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RE: [PATCH][4.9] PR 64569 - Backport support for MIPS binutils 2.25

Jakub Jelinek <> writes:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 08:10:37PM +0000, Matthew Fortune wrote:
> > Ping. Please could you advise if I can approve MIPS changes to release
> > branches of if I need you/someone else to do so?
> Any maintainer or reviewer can approve changes to the release branches.
> Of course caution should be used, it should (with possible exceptions)
> meet the branch criteria (regression bugfix or documentation fix) and it
> shouldn't be something left broken on newer branches, in order to avoid
> creating regressions on the trunk.

Thanks. I've committed this now albeit with a follow up commit owing to not
stating the bug number in the log.

I verified hard/soft defaults in GCC combined with binutils 2.24/2.25
successfully build a linux toolchain and the expected options appear to the
assembler. Obviously you can still face problems by updating Binutils
without rebuilding GCC but there is nothing I can (sensibly) do about that.

Aaro: Sorry for the long delay, I wasn't sure on procedure as you can see.

Any strong opinions on whether the combination of GCC 4.8 and binutils
2.25+ is significantly important? I can do the other backport if anyone
thinks it beneficial.


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