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Re: #pragma GCC unroll support

*ping* [patch, fortran] Fix for PR 47676

[4.8] backport PR57748 fixes (wrong-code and ICE regression)

[4.8] Backport PR61553

Re: [4.8] Request to backport patch to the 4.8 branch

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 00/36] More Neon intrinsics tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 01/36] Add explicit dependency on Neon Cumulative Saturation flag (QC).

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 02/36] Be more verbose, and actually confirm that a test was checked.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 03/36] Add vmax, vmin, vhadd, vhsub and vrhadd tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 04/36] Add vld1_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 05/36] Add vldX_dup test.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 06/36] Add vmla and vmls tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 07/36] Add vmla_lane and vmls_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 08/36] Add vtrn tests. Refactor vzup and vzip tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 09/36] Add vsubhn, vraddhn and vrsubhn tests. Split vaddhn.c into vXXXhn.inc and vaddhn.c to share code with other new tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 10/36] Add vmlal and vmlsl tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 11/36] Add vmlal_lane and vmlsl_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 12/36] Add vmlal_n and vmlsl_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 13/36] Add vmla_n and vmls_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 14/36] Add vqdmlal and vqdmlsl tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 15/36] Add vqdmlal_lane and vqdmlsl_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 16/36] Add vqdmlal_n and vqdmlsl_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 17/36] Add vpadd, vpmax and vpmin tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 18/36] Add vsli_n and vsri_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 19/36] Add vsubl tests, put most of the code in common with vaddl in vXXXl.inc.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 20/36] Add vsubw tests, putting most of the code in common with vaddw through vXXWw.inc

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 21/36] Add vmovl tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 22/36] Add vmovn tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 23/36] Add vmul_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 24/36] Add vmul_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 25/36] Add vmull tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 26/36] Add vmull_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 27/36] Add vmull_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 28/36] Add vmnv tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 29/36] Add vpadal tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 30/36] Add vpaddl tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 31/36] Add vqdmulh tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 32/36] Add vqdmulh_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 33/36] Add vqdmulh_n tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 34/36] Add vqdmull tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 35/36] Add vqdmull_lane tests.

[[ARM/AArch64][testsuite] 36/36] Add vqdmull_n tests.

[AArch64/GCC] PR64304, miscompilation with -mgeneral-regs-only

[AArch64] Add a new scheduling description for the ARM Cortex-A57 processor

[AArch64] Allow stack pointer as first input to a subtraction

[AARCH64][PR63424][4.9]Backport "Fix PR63424 by adding <su><maxmin>v2di3 pattern"

[Ada] Add additional Boolean fields to Name Table info

[Ada] Add warning for Suppress (Elaboration_Check) in SPARK

[Ada] Avoid incorrect warning on limited with that item is unreferenced

[Ada] Bump copyright year

[Ada] Changes to SPARK RM 7.1.3(11)

[Ada] disable some files for SPARK cross references

[Ada] Disable wrapper for SPARK in the case of External Axiomatization

[Ada] Document recognition of : in place of #

[Ada] Fix bad error message for No_Elaboration_Code_All

[Ada] Fix bootstrapping on darwin9/10 (PR ada/64349)

[Ada] Fix bootstrapping on darwin9/10 (PR ada/64349).

[Ada] Fix inconsistent diagnostics for support of Atomic aspect

[Ada] Function in RCI cannot have anonymous access result

[Ada] gnatmake and gnatclean with projects are obsolete

[Ada] Handle Str'Last = Positive'Last in Text_IO.Get routines

Re: [Ada] implement C99 fmax semantics for floating-point 'Min/Max

[Ada] Implement new Restriction No_Use_Of_Entity

[Ada] Implement RT_Resolution properly

[Ada] Improve error message of interface primitive overriding

[Ada] improve front-end floating point attributes computation

[Ada] Improve message for condition always False (simple variable case)

[Ada] Invariant checks on view conversion

[Ada] Make sure we check divide by zero for fixed-point divide case

[Ada] Missing error on access type conversion

[Ada] New directories in project path for gnatls --RTS=

[Ada] Obscure ambiguity involving user-defined operators returning Boolean

[Ada] Preliminary work for new restriction No_Use_Of_Entity

[Ada] Rejection of legal use of subp'Access within a generic body

[Ada] Removal of ignored Ghost code

[Ada] Remove unreachable code in Freeze_Array_Type

[Ada] Repair No_Strict_Aliasing configuration pragma

[Ada] Rework the initialization/finalization of the runtime.

[Ada] SCOs: handle the Short_Circuit_And_Or pragma

[Ada] Suppress Import-In-Pure-Unit warning if Pure_Function given

[Ada] Use of incomplete types in invariant and predicate expressions.

[Ada] Warn on suspicious Subprogram'Access

[Ada] Wrong Finalize_Address leads to Segmentation_Fault

[ARM] Wire up the new scheduler description for the ARM Cortex-A57 processor

Re: [arm][patch] fix arm_neon_ok check on !arm_arch7


Re: [build] libatomic, libgfortran: Use automake-1.11.1 to sync with the rest

Re: [BUILDROBOT, PATCH] config-list.mk: Extract target name correctly

Re: [BUILDROBOT] tilepro-linux/tilegx-linux fallout from flattening

[BUILDROBOT] tilepro-linux/tilegx-linux fallout from flattening (was: [PATCH] Flatten tree.h and tree-core.h (Version 3))

[C PATCH] Don't accept awkward flexarr member initialization (PR c/64417)

[C PATCH] Fix ICE with assignment to FUNCTION_DECL (PR c/64766)

[C PATCH] Fix ICE with invalid function call (PR c/64778)

[C PATCH] Make -Wdiv-by-zero work even for const ints (PR c/64440)

[C PATCH] Pipe down bogus missing initializer warning (PR c/64709)

[C++ PATCH, RFC] PR c++/63959, continued

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 58671

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 58614

[C++ Patch] PR 60218

[C++ Patch] PR 60753

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/64489

[c++] [PATCH] Remove 0x with HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_HEX

[commit] [patch] DW_AT_producer: Ignore -fpreprocessed

[committed] Better location for -Wchar-subscripts (PR c/64423)

[committed] Cherry-pick 2 libsanitizer aarch64 changes (PR sanitizer/64435)

[committed] Fix #pragma omp declare simd mangling (PR middle-end/64421)

[committed] Fix -fsanitize=vptr (PR c++/64717)

[committed] Fix memory constraint issue on PA

[COMMITTED] Fix pr libffi/64581

[committed] Fix pr49888.c test

[COMMITTED] Fix target/64669 -- aarch64 profilebootstrap failure

[committed] Fix typo in docs

[committed] Fix ubsan -fsanitize=vptr sanitization (PR sanitizer/64632)

[committed] Fix zero based array map clause handling in #pragma omp target {data,update} (PR middle-end/64734)

[committed] gcc.dg/pr57233.c: Add -fno-common option on hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] MAINTAINERS: add myself to write-after-approval list

[COMMITTED] Merge libffi with upstream

[committed] Partial libsanitizer aarch64 fix (PR sanitizer/64435)

[committed] Remove long long support from linux-atomic.c

[Committed] S/390: Fix typo in atomic code iterator

[Committed] S/390: Increase memory access costs

[Committed] S/390: Increase register move costs for FPR->GPR moves

[committed] Update copyright years, part 1

[committed] Update copyright years, part 2

[COMMITTED][PATCH/expand] PR64011 Adjust bitsize when partial overflow happen for big-endian

[committed][PR64672] Make fopenacc an LTO option

[committed][PR64707] Make fopenmp an LTO option

[committted] PATCH: Add dg-require-profiling to gcc.dg/aru-2.c

[debug-early] C++ clones and limbo DIEs

[debug-early] fix C++ mangling issues with deferred_asm_name removal

[debug-early] remove deferred_asm_name

[debug-early] remove file_table_last_lookup

[debug-early] remove unused argument from check_die

Re: [debug-early] reuse variable DIEs and fix their context

[DOC PATCH] Update for standards.texi

[doc, committed] add/fix @opindex entries

[doc, committed] clean up -fauto-profile documentation

[doc, committed] copy-edit -fsemantic-interposition documentation

[doc, committed] copy-edit documentation for -fisolate-erroneous-paths-*

[doc, committed] fix -Wbad-function-cast example

[doc, committed] fix @var markup on option keyword choices

[doc, committed] fix incorrect @samp markup in invoke.texi

[doc, committed] fix over-full hboxes

[doc, committed] fix typos in docs/comments for devirtualization optimizations

[doc, committed] fix verb tenses in invoke.texi

[doc, committed] invoke.texi markup fixes

[doc, committed] reclassify -fuse-ld= as a linker option

[doc, committed] remove duplicate docs for -ftracer

[doc, committed] remove more duplicate option documentation

[doc, committed] remove parens on function names

[doc, committed] tidy -fopt-info documentation

[doc, committed] tidy formatting of RS/6000 -mrecip= option

[doc] fix documentation of -fvtable-verify and related options

Re: [fixincludes] Fix <iso/math_c99.h> signbit on Solaris

Re: [Fortran, Patch, comitted] Cosmetics

[Fortran, patch, committed] Fix copy'n'paste bug in CO_BROADCAST documentation

Re: [Fortran, Patch] Cosmetics

[Fortran, Patch] Fix for PR60357 and possibly also for 55932, 57857 and others

[Fortran, Patch] Fix for pr61275 - Invalid initialization expression for ALLOCATABLE component in structure constructor at (1)

[Fortran, Patch] PR60334 - Segmentation fault on character pointer assignments

Re: [gcc] [SH] Introduce treg_set_expr

Re: [gofrontend-dev] [PATCH 1/2, libgo] Add reflection support to gccgo for ppc64, ppc64le in gcc 4.9

Re: [gomp4] gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r219183 (2015-01-05) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r219425 (2015-01-10) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r219681 (2015-01-15) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Replace enum omp_clause_map_kind with enum gomp_map_kind (was: Including a file from include/ in gcc/*.h)

Re: [google/gcc-4_9] Add -ftwo-level-line-tables and -gline-tables-only options

[GOOGLE] Refine LIPO aux function removal

[hsa] Fix wrong conversion ode and verification fallout

Re: [hsa] HSA: support for direct function call is introduced.

[libatomic PATCH] [PING] Fix libatomic behavior for big endian toolchain

[libcpp PATCH] Resolve DR#412 - unevaluated #elif (PR preprocessor/60570)

[libgo] Build fix for sparc-linux

[libobjc] Fix failures on AIX (PR libobjc/63765)

[libstdc++ PATCH, doc], refresh the C++11 implementation statuses to reflect the real status of constexpr

[libstdc++ testsuite] all_attributes.cc failures

[linaro/gcc-4_9-branch] Merge from gcc-4_9-branch and backports

[match-and-simplify] Merge from trunk

Re: [match-and-simplify] Remove printing "for expression"


[MIPS] Re-enable ABI->ISA inference

[MIPS] Update the ZC constraint for MIPSR6 and use it

[nios2, committed] additional -mgpopt choices

Re: [nvptx-tools, committed] Also install [...]/nvptx-none/bin/ar and [...]/nvptx-none/bin/ranlib.

[Obvious ARM Testsuite] mangle-arm-crypto.C needs arm_crypto arguments added

[PATCH 0/2] Add reflection support for ppc64, ppc64le to gcc 4.9

Re: [PATCH 0/2] Offloading from dlopened libraries

[PATCH 0/3] Fix PR target/64761

[PATCH 0/4, AArch64, v4] APM X-Gene 1 cost-table and pipeline model

[PATCH 0/4] A few optimization patterns

[PATCH 0/4][ARM Intrinsics][RFTesting] Add missing float16x8_t type, and float16x[48] intrinsics

[PATCH 0/6, nds32] Committed: Have -mcmodel option to support varied code model of programs.

[PATCH 0/6] rs6000: More -m32 -mpowerpc64 patches

Re: [PATCH 01/10] rs6000: Clobber XER[CA] in all user asm statements

[PATCH 1/2, libgo] Add reflection support to gccgo for ppc64, ppc64le in gcc 4.9

Re: [PATCH 1/2] RTEMS: Rename ARM target config files

[PATCH 1/2][ARM] PR/63870: Add qualifier to check lane bounds in expand

Re: [patch 1/2][ARM]: New CPU support for Marvell Whitney

[PATCH 1/3] PR jit/64810: driver, arm, jit: configure-time default options



Re: [PATCH 1/4] Add mkoffload for Intel MIC

[PATCH 1/4] Core definition for APM XGene-1 and associated cost-table.

[PATCH 1/4] match.pd: Add x + (x & 1) -> (x + 1) & ~1 pattern

[PATCH 1/4][ARM Intrinsics]float16x4_t intrinsics: vget_lane, vset_lane, vcreate, vdup_n, vdup_lane, vld1_lane, vld1_dup, vreinterpret

[PATCH 1/5] rs6000: Fix PROMOTE_MODE for -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH 1/6, nds32] Add -mcmodel= option to support different code model.

[PATCH 1/6] rs6000: Fix multi-reg return types for -m32 -mpowerpc64

Re: [PATCH 12/21] PR jit/63854: Add a valgrind suppresion file

[PATCH 2/2, libgo] Backport recover fix for gccgo to gcc 4.9

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs.


[PATCH 2/2][ARM] PR/63870: Add a __builtin_lane_check

RE: [PATCH 2/3, ARM, libgcc, ping6] Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

[PATCH 2/3] [SH] Add jump insn for -freorder-blocks-and-partition

Re: [PATCH 2/3] Extended if-conversion

[PATCH 2/3] PR jit/64810: support DImode on arm

Re: [PATCH 2/3] RTEMS: Fix MPC8540 multilibs for PowerPC

[PATCH 2/4] match.pd: Add x & ~(x & y) -> x & ~y pattern

Re: [PATCH 2/4] New data structure for cgraph_summary introduced.

[PATCH 2/4] Pipeline model for APM XGene-1.

[PATCH 2/4][ARM Intrinsics] Add missing float16x8_t type


[PATCH 2/6, nds32] Remove -mgp-direct/-mno-gp-direct options.

[PATCH 2/6] rs6000: Do not allow lo_sum accesses >= 4 bytes if unaligned

RE: [PATCH 3/3, ARM, libgcc, ping6] Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

[PATCH 3/3] Fix dbr_schedule for -freorder-blocks-and-partition

[PATCH 3/3] PR jit/64810: fix for arm_option_override

Re: [PATCH 3/3] RTEMS: Add e6500 multilibs for PowerPC

Re: [PATCH 3/4] Add libgomp plugin for Intel MIC

Re: [PATCH 3/4] Add Visium support to gcc

[PATCH 3/4] Change the type of the prefetch-instructions to 'prefetch'.

[PATCH 3/4] match.pd: Add x | ~(x | y) -> x | ~y pattern

[PATCH 3/4][ARM Intrinsics]float16x8_t intrinsics: vgetq_lane, vsetq_lane, vdupq_n, vdupq_lane, vld1q_lane, vld1q_dup, vreinterpretq

Re: [PATCH 3/5] IPA ICF pass

Re: [PATCH 3/5] OpenACC 2.0 support for libgomp - outline documentation (repost)

[PATCH 3/5] rs6000: Fix va_start handling for -m32 -mpowerpc64 ABI_V4

[PATCH 3/6, nds32] Provide TARGET_CMODEL_[SMALL|MEDIUM|LARGE] to check which code model is specified.

[PATCH 3/6] rs6000: Fix SDmode varargs for -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH 4.8/4.9] Backport of PR lto/63704

[PATCH 4/4] match.pd: Add x + ((-x) & m) -> (x + m) & ~m pattern

Re: [PATCH 4/4] OpenMP 4.0 offloading to Intel MIC: non-fallback testing

[PATCH 4/4] Wire X-Gene 1 up in the ARM (32bit) backend as a AArch32-capable core.

[PATCH 4/4][ARM Intrinsics] Add float16 v(ld|st)[234](q?|_lane|_dup),vcombine,vget_(low|high)

[PATCH 4/5] rs6000: Introducing rs6000_abi_word_mode

[PATCH 4/6, nds32] Consider TARGET_CMODEL_LARGE for function call instructions.

[PATCH 4/6] rs6000: Fix stack probes for -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH 5/5] rs6000: Do not allow TImode with -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH 5/6, nds32] Implement TARGET_ENCODE_SECTION_INFO to store specific flag in symbol_ref rtx.

[PATCH 5/6] rs6000: Fix gcc.dg/20020919-1.c for -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH 6/6, nds32] Consider -mcmodel=X in nds32_legitimate_address_p implementation.

[PATCH 6/6] rs6000: Fix ppc-fpconv-[48].c for -m32 -mpowerpc64

Re: [PATCH 6/8] Handle SCRATCH in decompose_address

Re: [PATCH 7/10] OpenACC 2.0 support for libgomp - OpenACC runtime, NVidia PTX/CUDA plugin

Re: [PATCH 7/8] Model cache auto-prefetcher in scheduler

[Patch AArch64] Make integer vabs intrinsics UNSPECs

[Patch ARM] PR target/64532

Re: [PATCH ARM]Prefer neon for stringops on a53/a57 in AArch32 mode

[patch committed SH] Add TARGET_ATOMIC_ASSIGN_EXPAND_FENV hook

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/64533

[PATCH committed] Sync include/libiberty.h with Binutils

[Patch docs 0/5] Update some of md.texi

[Patch docs 1/5] Update the first section of md.texi

[Patch docs 2/5] Update "Instruction Patterns" in md.texi

[Patch docs 3/5] Update "RTL Template" in md.texi

[Patch docs 4/5] Update "Output Template/Statement" from md.texi

[Patch docs 5/5] Update "Predicates" from md.texi

[patch libstdc++] Add POSIX variant of shared_timed_mutex.

Re: [patch libstdc++] Fix assignability check in uninitialized_copy

[patch libstdc++] Optimize synchronization in std::future if futexes are available.

[PATCH MIPS RFA] Regression cleanup for nan2008 toolchain

[PATCH PR64434]

[PATCH PR64557] get_addr in true_dependence_1 cannot handle VALUE inside an expr

[PATCH PR64746]

[PATCH PR64809]

[patch RFA libffi SH] Fix configure error for sh4-unknown-linux-gnu

[PATCH RFA MIPS] Prohibit vector modes in accumulators

[PATCH RFC] Running auto-vectorization tests multiple times

[PATCH v2] libgcc: Use braces instead of macro's empty body to avoid xgcc warnings.

Re: [PATCH v3] gcc/ubsan.c: Use 'pretty_print' for 'pretty_name' to avoid memory overflow

[PATCH v3] libgcc: Use braces instead of macro's empty body to avoid xgcc warnings.

Re: [PATCH v3] Use strtoll instead of atoll in gcov-tool.c

Re: [PATCH x86] Add march/mtune=knl

[Patch, AArch64, Obvious] Fix PR64231.

[Patch, AArch64, Testsuite] Check for expected MOVI vectorization.

[Patch, AArch64, testsuite] PR63971: Revert test_frame_* patch.

[PATCH, Aarch64] Add FMA steering pass for Cortex-A57

Re: [PATCH, aarch64] Add prefetch support

Re: [PATCH, AARCH64] Fix ICE in CCMP (PR64015)

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix abitest for ilp32

Re: [PATCH, AARCH64] Fix ICE in CCMP (PR64015)

Re: [PATCH, ada]: Use xasprintf instead of unchecked asprintf

RE: [PATCH, ARM, ping1] Fix PR64453: live high register not saved in function prolog with -Os

[PATCH, ARM, testsuite] Improve scd42-1.c for UAL

RE: [Patch, ARM/Thumb1]Add a Thumb1 insn pattern to legalize the instruction that moves pc to low register

[PATCH, ARM] Backport fix for PR59593 (minipool of small values on big endian targets)

[patch, arm] fix bug in long long divide-by-zero handling

[PATCH, ARM] Fix PR64453: live high register not saved in function prolog with -Os

Re: [patch, arm] Minor optimization on thumb2 tail call

[Patch, ARM]Update GCC to generate Tag_ABI_HardFP_use per the latest EABI doc

[PATCH, autofdo] Some code cleanup

Re: [patch, build] Restore bootstrap in building libcc1 on darwin

Re: [PATCH, c] PR c/48956: diagnostics for conversions involving complex types

[PATCH, CHKP, PR64363] Don't instrument functions we cannot copy

[PATCH, CHKP] [always_inline 1/2] Allow inlining for not instrumented calls to always_inline functions

[PATCH, CHKP] [always_inline 2/2] Fix segafult in SRA

[PATCH, CHKP] Fix bounds return check for calls

[PATCH, CHKP] Fix PR middle-end/64805

[PATCH, CHKP] Follow alias chain for decl visibility and aliases

[PATCH, committed] Add test of handling arithmetic-overflow from JIT

[PATCH, committed] API extension: add GCC_JIT_UNARY_OP_ABS to enum gcc_jit_unary_op

[PATCH, committed] Fix build of jit (was Re: [PATCH] Flatten tree.h and tree-core.h (Version 3))

[PATCH, committed] Fix chkp-always_inline.c test to not fail with -fpic

[PATCH, committed] Fix gcc_jit_context_get_last_error docs

[PATCH, committed] Fix int vs bool issue in jit.dg/test-arith-overflow.c

[PATCH, committed] Fix typo in jit-recording.h

[PATCH, committed] jit-playback.c: fix missing fclose

[PATCH, committed] jit.exp: add __func__ to help test-{combination|threads}.c

[PATCH, committed] jit.exp: Don't drop the extension from the testcase when naming executable

[PATCH, committed] jit.exp: support C++ testcases

[PATCH, committed] jit: Add checking for dereference of void *

[PATCH, committed] jit: API change to gcc_jit_context_new_global

[PATCH, committed] jit: fix crash in memento_of_new_string_literal::make_debug_string

[PATCH, committed] jit: New API entrypoint: gcc_jit_context_dump_reproducer_to_file

[PATCH, committed] jit: New API entrypoint: gcc_jit_context_get_last_error

[PATCH, committed] jit: prevent ICE with type mismatch in gcc_jit_block_add_assignment_op

[PATCH, committed] libgccjit.h: Fix description of struct gcc_jit_context

[PATCH, committed] libgccjit: detect various kinds of errors relating to params and locals

[PATCH, committed] New jit API entrypoint: gcc_jit_context_new_rvalue_from_long

[PATCH, committed] New jit API entrypoint: gcc_jit_context_set_logfile

[PATCH, committed] Parallelize the jit testsuite

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/64206: delay cleanup of tempdir if the user has requested debuginfo

[PATCH, committed] PR jit/64708: remove libgccjit.so from COMPILERS

[PATCH, committed] remove duplicate contents explow.h, dojump.h

[PATCH, committed] Simplify jit.dg/test-combination.c

[PATCH, doc] NDS32: Describe -mcmodel= option instead of -mgp-direct in the documentation.

[PATCH, doc] NDS32: Remove -mforce-fp-as-gp, -mforbid-fp-as-gp, and -mex9 options from documentation.

[PATCH, driver/64690] Fix -freport-bug issue with comments.

[Patch, Fortran + Testsuite] Fix coarray handling in modules

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix gfc_error call

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Minor follow up patch for the recent io.c change

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 45290: [F08] pointer initialization

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 58023: ICE on invalid with bad PPC declaration

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 58023: ICE on invalid with bad PPC declaration

[Patch, Fortran, F03] PR 64508: interface check missing for procedure pointer component as actual argument

Re: [PATCH, fortran, final] PR fortran/60255 Deferred character length

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 57562: ICE due to extended derived type with PARAMETER attribute

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 60922: [4.9/5 regression] Memory leak with allocatable CLASS components

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 63552: Type-bound procedures rejected as actual argument to dummy procedure

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 63733: [4.8/4.9/5 Regression] wrong resolution for OPERATOR generics

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 64230: [4.9/5 Regression] Invalid memory reference in a compiler-generated finalizer for allocatable component

Re: [Patch, Fortran] add co_reduce to libcaf_single

[PATCH, fortran] Add gfc_define_builtin_with_spec

[Patch, fortran] Cosmetics: Dup. code removal, indent fix, typo fix.

Re: [patch, fortran] Fix for PR 47676

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 57023, packing for some array temporaries

Re: [Patch, Fortran] Fix previous patch

[Patch, Fortran] Fix previous patch (was: Re: [Patch, Fortran + Testsuite] Fix coarray handling in modules)

Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 60507: Passing function call into procedure argument not caught

[Patch, fortran] PR 64757 - [5 Regression] ICE in fold_convert_loc, at fold-const.c:2353

Re: [PATCH, fortran] PR fortran/60255 Deferred character length

[Patch, fortran] PR55901 - [OOP] type is (character(len=*)) misinterpreted as array - part 1

[Patch, fortran] PR57959 - [F03] ICE with structure constructor with scalar allocatable components

[patch, Fortran] PR61933 Inquire on Internal Units

[Patch, fortran] PR62044 ICE when loading use-renamed extended derived type

[Patch, fortran] PR63205 - [OOP] Wrongly rejects type = class (for identical declared type)

[Patch, Fortran] PR63861 - fix OpenMP/ACC's gfc_has_alloc_comps

[Patch, Fortran] PR64522 - reinstate truncation diagnostic

[Patch, fortran] PR64578 - [OOP] Seg-fault and ICE with unlimited polymorphic array pointer function

[Patch, Fortran] PR64726 Fix OpenACC's "parallel/kernel loop"

[Patch, Fortran] PR64771 - Fix coarray ICE

[PATCH, i386 testsuite]: Require nonpic target for some tests

[PATCH, i386] Fix PR 64688, ICE: Max. number of generated reload insns per insn is achieved (90)

[PATCH, i386] Fix PR64882, ICE on valid code at -O3 with -g enabled in simplify_subreg, at simplify-rtx.c:5681

[PATCH, i386] Never fix register for PIC when pseudo PIC reg is used

Re: [PATCH, i386] Remove EBX usage from asm code

Re: [Patch, i386] Support BMI and BMI2 targets in multiversioning

Re: [Patch, i386] Support AES, F16C, BMI and BMI2 targets in multiversioning

Re: [Patch, i386] Support BMI and BMI2 targets in multiversioning

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR64795, too many memor references for 'lea'

[PATCH, i386]: Make ix86_mode_after static

[PATCH, i386]_ Fix isa attribute for sse_loadld

Re: [PATCH, Libatomic, Darwin] Initial libatomic port for *darwin*.

Re: [patch, libbacktrace/libsanitizer/libquadmath/libcilkrts] fix multilib builds

[patch, libbacktrace/libsanitizer] fix multilib builds

[PATCH, libcpp] Do not modify a token once it has been initialized

[PATCH, libgfortran, committed] PR 64770 Segfault when trying to open existing file with status="new"

Re: [PATCH, libgo] Backport fix for compiler flags in mksysinfo.sh to gcc 4.9

Re: [PATCH, libgo]: Double StackMin size for 64bit non-split-stack targets

[patch, libobjc] export __objc_get_forward_imp, get_imp again

[Patch, libstdc++/64239] Use std::swap instead of swap in regex

Re: [Patch, libstdc++/64441] Fix sub_match::first and second

[Patch, libstdc++/64584, libstdc++/64585] Clear basic_regex after imbue and make assign exception tolerant

[Patch, libstdc++/64649] Fix regex_traits::lookup_collatename and regex_traits::lookup_classname

[Patch, libstdc++/64680] Conform the standard regex interface

[PATCH, libstdc++] PR libstdc++/64656

[PATCH, moxie] Fix CC_REG definition

[PATCH, moxie] Fix mul.x availability on moxieboix

[PATCH, moxie] Restrict offsets for ldo/sto to 16 bits

[PATCH, moxie] Tabify assembly output

[PATCH, nds32] Committed: Have shrink-wrapping optimization to be performed on nds32 target.

[PATCH, nds32] Committed: Have sibling calls optmization to be performed on nds32 target.

[PATCH, nds32] Committed: Remove some features that are not available yet in nds32 port of GNU binutils package.

[PATCH, nios2] Updates to Nios II Linux

[PATCH, PR tree-optimization/64277] Improve loop iterations count estimation

Re: [PATCH, PR63307] Fix generation of new declarations in random order

[PATCH, RFC] LRA subreg handling

[PATCH, rs6000, testsuite] Changes for unaligned vector load/store support on POWER8

[PATCH, rs6000] Allow swap removal for convert-splat idiom

[PATCH, testsuite] fix ggcplug.c test-case

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix PR64796: bswap64 effective target should not cache its result

[PATCH, testsuite]: Cleanup dumps

[PATCH,committed] Ensure options incompatible with micromips imply -mno-micromips

[PATCH,MIPS] Only pass floating-point options to the assembler then

[PATCH,MIPS] Add support for the R6 LSA and DLSA instructions

[PATCH,MIPS] Remove all excess parallel constructs

[PATCH,wwwdocs] Add news entry for MIPS Release 6 - committed

[PATCH/AARCH64] Correctly handle stores of zero in fusion_load_store

Re: [PATCH/AARCH64] Disable load/store pair peephole for volatile mem

[Patch/combine] PR64304 wrong bitmask passed to force_to_mode in combine_simplify_rtx

Re: [PATCH/expand] PR64011 Adjust bitsize when partial overflow happen for big-endian

Re: [PATCH/TopLevel] Fix compiling libgo with a combined sources

[PATCH: toplev.c] PR jit/64721: don't install signal-handlers when running within libgccjit

Re: [PATCH] -fsanitize=vptr instrumentation (take 3)

[PATCH] -f{no-sanitize,{,no-}sanitize-recover}=all support

Re: [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Fix testcases add by r218484

Re: [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Improve vpmaxX & vpminX intrinsics

[PATCH] [ARM] Tune the max_cond_insns/branch_cost for Cortex-M7

[patch] [C++14] Implement N3657: heterogeneous lookup in associative containers.

[PATCH] [gcc, combine] PR46164: Don't combine the insns if a volatile register is contained.

[PATCH] [PR rtl-optimization/32790] Fix long standing typo/thinko in reg_scan_mark_refs

[PATCH] [PR target/59946] Avoid problems with addressing modes with -mpcrel

[patch] Add <codecvt> and last pieces of C++11 std::lib

[PATCH] Add comdat_group effective target (PR bootstrap/64612)

[PATCH] add includes in config/tilepro/mul-tables.c and config/tilegx/mul-tables.c

Re: [PATCH] Add missing requirement to crossmodule-indircall-1a.c

[PATCH] Add myself to MAINTAINER


[PATCH] Add new target h8300-*-linux

Re: [PATCH] add option to emit more array bounds warnigs

[PATCH] Added PLUGIN_FINISH_TYPE callback on enum type processing

[PATCH] Allow MIPS call-saved-{4-6}.c tests to correctly run for micromips

[PATCH] Another part of PR63439

[PATCH] Avoid -Werror=format-security errors in libcpp

[PATCH] Break too deep TER chains for debug stmts during expansion (PR debug/64817)

[PATCH] cgraph_edge: small refactoring

[PATCH] Change __ARM_NEON__ to __ARM_NEON in libcpp/lex.c

Re: [PATCH] Cleaning up incomplete type warning.

[PATCH] Cleanup EH after RTL DSE (PR rtl-optimization/62078)

Re: [PATCH] combine: Correct cost calculation and display for split I2

[PATCH] combine: Yet another distribute_notes problem (PR64682)

[PATCH] config/h8300/h8300.c: Regress part of the original commit for fixing issue

[PATCH] Correct target selector in -mfentry tests

[patch] Define std::codecvt<char16_t,...> and std::codecvt<char32_t,...>

RE: [PATCH] Disable -fuse-caller-save when -pg is active

[PATCH] Dissociate MEM_EXPR so that it is not marked as addressable

[patch] Do not call const_binop on MEM_EXPR

[PATCH] doc/invoke.texi: clarify default setting of VTA

[PATCH] Document -fsanitize=vptr (PR sanitizer/64706)

RE: [PATCH] Don't check for optab for 16bit bswap

[PATCH] Don't emit backtrace from driver upon fatal compiler signals

Re: [PATCH] Don't make all MEM_REFs with TREE_READONLY arguments TREE_READONLY (PR sanitizer/64336)

[PATCH] Don't set TREE_READONLY on dummy args with VALUE attr (PR fortran/64528)

[patch] DW_AT_producer: Ignore -fpreprocessed

[PATCH] Enable experimental TSAN support for Ada

[PATCH] Fix -mstack-arg-probe (PR target/64513)

[PATCH] Fix __attribute__((no_sanitize_thread))

[PATCH] Fix ada bootstrap under cygwin-64

[PATCH] Fix darwin FAIL of gcc.dg/lto/pr64415_0.c

[PATCH] Fix dwarf2out wide-int issues (PR other/63504)

[PATCH] Fix einline ICE with EH (PR tree-optimization/64465)

[PATCH] Fix enum operands exchange in ipa-inline.c

[PATCH] Fix for PR ipa/64503

Re: [PATCH] Fix for PR64081 in RTL loop unroller

[PATCH] Fix for PR64353

[PATCH] Fix for PR64741 (UBSan/ASan integration)

[PATCH] Fix gcc -v (PR driver/64737)

[PATCH] Fix generation of m32c target (PR 50928)

[PATCH] Fix half of PR63439

[PATCH] Fix ICE due to invalid thunk (PR ipa/64776)

[PATCH] Fix ICE during ipa dumping (PR ipa/64730)

Re: [patch] Fix ICE on unaligned record field

[PATCH] Fix ICE with -fgnu-tm and pragma ivdep (PR middle-end/64391)

[PATCH] Fix inlining checks wrt optimize attribute

[PATCH] Fix ix86_expand_int_movcc (PR target/64338)

[PATCH] Fix libbacktrace and libiberty tests fail on sanitized GCC due to wrong link options.

[PATCH] Fix libjava version number under cygwin

Re: [PATCH] Fix loop optimization when ZOL is not available in xtensa configuration

[PATCH] Fix parameters of __tsan_vptr_update

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 61225

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/16160

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/59366 A friend function template defined in a class is found without ADL

[PATCH] Fix PR ipa/64668

[PATCH] Fix PR ipa/64858

[PATCH] Fix PR libstdc++/64422

[PATCH] Fix PR testsuite/64605

[PATCH] Fix PR59354

[PATCH] Fix PR61743

[PATCH] Fix PR61743 testcases

[PATCH] Fix PR64068 and PR64559

[PATCH] Fix PR64277

[PATCH] Fix PR64313

[PATCH] Fix PR64357

[PATCH] Fix PR64365

[PATCH] Fix PR64373

[PATCH] Fix PR64404

[PATCH] Fix PR64406

[PATCH] Fix PR64410 testcase

[PATCH] Fix PR64410, complex vectorization issue

[PATCH] Fix PR64415

[PATCH] Fix PR64436: broken logic to process bitwise ORs in bswap pass

[PATCH] Fix PR64461, Incorrect code on coldfire targets

[PATCH] Fix PR64530

[PATCH] Fix PR64535 - increase emergency EH buffers via a new allocator

[PATCH] Fix PR64568

[PATCH] Fix PR64568 for real

[PATCH] Fix PR64614

[PATCH] Fix PR64664

[PATCH] Fix PR64684

[PATCH] Fix PR64718: bad 16-bit bswap replacement

[PATCH] Fix PR64728

[PATCH] Fix PR64764

[PATCH] Fix PR64798

[PATCH] Fix PR64822: incorrect folding of bitfield in union on big endian targets

[PATCH] Fix PR64829

[PATCH] Fix PR64844

[PATCH] Fix PR64853

[PATCH] Fix PR64855

[PATCH] Fix PRs 64493 and 64495

[PATCH] Fix REE for vector modes (PR rtl-optimization/64286)

[PATCH] Fix REE for vector modes (PR rtl-optimization/64286, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix scheduling undeterminism from sorting with DEBUG_INSNs

[PATCH] Fix simplify-rtx endless recursion (PR debug/64511)

[PATCH] Fix sporadic failure in g++.dg/tsan/aligned_vs_unaligned_race.C

[PATCH] Fix SSA_NAME range info ICE (PR tree-optimization/64494)

Re: [PATCH] Fix ubsan and C++14 constexpr ICEs (PR sanitizer/63956)

[PATCH] Fix undefined label problem after crossjumping (PR rtl-optimization/64536)

[PATCH] Fix up 2 Copyright years lines

[PATCH] Fix up computed goto on POINTERS_EXTEND_UNSIGNED targets (PR middle-end/63974)

[PATCH] Fix up DSE - PR middle-end/64388, target/55023

[PATCH] Fix up dwarf2out ICE (PR debug/64663)

[PATCH] Fix up some gcc.dg/vect/ testcases with -fpic (PR testsuite/64028)

[PATCH] fix visium build

[PATCH] Fix VRP ICE with -Wtype-limits (PR tree-optimization/64563)

[patch] Fix warning during libstdc++ build

[PATCH] Fix x86 #pragma GCC target and target attribute handling (PR target/61925)

[PATCH] Flatten tree.h and tree-core.h (Version 3)

Re: [patch] gcc fstack-protector-explicit

Re: [PATCH] gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/typeof-2.c

[PATCH] Handle CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE clobbers in regcprop.c

[PATCH] Install libgcj.pc as libgcj-5.pc rather than libgcj-5.0.pc (PR libgcj/64219)

Re: [PATCH] Instrument bit field and unaligned accesses for TSAN

Re: [PATCH] IPA ICF: add comparison for target and optimization nodes

[PATCH] IPA ICF: add comparison for target and optimization nodes

[PATCH] IPA ICF: add no_icf attribute for a function

[PATCH] IPA ICF: handle correctly indirect_calls


Re: [PATCH] IPA ICF: refactoring + fix for PR ipa/63569

[PATCH] ipa-icf.c: Fix issues generated by original latest commit

Re: [PATCH] libgcc: unwind-dw2-fde.h: Use "(const fde *)" instead of "(char *)" to avoid qualifier warning

[PATCH] libgcc: Use braces instead of macro's empty body to avoid xgcc warnings.

[PATCH] libiberty/argv.c: Use freeargv() instead of free() to avoid memory leak.

Re: [PATCH] libobjc: Properly handle classes without instance variables in class_copyIvarList ().

[patch] libstdc++/56785 reduce space overhead of nested tuples

[patch] libstdc++/58357 DR 488 std::rotate should return an iterator

[patch] libstdc++/60132 deprecate C++0x has_trivial_xxx traits

[patch] libstdc++/60940 unify std::atomic_xxx typedefs with std::atomic<xxx> types

[patch] libstdc++/60966 fix packaged_task also

Re: [patch] libstdc++/64368 add configure check for timed mutex operations

[patch] libstdc++/64368 Fix invalid frees in numpunct_shim with clocale=generic

[patch] libstdc++/64468 set TAB_SIZE=8 in doxygen cfg

[patch] libstdc++/64483 add dg-require to test

[patch] libstdc++/64553 and libstdc++/64560 facet shims without RTTI or wchar_t

[patch] libstdc++/64571 export fstream functions using new std::string

[patch] libstdc++/64646 fix 4-iterator overload of std::is_permutation

[patch] libstdc++/64650 add bad_optional_access default constructor

[patch] libstdc++/64658 define std::atomic_init()

[PATCH] LRA: Fix caller-save store/restore instruction for large mode

Re: [PATCH] microblaze: microblaze.md: Use 'SI' instead of 'VOID' for operand 1 of 'call_value_intern'

[PATCH] Minor date fix in ChangeLog files.

[Patch] Missing plugin header files

Re: [patch] New std::string implementation

[PATCH] Optimize (x % 5) % 5 in VRP (PR tree-optimization/64454)

Re: [patch] powerpc-vxworksmils port, variant of powerpc-vxworksae

[PATCH] pr 60211 - error out if ivdep pragma is outside a function

[PATCH] pr 61548 - tree-emutls needs to resolve the aliases it creates

[PATCH] pr 61889 - support gcov-tool without ftw.h

[PATCH] pr 63325 - make fold ignore decl_with_vis.symtab_node

[PATCH] pr 64047 - explicitly handle target_option_default_node in rs6000_set_current_function

[PATCH] pr 64076 - tolerate different definitions of symbols in lto

[PATCH] PR 64645: Fix libffi under cygwin-32

[PATCH] PR 64722: fix corruption of %ebx on 32-bit i386 with libgccjit

[PATCH] PR ada/64640: Fix Ada bootstrap under cygwin.

[PATCH] PR jit/64780: configure: --enable-host-shared and the jit

[PATCH] PR preprocessor/64803 - __LINE__ inside macro is not constant

[PATCH] PR59448 - Promote consume to acquire

[PATCH] PR64159

[PATCH] PR64377

[PATCH] PR64386

[PATCH] PR64387

[PATCH] PR64393

[PATCH] PR64635 - load libgomp-plugin-host_nonshm shared library with correct suffix

[PATCH] Re: Stage 3 RFC: using "jit" for ahead-of-time compilation

[PATCH] Reenable CSE of non-volatile inline asm (PR rtl-optimization/63637)

Re: [PATCH] Relax check against commuting XOR and ASHIFTRT in combine.c

[PATCH] rs6000, jit: Unbreak libgccjit on ppc (rs6000_output_function_epilogue)

[PATCH] rs6000: Add eqsi/nesi storing to a 64-bit reg (PR36557)

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix huge compile time on thunks (PR64580)

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix recip tests for -m32 -mpowerpc64


[PATCH] rs6000: Fix va_start handling for -m32 -mpowerpc64 ABI_V4

[PATCH] rs6000: Introducing rs6000_abi_word_mode

Re: [PATCH] rs6000: Make rs6000_split_logical handle inverted 2nd operand (PR64358)

[PATCH] S/390: -mhotpatch v2

Re: [PATCH] simplify-rtx: Generalize (and X (ior (not X) Y) -> (and X Y)

[PATCH] Small step towards tree-ssa-strlen improvements (PR tree-optimization/63989)

[PATCH] testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp: Fix check_effective_target_lto

Re: [PATCH] toplev.c: Process the failure when read fails for random_seed

[PATCH] toplev: gcc version information for jit

Re: [PATCH] ubsan: Do not run the testsuite if ubsan does not work at all

[PATCH] Update BBs in cleanup_barriers pass (PR rtl-optimization/61058)

[patch] Update C++11 status in libstdc++ docs

RE: [PATCH] Update config.sub from upstream config repo

[patch] update function comments for lto_symtab_encoder_encode_*

[PATCH] update_web_docs_svn: support the JIT docs (PR jit/64257)

[PATCH] Use chain_next on struct dw_loc_descr_node for GTY (PR debug/64511)

[PATCH] Use ldexp instead of scalbln for portability (PR other/64370)

[patch] Use std::__bool_constant instead of duplicating it

[PATCH] wide-int division fix (PR tree-optimization/64807)

[PATCH] Workaround -Wmaybe-uninitialized false positives during profiledbootstrap

[PATCH], rs6000, PR 64505 -- Fix issue with -m32 -mpowerpc64

[PATCH]: Conditionally include target specific files while building TSAN

[PATCH]: Fix for PR ipa/64550

[PATCH]: New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

Re: [PATCH][1-3] New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

[PATCH][1/2] Improve array bound warnings

[PATCH][2/2] Improve array-bound warnings and VRP

[PATCH][4.9] PR 64569 - Backport support for MIPS binutils 2.25

Re: [PATCH][6/n] Merge from match-and-simplify, make forwprop fold all stmts

[PATCH][AArch32] Testcase fix for __ATOMIC_CONSUME

[PATCH][AArch64 Intrinsics] Replace temporary assembler for vst1_lane

[PATCH][AArch64] Error out of arm_neon.h if nofp/nosimd

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix illegal assembly 'eon v1, v2, v3'

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix PR 64263: Do not try to split constants when destination is SIMD reg

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Implement vsqrt_f64 intrinsic

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Improve bit-test-branch pattern to avoid unnecessary register clobber

[PATCH][AArch64] PR 64448: Combine ((x ^ y) & m) ^ x into bsl/bif instruction

[PATCH][Aarch64] PR64149: Remove -mlra/-mno-lra option for Aarch64.

[PATCH][AArch64] Remove an unused reload hook.

[PATCH][AArch64] Testcase fix for __ATOMIC_CONSUME

[PATCH][AArch64] Use target builtin instead of __builtin_sqrt for vsqrt_f64

[PATCH][AArch64][test][committed] Fix FAIL: gcc.target/aarch64/store-pair-1.c scan-assembler stp\tw[0-9]+, w[0-9]+

[PATCH][AARCH64]Fix syntax error in target selector "-O2" for volatileloadpair-1.c & volatileloadpair-2.c

[PATCH][AARCH64]Fix TLS local exec model addressing code generation inconsistency.

[PATCH][ARM] Fix PR target/64460: Set 'shift' attr properly on some patterns

Re: [PATCH][ARM] FreeBSD arm support, EABI, v2

Re: [PATCH][ARM] FreeBSD ARM support, EABI, v3


Re: [PATCH][ARM] Make issue rate part of per-core tuning structs

[PATCH][ARM] PR 62066: Call va_end on early return from va_list processing function

[PATCH][ARM] PR 64149: Remove -mlra/-mno-lra option for ARM.

[PATCH][ARM] PR target/64405 Disable interworking for non-Thumb targets

[PATCH][ARM][4.9]Backport "Fix definition of __ARM_SIZEOF_WCHAR_T"

[PATCH][ARM][cleanup] Simplify some expressions in some epilogue-related functions

Re: [PATCH][ARM][cleanup] Use R0_REGNUM and R1_REGNUM instead of 0 and 1 where appropriate

[PATCH][ARM][committed] Move comment about splitting Thumb1 patterns to thumb1.md

[PATCH][ARM][PING] __ARM_FP & __ARM_NEON_FP defined when -march=armv7-m

[PATCH][ARM][tests] Add -march=armv6 to tests that have -mapcs

[PATCH][doc][ARM] Deprecate -mapcs and -mapcs-frame

[PATCH][libatomic] Avoid misaligned atomic operations

[PATCH][libstdc++][testsuite][reverted] Remove check for truncation overflow

[PATCH][OpenMP] Forbid usage of non-target functions in target regions

Re: [PATCH][PING] libobjc: Properly handle classes without instance variables in class_copyIvarList ().

[PATCH][PR 52076 P3 regression] Improve m68k xor and bit insertion

[PATCH][PR rtl-optimization/pr52773] Do not reference virtual_outgoing_args after vreg instantiation

[PATCH][PR target/15184] Fix for direct byte access on x86

[PATCH][RFA][PR target/15184] Partial fix for direct byte access on x86

[PATCH][RFC][OpenMP] Forbid target* pragmas in target regions

Re: [PATCH][rtlanal.c][BE][1/2] Fix vector load/stores to not use ld1/st1

[PATCH][SH] Check for 0 length with inlined strnlen builtin

[PATCH][test] Gate gcc.dg/aru-2.c test on profiling support

Re: [Patch][testsuite] Fix a few test cases

[PATCH][testsuite] Fix oversized bitfield warning.

[PATCH][www] Tidy criteria.html

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Document removal of -mlra/-mnolra from Aarch64 and ARM backends.

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Mention -freport-bug in release notes

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Mention deprecation of -mapcs and -mapcs-frame on arm

[Patch][wwwdocs]Deprecate the ARM TPCS related options in gcc 5.0

[PATCH][x86] Update s{r,l}li intrinsics.

[PATCH]Enable gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/builtin-apply2.c for aarch64

[PATCH]Skip g++.dg/tls testes on target using status wrapper

Re: [PATCHv2] New check and updates in check_GNU_style script

[PATCHv2][libatomic] Avoid misaligned atomic operations

[PATCHv2][wwwdocs] Mention -freport-bug in release notes

Re: [PATCHv3][PING] New check and updates in check_GNU_style script

Re: [PING ^ 3] [RFC PATCH, AARCH64] Add support for -mlong-calls option

[PING ^ 4] [RFC PATCH, AARCH64] Add support for -mlong-calls option

Re: [ping**2] Re: [patch, arm] align saved FP regs on stack

Re: [ping**3] Re: [patch, ARM] Add support for crtfastmath.o

[PING, PATCH, Fortran] PR fortran/60289 Fixing character array allocation for class(*) type variable

[PING] : [RFC] Tighten memory type assumption in RTL combiner pass.

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 58614

[PING] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Add vfms_n_f32, vfmsq_n_f32 and vfmsq_n_f64 specified by the ACLE

[PING] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Fix testcases add by r218484

[PING] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Improve vmulX intrinsics

RE: [PING] [PATCH] Fix parameters of __tsan_vptr_update

[PING] Add refers_to_regno_p overload to simplify callers

[PING] Flatten tree.h and tree-core.h (Version 2)

Re: [Ping] Port of VTV for Cygwin and MinGW

[ping] Re: [patch, rfc] fix warning building libssp in C11 mode

[PING] Re: [PATCH] add option to emit more array bounds warnigs

Re: [ping] Re: proper name of i386/x86-64/etc targets

[PING]: [PATCH]: Conditionally include target specific files while building TSAN

Re: [PING][PATCH][1-3] New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

[PING^2] Fix gcc_assert in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

Re: [PING^5][PATCH] Warn about unclosed pragma omp declare target.

[PR libgomp/64625] Remove __OFFLOAD_TABLE__ variable/formal parameter (was: Merge current set of OpenACC changes from gomp-4_0-branch)

[RFA:] Fix test-suite regressions from PR62250 due to -latomic always added

[RFA] Add --with-libz-prefix option in config/zlib.m4

Re: [RFC PATCH 8/9] [SH] Add splitter to addsi3_compact

[RFC PATCH Fortran] make enum_9/10.f90 testcases work under FreeBSD ARM

[RFC PATCH] Avoid most of the BUILT_IN_*_CHKP enum values

[RFC PATCH] Emit DW_LANG_Fortran{03,08}

[RFC PATCH] Handle sequence in reg_set_p

RE: [RFC, PATCH][LRA, MIPS] ICE: in decompose_normal_address, at rtlanal.c:5817

[RFC] POWER8 default for PPC64LE

[RFC] PR64703, glibc sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64/dl-machine.h miscompile

[RFC] Tighten memory type assumption in RTL combiner pass.

[RFC][PATCH 0/3] Re-enable zero/sign extension elimination using value ranges

[RFC][PATCH 1/3] Free a bit in SSA_NAME to save wrapped information

[RFC][PATCH 2/3] Propagate and save value ranges wrapped information

[RFC][PATCH 3/3] Enable zero/sign extension elimination

[RFC][PR target/39726 P4 regression] match.pd pattern to do type narrowing

[rl78] avoid move-elim on volatile mems

[rl78] Various fixes and tweaks

[RS6000] fix for RTL cprop vs. fixed hard regs

[SH] [libstdc++] Workaround for PR 29366

[SH] Introduce treg_set_expr

[SH][committed] Add some more addc/subc tests

[SH][committed] Don't emit tstsi_t insn with const_int as first operand

[SH][committed] Fix PR 64652

[SH][committed] Fix PR 64659

[SH][committed] PR 53988 - Fix wrong code

[testsuite] Add visium testsuite in gcc.target

[testsuite] Fix plugin test for bareboard ports

[testsuite] PATCH: Add -fno-pie to gcc.target/i386/pr54445-2.c

[testsuite] PATCH: Add check_effective_target_pie

[testsuite] PATCH: Check if -pg available

[testsuite] PATCH: Correct target selector in gcc.target/i386/nop-mcount.c

[testsuite] PATCH: Ignore additional messages on Linux/x86 with PIE

[testsuite] PATCH: Support PIE in gcc.dg/tree-ssa/ssa-store-ccp-3.c

[testsuite] Run guality tests on Solaris

[visium] Adjust LIB_SPEC

Re: [WWW] Update index.html and gcc-5/changes.html to reflect offloading changes.

[wwwdocs, patch] Update Fortran part of gcc-5/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Add news entry for Visium port

[wwwdocs] Add porting_to.html for GCC 5 (again)

Re: [wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

Re: [wwwdocs] C++ SD-6 feature test column for cxx0x.html and cxx1y.html

[wwwdocs] gcc-5/changes.html and -malign-data

[wwwdocs] Mention ipa-ICF and auto-FDO

[wwwdocs] Re: [patch] Update C++11 status in libstdc++ docs

[wwwdocs] Two editorial changes to gcc-5/changes.html

Re: [x86, PATCH] operand reordering for commutative operations

Add a blurb about __has_cpp_attribute and __has_attribute to gcc-5/changes.

Re: Add to maintainers list.

Always pass 0 or option number to gfc_warning*

Always pass explicit location to fatal_error

Announcing Eric Botcazou as Visium port maintainer

Re: Another ptx offloading patch

Bug 62044 - [4.8/4.9 Regression] ICE in USE statement with RENAME for extended derived type

Bump up early-inlining-insns

C++ PATCH for c++/49508 (bogus return warning after error)

C++ PATCH for c++/58597 (lambda in default arg)

C++ PATCH for c++/63283 (constexpr call with reference parameter in template)

C++ PATCH for c++/63889 (ICE with member variable template)

C++ PATCH for c++/64314 (ICE with value-init and array member)

C++ PATCH for c++/64356 and libstdc++/58777 (constexpr pointer arithmetic)

C++ PATCH for c++/64455 (dependent variable template in constant expression)

C++ PATCH for c++/64487 (offsetof in templates)

C++ PATCH for c++/64496 (lambda in local class)

C++ PATCH for c++/64514 (zero-length fixed parameter pack)

C++ PATCH for c++/64520 (ICE with std::initializer_list<T...>)

C++ PATCH for c++/64521 (ICE with -frepo)

C++ PATCH for c++/64547 (constexpr fn returning void)

C++ PATCH for c++/64603 (wrong error with sizeof and constexpr)

C++ PATCH for c++/64647 (wrong error with constexpr template)

C++ PATCH for c++/64701 (ICE with statement-expression)

C++ PATCH for c++/64727 (darwin-cfstring-3.C failure)

c-common PATCH for c++/64629 (wrong -Wformat-security warning)

Re: Cleanup and speedup inliner after conversion of heap to sreals

Committed: fix gcc.dg/debug/debug-1.c, debug-2.c for mmix-knuth-mmixware

common.opt and optimization attribute housekeeping

Re: Compare-elim pass (was: Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 61225)

Drop workaround for old binutils linker plugin bug

Fix "make TAGS" in libdecnumber

Re: Fix 59828 - Broken assembly on ppc* with two -mcpu= options

Fix a MinGW warning in libiberty/strerror.c

Fix ARM bootstrap - xgene tune params

Fix CC_MODE pessimization in reorg.c

Fix flag_fp_contract_mode with LTO

Fix gcc.dg/pr42629.c for non-scheduling targets.

FIx gimple-fold ICE

Fix ICE building boost testsuite

Fix ICE in estimate_edge_growth

Fix ICE in inline_small_functions

Fix ICE in ipa-devirt

Fix ipa-inline-transform ICE

Fix PR ipa/64693

Fix PR testsuite/64712

Fix profile merging WRT speculative edges

Fix profiledbootstrap with release checking

Fix spelling error in top level configure.ac

Re: Fix streaming of target optimization/option nodes

Fix thiko when maintaining priority heap

Fix tls model dumping

Fixed my previous check-in (tsan.c)

flatten expr.h (version 2)

GCC 5 Status Report (2015-01-19), Trunk in Stage 4

Go patch committed: avoid infinite loop when reporting initialization loop

Go patch committed: Do not mark unused variables as used in closures

Go patch committed: Don't assign to embedded builtin types in composite literals

Go patch committed: Don't initialize zero-sized fields in constructors

Go patch committed: Don't initialize zero-sized temporaries

Go patch committed: Don't strip Go programs

Go patch committed: Fix -fgo-prefix handling

Go patch committed: Fix export of complex constants with 0 imaginary part

Go patch committed: reject invalid ... with call returning multiple results

Go patch committed: treat map index expressions as lvalues in range expressions

Go patch committed: Turn on debug info by default

Go patch committed: Use receiver type name in type descriptor name

Go testsuite patch committed: Skip nilptr2.go on targets without split stack

gotools patch committed: Add trivial man pages

gotools patch committed: Always install cgo as cgo

gotools patch committed: Don't use -static-libgo

gotools patch committed: Fix for non-bootstrap case

Housekeeping work in backends.html

ICF versus inlining

libffi is broken for x32

libgo patch commited: Adjust finding gccgo by cmd/go to match upstream

libgo patch committed: Add Go tool sources

libgo patch committed: Add missing files

libgo patch committed: Bump version number

libgo patch committed: Change handling of empty structs/arrays for libffi

libgo patch committed: Don't crash if missing debug info in runtime.Callers

libgo patch committed: Make mprof test more flexible

libgo patch committed: Pass CGO_LDFLAGS to linker for cgo

libgo patch committed: Put base Go version in runtime.Version

libgo patch committed: Restore line lost in libgo merge

libgo patch committed: Skip finalizer tests

libgo patch committed: Update to Go 1.4

libgo patch committed: Use default constant to set gccgo in go tool

libgomp: Now known as the GNU Offloading and Multi Processing Runtime Library (was: libgomp: "GNU OpenMP Runtime Library")

Re: libsanitizer merge from upstream r221802

lra incorrectly reloading scratch for a memory barrier?


Make branch_cost indpenent of optimize_size

Merge current set of OpenACC changes from gomp-4_0-branch

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

Merge to gccgo branch

Minor comment tweak in config/nds32/nds32-peephole2.md

Minor MAINTAINERS file update

Re: minor: 2014 instead of 2015 in the timeline

Re: New patch: [AArch64] [BE] [1/2] Make large opaque integer modes endianness-safe.

Re: nios2 builds still broken due to streamer changes

Re: nvptx offloading patches [4/n]

Re: OMP builtins in offloading (was: [PATCH 1/4] Add mkoffload for Intel MIC)

Open Issues in the TSAN Runtime

Patch committed: Go backports to gcc 4.9 branch

Patch ping

Patch ping and question about copyright assignment

Patch ping...

Patch RFA: Support for building Go tools

patch to fix PR 64688

patch to fix PR64317

patch to fix PR64617

patch to fix PR64671

PATCH, nds32] Committed: Fix wrong data flow when building nds32 target with --enable-checking=yes.

Re: PATCH: [5 Regression] r219037 caused FAIL: gcc.dg/pr44194-1.c

PATCH: PR bootstrap/64561: [5 Regression] HAVE_LD_PIE_COPYRELOC is defined to 1 for broken linker

PATCH: PR bootstrap/64754: [5 Regression] bootstrap failed with --with-build-config=bootstrap-lto

PATCH: PR libitm/64360: libitm.c/stackundo.c fails with -fpic

PATCH: PR testsuite/64427: gcc.target/i386/pr64291-1.c is invalid

Re: Patch: Some potential warnings for C++ bootstrap

PATCH: Update host_detect_local_cpu for new Intel processors

PATCH][ARM][4.8]Backport "Fix definition of __ARM_SIZEOF_WCHAR_T"

Ping: [PATCH, ARM, testsuite] Improve scd42-1.c for UAL

PING: [PATCH]: New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

ping: [RFA] Add --with-libz-prefix option in config/zlib.m4

PING: Re: [PATCH 18/21] PR jit/63854: Add "long-term" allocator to gcc::context

Possible fix for perofmrance issue discussed in PR64043

PR 64481 (bootstrap miscompare)

PR ipa/63470 (zero sized call_stmt)

PR lto/64837: lto plugin doesn't call ld_plugin_release_input_file

Re: PR39570 (gfortran) cabs and cabsf are named differently on NetBSD 5

Re: PR54442 build_qualified_type produces a non-canonical type

proper name of i386/x86-64/etc targets

Reduce inline-unit-growth to 15%

Relat TLS model merging in lto-symtab

Rename gcc.dg/inline_[1-4].c

Rename unroll_[1-5].c

Retracted: [PATCH 0/4][ARM Intrinsics][RFTesting] Add missing float16x8_t type, and float16x[48] intrinsics

Revision 219076 caused many failures

RFA: PATCH to factor out no_sanitize_undefined attribute check

RFA: patch to fix a bad code generation for PR64110 -- new constraints addition

RFA: RL78: Add assembler versions of some libgcc functions.

RFA: RL78: Minor prologue and epilogue enhancements

RFA: RL78: Scan inside PARALLELs when looking for dead code

RFC: C++ PATCH to do bounds sanitation for VLA initialization

RFC: Two minor optimization patterns

RTL cprop vs. fixed hard regs

Re: shift/extract SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED combine bug

Re: shift/extract SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED combine bug

Simplify and improve inliner's badness metric

Simplify badness metrics in inliner, take 2

Solve more of firefox LTO regression

Speedup WPA on libreoffice

Stage 3 RFC: using "jit" for ahead-of-time compilation

Stage3 closing soon, call for patch pings

Re: std::stoi and std::to_string on MinGW

Re: Strenghten early inliner analysis

Use static chain and libffi for Go closures

Work around --enable-checking profiledbootstrap issue

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