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[PATCH] More fixes for update_web_docs_svn for jit docs (PR jit/64257)

To build the jit docs, we need to use sphinx 1.0 or later; the
0.6.6 in EPEL 6 doesn't support all the directives we need.

The alternate python-sphinx10 in EPEL 6 has 1.0.8:
which is able to build the jit docs, apart from not having the
"pyramid" theme (this theme appears to have been added in 1.1).

Change the theme to "sphinxdoc", which seems to be the most
attractive theme in 1.0.8 (FWIW, it appears that LLVM are using
a custom variant of this sphinx theme for the docs on their

I was able to use these changes to run the jit docs Makefile on; the generated HTML can be seen at:

OK for trunk?

	PR jit/64257
	* docs/ (html_theme): Change from 'pyramid'
	to 'sphinxdoc'.

	PR jit/64257
	* update_web_docs_svn: Update build of jit docs to use EPEL6
	variant install of sphinx 1.0.8, rather than 0.6.6.
 gcc/jit/docs/                   |  2 +-
 maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn | 18 ++++++++++++++----
 2 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gcc/jit/docs/ b/gcc/jit/docs/
index 1bdc081..8f4dd8b 100644
--- a/gcc/jit/docs/
+++ b/gcc/jit/docs/
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ pygments_style = 'sphinx'
 # The theme to use for HTML and HTML Help pages.  See the documentation for
 # a list of builtin themes.
-html_theme = 'pyramid'
+html_theme = 'sphinxdoc'
 # Theme options are theme-specific and customize the look and feel of a theme
 # further.  For a list of options available for each theme, see the
diff --git a/maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn b/maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn
index ac3bae6..e0132dc 100755
--- a/maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn
+++ b/maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn
@@ -166,11 +166,21 @@ for file in $MANUALS; do
 # The jit is a special-case, using sphinx rather than texinfo.
-# The jit Makefile uses "sphinx-build".  This is packaged in
-# Fedora and EPEL 6 within "python-sphinx", and in openSUSE
-# within "python-Sphinx".
+# Specifically, the jit docs need sphinx 1.0 or later.
+# The jit/docs Makefile uses the executable $(SPHINXBUILD),
+# defaulting to "sphinx-build".
+# sphinx is packaged in Fedora and EPEL 6 within "python-sphinx",
+# and in openSUSE within "python-Sphinx".
+# For EPEL6, python-sphinx is sphinx 0.6.6, which is missing various
+# directives (e.g. ":c:macro:"), so we need the variant
+# python-sphinx10 package.  The latter installs its executable as:
+#   /usr/bin/sphinx-1.0-build
+# so we need to override SPHINXBUILD with this when invoking "make".
 pushd gcc/gcc/jit/docs
-make html
+make SPHINXBUILD=/usr/bin/sphinx-1.0-build html
 cp -a gcc/gcc/jit/docs/_build/html jit
 mkdir -p $DOCSDIR/jit

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