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Offloading compilers' libgcc installation (was: nvptx offloading patches [3/n], RFD)

Hi Bernd!

On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 10:28:46 +0100, Bernd Schmidt <> wrote:
> issue when trying to 
> get at the libgcc for the nvptx accel compiler after it's been 
> installed. The libgcc Makefile puts it in the wrong place - 
> gcc/nvptx-none/accel/nvptx-none instead of gcc/host/accel/nvptx-none. 
> The patch below corrects that and removes an intelmicemul special case 
> which I believe has the same effect - Ilya, could you test this?

Works fine for me for intelmic (no changes), and nvptx (changes as

You'll want to remove the following debugging print statement before

> --- libgcc/	(revision 445788)
> +++ libgcc/	(working copy)
> @@ -398,16 +398,14 @@ esac
>  # Used for constructing correct paths for offload compilers.
>  accel_dir_suffix=
> +real_host_noncanonical=${host_noncanonical}
> +echo "eaaf: $enable_as_accelerator_for"


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