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Re: libgomp nvptx plugin: rework initialisation and support the proposed load/unload hooks (was: Merge current set of OpenACC changes from gomp-4_0-branch)

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 10:36:08 +0100, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> > Julian Brown <> wrote:
> > OK for gomp4 branch? I could commit Ilya's patch there too if so.
> I'll leave the decision to Jakub, but, what about trunk?  As Ilya
> indicated in
> <>,
> (at least part of) these patches are fixing a regression with offloading
> From shared libraries.  (And maybe the rest qualifies as fixes and
> extensions to new code (offloading), so no danger to cause any
> regressions compared to the last GCC release?)

BTW, when I removed calls to gomp_init_tables in  <>,
I could accidentally remove some necessary gomp_mutex_lock/unlock.
Also GOMP_offload_[un]register require some mutexes, as noted by Jakub.
I'm going to fix this.  So, I think we should commit all dependent patches to
gomp4 branch, and I will post a fix for mutexes on top of them.

  -- Ilya

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