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Re: [GOOGLE] Disable -fdevirtualize by default

> Disabling devirtualization reduces code size, both for instrumentation (because
> many more virtual functions are kept longer and therefore instrumented) and for
> normal optimization.

OK, with profile instrumentation (that you seem to try to minimize) i can see
how you get noticeably more counters because virtual functions are kept longer.
(note that 4.9 is a lot more agressive on removing unreacable virtual functions
than earlier compilers).

Instead of disabling -fdevirtualize completely (that will get you more indirect
calls and thus more topn profiling) you may consider just hacking
ipa.c:walk_polymorphic_call_targets to not make the possible targets as
reachable. (see the conditional on before_inlining_p).

Of course this will get you less devirtualization (but with LTO the difference
should not be big - perhaps I could make switch for that for mainline) and less
accurate profiles when you get speculative devirtualization via topn.

I would be very interested to see how much difference this makes.


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