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Re: [PATCH] PR rtl-optimization/32219: optimizer causees wrong code in pic/hidden/weak symbol checking

On 02/12/2015 03:05 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
> @@ -6830,9 +6830,15 @@ default_binds_local_p_2 (const_tree exp, bool shlib, bool weak_dominate)
>    bool resolved_locally = false;
>    if (symtab_node *node = symtab_node::get (exp))
>      {
> -      /* When not building shared library and weak_dominate is true:
> -         weak, common or initialized symbols are resolved locally.  */
> -      if ((weak_dominate && !shlib && node->definition)
> +      /* When weak_dominate is true and not building shared library or
> +	 non-default visibility is specified by user: weak, common or
> +	 initialized symbols are resolved locally.
> +	 */
> +      if (((!shlib
> +	   && weak_dominate
> +	   && node->definition)
>  	  || node->in_other_partition
>  	  || resolution_local_p (node->resolution))
>  	resolved_locally = true;

Hum.  I don't find that particularly easy to reason with either.

How about this?  I'm about half-way through regression testing on it.

I re-instated the use of resolution_to_local_definition_p, and attempt to infer
a proper value for that when lto isn't in use.  I use this to eliminate only
undef-weak early, rather than non-dominate weak.

I re-instated the use of the existence of the local definition in the
DECL_VISIBILITY test.  But unlike before, I reason that this allows us to
eliminate the second visibility check.  We either have an assertion from the
user (SPECIFIED), or we know we have a definition.  We no longer rely on the
DECL_EXTERNAL test in the middle eliminating symbols without a definition.

I shuffled some of the "return false" tests around among themselves, attempting
to put the simplest test first.  No change in behavior there.

(First patch is delta from the 5-patch bundle; second patch is the
composite from trunk, to avoid confusion.)


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