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Re: [gofrontend-dev] GO tools for gccgo cross

On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 11:52 AM, Lynn A. Boger
<> wrote:
> I've been experimenting with the go tools and how to make them work for
> cross gccgo builds.
> In golang I think there is just one 'go' tool and the cross build targets
> are specified by the setting of GOARCH and GOOS.  So why couldn't the same
> be done with gccgo?
> That means, on any given system, I think we just need to build the native
> gccgo and the go tools that are built with it.  No need to build different
> go tools for each cross target.  If a cross build is needed, then set the
> GOARCH and GOOS values appropriately and invoke the native go (for gccgo)
> tool.  Source changes are needed for the go tool source to determine the
> correct cross compiler name based on the GOARCH and GOOS settings, and then
> use that cross compiler where needed for building or linking instead of
> always using "gccgo".  I was able to make these changes and get this to work
> -- I built gccgo programs targeted for ppc64le on an x86_64.

I agree that setting GOARCH and GOOS should change the default name of
the gccgo compiler that the go tool uses.


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