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Re: Patch ping

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 10:10:52AM +0100, Richard Biener wrote:
> Oops, totally forgot about this one.
> Shouldn't
> +	    default:
> +	      error ("unsupported mode %s\n", mname);
> be a fatal_error ()?  After all if we hit this but continue we'll

Ok, I'll change it.

> stream random crap.  I also think we should be a bit more user-centric
> here and maybe report "for host / offload target combination".

Eventually, sure, we should be able (based on options) either turn all the
errors from the offloading compiler into warnings that just disable the
offloading for some particular offloading target.

> +static GTY(()) const unsigned char *lto_mode_identity_table;
> why in GC memory?

The reason for that is that it is referenced from GC structure, and in the
offloading path they should be GC allocated, so that they can be released
when the corresponding GC structure holding pointer to that goes away.
In the non-offloading LTO, all those GC structures will contain the same
value, lto_mode_identity_table, but if that would be heap allocated, GC
would be upset.


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