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Re: The nvptx port [10/11+] Target files

On 10/30/2014 12:35 AM, Jeff Law wrote:
A "nit" -- Richard S. recently removed the need to include the "enum"
for "enum machine_mode".  I believe he had a script to handle the
mundane parts of that change.  Please make sure to update the nvptx port
to conform to that new convention, obviously feel free to use the script
if you want.

You may need to update with James Greenhalgh's changes to
MOVE_BY_PIECES_P and friends.

Ok, I'll look into those.

With those two issues addressed as needed, this is OK for the trunk.

Thanks! I've pinged some of the preliminary patches that went unapproved up to this point.

One leftover issue, discussed in the [0/11] mail - what amount of documentation is appropriate for this, given that we don't want to support using this as anything other than an offload compiler? Should I still add all the standard invoke.texi/gccint.texi pieces?

I notice that you've got some OpenMP bits (write_as_kernel).  Are y'all
doing any testing with OpenMP or is that an artifact of layering OpenACC
on top of the OpenMP infrastructure?

The distinction between .kernel and .func is really not to do with either - only .kernels are callable from the host, and only .funcs are callable from within ptx code.


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