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Re: [PATCH, PR65126, testsuite] Add additional_sources_used

On 02/23/15 00:23, Tom de Vries wrote:

This patch fixes PR65126, which is about the fact that the cleanup procs
are not cleaning up files generated from additional_sources. This
happens because dg-additional-files-options empties additional_sources
before the cleanup procs can use it.

Examples of leftover files because of this PR are:
- vect-simd-clone-10a.c.126t.vect
- pr47218-1.o, pr47218-1.ii, pr47218-1.s

The patch introduces a variable additional_sources_used, which is set by
dg-additional-files-options before it empties additional_sources.  The
cleanup procs are modified to use additional_sources_used.

With this patch, after running test I no longer find the leftover files
in the test directories.

Build and reg-tested on x86_64. OK for stage4?

- Tom


2015-02-22  Tom de Vries<>

	* lib/gcc-defs.exp (additional_sources_used): Add new var.
	(dg-additional-files-options): Copy additional_sources to
	additional_sources_used before emptying additional_sources.
	* lib/gcc-dg.exp (cleanup-coverage-files, cleanup-repo-files)
	(cleanup-stack-usage, cleanup-ada-spec, cleanup-dump)
	(cleanup-saved-temps): Use additional_sources_used instead of
	(dg-test): Reset additional_sources_used.


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