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Re: [PING][AARCH64, Question] Does AARCH64 GCC support long calls?

> > Thanks for the reply.  It seems that -mcmodel=large is different from
> -mlong-calls.
> > GCC still emit the BL instruction with -mcmodel=large.  I thinks GCC should
> emit BLR instruction with -mlong-calls, right?
> Oh right.  Also it looks like it is not hooked up but the support is partly there:
> /* Return true if calls to DECL should be treated as
>    long-calls (ie called via a register).  */ static bool aarch64_decl_is_long_call_p
> (const_tree decl ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED) {
>   return false;
> }
> I had added the attribute in a version for this and the users of the toolchain has
> not reported a bug about it so it seems like it is working.
> I don't have time right now to add support for the option or port the attribute to
> the latest version but it should be easy as returning true from that function when
> the option is turned on.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Pinski

Thanks Andrew. 
I'm interested in this part and already have an initial patch for it. 
I can handle this if you don't mind :-) 

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