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Re: [SH] Allow reg+disp address modes for atomics

Oleg Endo <> wrote:
> The attached patch fixes the lost mem aliasing info for atomic ops on SH
> and allows the utilization of reg+disp address modes for atomic ops.
> Actually it was supposed to be a pretty straight forward patch that just
> replaces the open coded 'mem:QIHISI (match_operand:SI
> "arith_reg_operand")' operands with something like 'match_operand:QIHISI
> "atomic_mem_operand".  For most of the patterns that's what it does and
> the changes are quite mechanical.  However, the QIHImode LLCS patterns
> modify the address register of the mem operand and thus required some
> special care (additional insns / splits).
> I've briefly tested it with
> make -k check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="sh.exp --target_board=sh-sim
> \{-m2/-ml,-m2/-mb,-m2a/-mb,-m2e/-ml,-m2e/-mb,-m3/-ml,-m3/-mb,-m3e/-ml,-m3e/-mb,-m4/-ml,-m4/-mb,-m4a/-ml,-m4a/-mb}"
> to verify that the patterns work in isolation.  However, one thing I'm
> not sure about is the fact that the predicate 'atomic_mem_operand_*' and
> the Sra,Sdd,Ara,Add mem constraints are not in sync, i.e. the
> constraints allow certain things which the predicates do not allow and
> vice versa.
> Kaz, could you please try the patch on sh4-linux?

No new failures on sh4-unknown-linux-gnu.


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