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Re: Offloading compilers' support libraries

On 02/19/2015 12:42 PM, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
This specific buglet aside (that the handling of intelmic and nvptx
offloading is inconsistent) -- will we have to add such handling to each
and every library that is built for the offloading compilers?  (Including
libraries that aren't part of the GCC sources, but may be built as part
of GCC's build process, such as when newlib is linked into [GCC]/newlib?)

No, they go into different directories. Only libgcc.a (along with a very few other pieces) is installed under lib/gcc/...

Then, why does this only apply to libsubdir?  What about header files,
documentation files, and so on?  (If they aren't expected to differ
between the target and offloading compilers, I think it's still not a
good idea to arbitrarely have them be overwritten by on respective build
tree's make install process.)  Should we have a more general solution to
this problem?

That stuff goes into the normal lib and include directories. I'm guessing a sysroot is what you want to keep it separate.


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