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Re: Option overriding in the offloading code path (was: [nvptx] -freorder-blocks-and-partition, -freorder-functions)

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 11:28:12AM +0100, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> Am I on the right track with my assumption that it is correct that
> nvptx.c:nvptx_option_override is not invoked in the offloading code path,
> so we'd need a new target hook (?) to consolidate/override the options in
> this scenario?
> Using this to forcefully disable -fvar-tracking (as done in
> nvptx_option_override), should then allow me to drop the following
> beautiful specimen of a patch (which I didn't commit anywhere, so far):

Supposedly you could just disable var-tracking for
targetm.no_register_allocation case, or change that assert to
allow pseudos for targetm.no_register_allocation?

Anyway, if var-tracking is never useful for NVPTX, if you want to override
it early, flag_var_tracking* options are Optimization options, thus you'd
need a target hook similar to the one I've added today, but instead of
TARGET_OPTION_NODE do something similar for OPTIMIZATION_NODE streaming.


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