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RE: [PATCH, FT32] initial support

> From: Joseph Myers
> ...
> > +@table @gcctabopt
> > +
> > +@item -mspace
> > +@opindex mspace
> > +Enable code-size optimizations.
> > +Some of these optimizations incur a minor performance penalty.
> We already have -Os, so why is an architecture-specific option for this
> needed?
> > +A 16-bit signed constant (-32768..32767)
> Use @minus{} for a minus sign in Texinfo documentation, and @dots{}
> instead of literal ".." or "...".

I have updated the target options. Space-saving is now enabled by
-Os. There is also a new option -msim to enable building for the
simulator (the simulator is pending submission to gdb-binutils).

I have fixed the Texinfo formatting.


FT32 is a new high performance 32-bit RISC core developed by FTDI for embedded applications.

Support for FT32 has already been added to binutils. This patch adds FT32 support to gcc.
Please can someone review it, and if appropriate commit it, as I do not have write access to the tree.

The FSF have acknowledged receipt of FTDI's copyright assignment papers.

Thanks very much. ChangeLog entry:

2014-02-16  James Bowman  <>

        * FT32 target added
        * libgcc/ FT32 target added
        * gcc/config/ft32/: FT32 target added
        * libgcc/config/ft32/: FT32 target added
        * gcc/doc/install.texi, invoke.texi, md.texi: FT32 details added
        * gcc/doc/contrib.texi, MAINTAINERS: self added
        * contrib/ FT32 target added
        * configure: Regenerated

James Bowman
FTDI Open Source Liaison

Attachment: gcc-ft32.txt.gz
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