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Re: Merge current set of OpenACC changes from gomp-4_0-branch

On Tue, 3 Feb 2015 14:28:44 +0300
Ilya Verbin <> wrote:

> Hi Julian!
> On 27 Jan 14:07, Julian Brown wrote:
> > On Mon, 26 Jan 2015 17:34:26 +0300
> > Ilya Verbin <> wrote:
> > > Here is my current patch, it works for OpenMP->MIC, but obviously
> > > will not work for PTX, since it requires symmetrical changes in
> > > the plugin.  Could you please take a look, whether it is possible
> > > to support this new interface in PTX plugin?
> > 
> > I think it can probably be made to work. I'll have a look in more
> > detail.
> Do you have any progress on this?

I'm still working on a patch to update OpenACC support and the PTX
backend to use load/unload_image and to unify initialisation/"opening".
So far I think the answer is basically "yes, the new interface can be
supported", though I might request a minor tweak -- e.g. that
load_image takes an extra "void **" argument so that a libgomp backend
can allocate a block of generic metadata relating to the image, then
that same block would be passed (void *) to the unload hook so the
backend can use it there and deallocate it when it's finished with.

Would that be possible? (It'd mostly be for a "CUmodule" handle: this
could be stashed away somewhere within the nvptx backend, but it might
be neater to put it in generic code since it'll probably be useful for
other backends anyway.)



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