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[PATCH][dejagnu] gcc-dg-prune glitch when filtering "relocation truncation" error

On 19/08/14 17:30, Mike Stump wrote:
On Aug 19, 2014, at 6:12 AM, Kyrill Tkachov <> wrote:
So how about this?
Ok.  Thanks.

looks like this patch only fixed one invoke path.

currently, "gcc-dg-prune" may be invoked directly *or* via ${tool}_check_compile:

and "gcc-dg-prune" is implemented to return "::unsupported::memory full" if the input
message contains the "relocation truncated" error pattern.

this return message it OK if it's invoked directly, while it will be wrong if it's invoked
via ${tool}_check_compile. because the ${tool}_check_compile has a duplicated check of unsupported
testcase later via "${tool}_check_unsupported_p" which only works with original output message by
matching the "relocation truncation" keyword. So, our early hijack of the error in gcc-dg-prune
will replace those keywords to "::unsupported::memory" which confuse the later check.

this patch doing the following cleanup:

* modify the expected output in ${tool}_check_compile.
  if "gcc-dg-prune" invoked, then we expect "::unsupported::" keyword for unsupported testcase.

* remove the duplicated "unresolve" report in compat.exp.
  for all ${tool}_check_compile return 0, the issue is handled already. No need to report a redundant status.

ok for trunk?

  * lib/compat.exp (compat-run): Remove "unresolved".
  * lib/gcc-defs.exp (${tools}_check_compile): Update code logic for unsupported testcase.
diff --git a/gcc/testsuite/lib/compat.exp b/gcc/testsuite/lib/compat.exp
index 7ab85aa..45cf0e0 100644
--- a/gcc/testsuite/lib/compat.exp
+++ b/gcc/testsuite/lib/compat.exp
@@ -134,7 +134,6 @@ proc compat-run { testname objlist dest optall optfile optstr } {
     if ![${tool}_check_compile "$testcase $testname link" "" \
 	 $dest $comp_output] then {
-	unresolved "$testcase $testname execute $optstr"
diff --git a/gcc/testsuite/lib/gcc-defs.exp b/gcc/testsuite/lib/gcc-defs.exp
index cb93238..d479667 100644
--- a/gcc/testsuite/lib/gcc-defs.exp
+++ b/gcc/testsuite/lib/gcc-defs.exp
@@ -54,12 +54,17 @@ proc ${tool}_check_compile {testcase option objname gcc_output} {
     if { [info proc ${tool}-dg-prune] != "" } {
 	global target_triplet
 	set gcc_output [${tool}-dg-prune $target_triplet $gcc_output]
-    }
-    set unsupported_message [${tool}_check_unsupported_p $gcc_output]
-    if { $unsupported_message != "" } {
-	unsupported "$testcase: $unsupported_message"
-	return 0
+	if [string match "*::unsupported::*" $gcc_output] then {
+	    regsub -- "::unsupported::" $gcc_output "" gcc_output
+	    unsupported "$testcase: $gcc_output"
+	    return 0
+	}
+    } else {
+	set unsupported_message [${tool}_check_unsupported_p $gcc_output]
+	if { $unsupported_message != "" } {
+	    unsupported "$testcase: $unsupported_message"
+	    return 0
+	}

     # remove any leftover LF/CR to make sure any output is legit

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