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Re: [PATCH 00/27] Merger of jit branch v3

On 10/31/14 11:02, David Malcolm wrote:
I'd like to merge the JIT branch into trunk:

This is "v3" since it incorporates fixes for various issues
identified in earlier submissions:

I've merged some of the work approved earlier into trunk.

Of the remaining work, some has already been approved, and some
hasn't.  I've split the latter up into more fine-grained patches
in the hope it will make review easier, so there are 27 patches
in this kit, compared to 10 in the earlier one.

Here's an overview of the patches:

   01/27: gcc: configure and Makefile changes needed by jit
     Needs review.
     Corresponds to:
       "[PATCH 2/5] gcc: configure and Makefile changes needed by jit"
     and has had cleanups in response to concerns from Jeff and Joseph,
     to remove the need to install when running the jit testsuite.

   02/27: JIT-related changes outside of jit subdir
     Already approved by Jeff.

   03/27: Add Sphinx to install.texi
     Needs review.

Patches 04-18 correspond to:
   "[PATCH 06/10] Heart of the JIT implementation
       (was: Re: [PATCH 0/5] Merger of jit branch (v2))"
from v2; I've broken them up by file to make them easier to review:
Going to start working my way through this. I'm going to assume the plan is to commit everything at once. If I see something that should be broken out, I'll mention it explicitly.

Reviews may come out of order as I tend to scan the entire kit, then go back and start looking at the easy hunks.


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