have tried to bring some sanity to the function attribute section by splitting off subsections to cover target-specific attributes and behavior, and alphabetizing the main table of common attributes. Continuing the series as I have time to work on it, I plan to group all the attribute sections together instead of interspersing them with unrelated material, consolidate/rewrite the introductory text, and move the attribute syntax discussion before the sections on specific attributes.

I realize this patch is gigantic and unreadable by itself because of the churn from moving things around. I've attached an outline of the new section structure (extracted with the help of grep, etc). I confirmed that I hadn't accidentally lost any hunks of text by also extracting all the @cindex entries (see r221614, where I made sure that every attribute had one) and comparing sorted before/after lists.

I'll commit this in a few days if I don't get any complaints that this is a dumb idea ;-) or specific suggestions or a request for more time to review the patch. At this point, though, I don't want to get too bogged down in polishing the text -- I'm trying to focus on fixing the document structure and making it easier to find things.


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2015-04-23  Sandra Loosemore  <>

	* doc/extend.texi (Declaring Attributes of Functions): Split into
	subsections by target.  Alphabetize the table of common attributes.
	Rewrite some of the introductory text to reflect the new structure.
	Update some cross-references to point to the new subsections.
	(Attribute Syntax): Put paragraph about "__" naming here.  Remove
	duplicate copies in the discussion of function, label, and type

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