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Stepping down as global maintainer

It's been a long time since I did any significant work on GCC,
and it is unlikely that I'll be doing much for the foreseeable

While I still have some understanding of the modules I used to
maintain, I don't think it is reasonable to have me making
decisions on them. It's been too long and I am not likely to have
a good understanding of these components anymore.

As such, I propose to become a write-after-approval maintainer
and relinquish all the other maintainer roles I had.

I'll be committing this to trunk.

Thanks. Diego.

index 22a21ee..2cf1cc4 100644
@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ Michael Meissner
 Jason Merrill                                  <>
 David S. Miller                                        <>
 Joseph Myers                                   <>
-Diego Novillo                                  <>
 Bernd Schmidt                                  <>
 Ian Lance Taylor                               <>
 Jim Wilson                                     <>
@@ -226,7 +225,6 @@ build machinery (*.in)      Alexandre Oliva
 build machinery (*.in) Ralf Wildenhues         <>
 docs co-maintainer     Gerald Pfeifer          <>
 docs co-maintainer     Joseph Myers            <>
-docstring relicensing  Diego Novillo           <>
 docstring relicensing  Gerald Pfeifer          <>
 docstring relicensing  Joseph Myers            <>
 predict.def            Jan Hubicka             <>
@@ -238,9 +236,7 @@ option handling             Joseph Myers
 middle-end             Jeff Law                <>
 middle-end             Roger Sayle             <>
 middle-end             Ian Lance Taylor        <>
-middle-end             Diego Novillo           <>
 middle-end             Richard Biener          <>
-tree-ssa               Diego Novillo           <>
 tree-ssa               Andrew MacLeod          <>
 PRE                    Daniel Berlin           <>
 code sinking           Daniel Berlin           <>
@@ -299,10 +295,8 @@ libsanitizer, asan.c       Kostya Serebryany
 libsanitizer, asan.c   Dmitry Vyukov           <>
 loop optimizer         Zdenek Dvorak           <>
 loop optimizer         Daniel Berlin           <>
-LTO                    Diego Novillo           <>
 LTO                    Richard Biener          <>
 LTO plugin             Cary Coutant            <>
-Plugin                 Diego Novillo           <>
 Plugin                 Le-Chun Wu              <>
 register allocation    Peter Bergner           <>
 register allocation    Kenneth Zadeck          <>
@@ -503,6 +497,7 @@ Adam Nemet
 Thomas Neumann                                 <>
 Dan Nicolaescu                                 <>
 James Norris                                   <>
+Diego Novillo                                  <>
 Dorit Nuzman                                   <>
 David O'Brien                                  <>
 Braden Obrzut                                  <>

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