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Re: [PR58315] reset inlined debug vars at return-to point

On Feb 26, 2015, Richard Biener <> wrote:

> After all if the inliner inserts resets just for vars that already
> have debug stmts then I cook up a testcase where those debug stmts
> only appear after inlining.

Please try that.

Hint: the actual requirement is that the VTA-trackable var has been
remapped during inlining of executable code.  Its having debug stmts is
a consequence of its being there.  I wonder, thus, how the compiler
would bring a var that hadn't even been remapped back from the dead, so
as to introduce a debug stmt for it.  Tough! :-)

> Indeed if we want to be as close to the source as possible we should
> insert debug stmts from the start (where the values are still computed)
> so that code-motion will simply make it unavailable (and also reset
> locations so you don't get gdb jumping around).


Statement frontiers notes are a proposed solution for the jumping around
and eliminating code motion issues from debug info.

Alexandre Oliva, freedom fighter
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