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Re: Merge current set of OpenACC changes from gomp-4_0-branch

On Wed, Feb 04, 2015 at 15:05:45 +0000, Julian Brown wrote:
> This (WIP) patch is based on top of a version of your patch that I
> merged to our internal branch: that's still the easiest way for me to
> test the PTX backend (with unloading support) at present, and it passes
> libgomp testing that way. Trunk should be fairly close, but I haven't
> tried applying it there yet.
> The major changes are:
> * The removal of the OpenACC-specific plugin hooks open_device,
>   close_device, set_device_num and get_device_num. The functionality
>   has been moved into the init/fini hooks (for the first two) or moved
>   into the target-independent OpenACC parts, respectively.
> * The PTX mkoffload utility has been extended to support variables as
>   well as function mapping, to fill out support for the load/unload
>   image hooks. (Not really tested so far!)
> * The plugin hooks that are shared between OpenMP and OpenACC now
>   support the "device number" argument properly: that should help with
>   (eventually) unifying the plugin interface for the two APIs. (With
>   set_device_num and get_device_num removed, the plugin is "stateless"
>   with respect to which device is currently active. The rest of the
>   OpenACC hooks -- async functions, etc. -- should probably be changed
>   to take a device number argument too, but that could be a follow-on
>   patch.)
> * The limitation of having only one type of device active simultaneously
>   in the OpenACC runtime has (theoretically!) been removed.
> Thoughts?


I have no comments here since I'm not familiar with OpenACC and PTX, but I hope
that Thomas and Jakub will review this and my corresponding patches [1], [2]
before the final closure of the trunk.


  -- Ilya

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