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Re: [PING, www] Re: [PATCH] update_web_docs_svn: support the JIT docs (PR jit/64257)

Hi David,

On Monday 2015-02-02 11:39, David Malcolm wrote:
>>>> 	* update_web_docs_svn: Don't delete gcc/jit/docs or
>>>> 	gcc/jit/jit-common.h, gcc/jit/notes.txt. Special case the
>>>> 	building of the jit docs (using sphinx-build).  Special case
>>>> 	copying them up.
>> I've committed this to trunk as r220149.
>> Does this automatically get propagated to the machine that builds the
>> website (and thus would be run next time the relevant cronjob runs)?

I looked into this, and it does not get propagated automatically,
so I did it manually (svn up at the proper location).

>> Or does someone need to do additional work for this to "go live"?  (if
>> nothing else, the machine needs to have sphinx-build in its $PATH, as
>> noted in the patch).
> I'm hoping to have the jit docs on the gcc website.

I guess we'll be testing the error handling behavior of your new
code :-), since indeed sphinx-build is not in the standard $PATH.

Do you know where it can be found on this machine?

> Presumably, some machine needs to have the relevant sphinx packaged
> installed (if that's OK [1]), and perhaps the update to the
> update_web_docs_svn script needs to make it onto that machine?
> Or is this more appropriate for the "overseers" list?

Yes, please direct the request for sphinx to overseers.

(In parallel, if you can refine how the script behaves when sphinx
is not present, that might be a good idea, too.)


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