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Re: [patch,wwwdocs] Add gcc-5 caveats for avr.

Hi Johann,

On Mon, 20 Apr 2015, Georg-Johann Lay wrote:
Okay to install?

+    <li>The AVR port uses a new scheme to describe supported devices:
+        For each supported device the compiler provides a device-specific
+        <a href="";>spec file</a>.
+        If the compiler is used together with AVR-LibC, this requires at
+        least GCC&nbsp;5.2 and a version of AVR-LibC which implements
+        <a href="";</a>#44574</a>.</li>

Can you please make the two links https-links?  (Especially the
one to actually redirects.)

Just using "#44574" for a reference, may that be a little confusing,
or is it sufficiently clear to AVR users?

+  <li>A new command option <code>-nodevicelib</code> has been added.

"command-line option"

+    If this option is turned on the compiler won't link against AVR-LibC's
+    device-specific library <code>lib<i>device</i>.a</code> by omitting
+    <code>-l<i>device</i></code> from the linker's command line.

How about making this "...-nodevicelib</code> prevents the compiler
from linking against...."?

+    If the compiler had not been
+    <a href="";>configured</a>
+    to be used with AVR-LibC, the compiler will not link against that
+    library and the option has no effect.</li>

"was not" (or "is") instead of "had not", and can you please use
https here as well?

Though, really, could this be just simplified to "If the compiler is
not configured for use with AVR-LibC to begin with, this option has no effect"?

Your patch is fine with the above changes or considering them and
deciding not go for one or the other.


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