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Re: gccgo testcase: binary testdata for libgo/go/debug/elf/file_test.go

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Lynn A. Boger
<> wrote:
> I'm working on a patch submission for gccgo to add the R_PPC64 relocation
> definitions to libgo/go/debug/elf/elf.go.  Along with this submission I was
> going to update the testcase file_test.go from the same directory so it
> would test the new defines for ppc64 relocation.  This test currently reads
> files from libgo/go/debug/elf/testdata which exist in svn as executable and
> relocatable files that were compiled from various gcc versions and on
> various platforms.
> How should I submit these testdata files, since they are binary files and
> not patch files?

Ideally all submissions to gccgo should follow the process described
at .  This is not strictly
required in that I will take care of it for you, but it makes life a
lot easier for me if you do it that way.  And as a bonus it handles
binary files just fine.

If that's not going to work just send the binary files to gcc-patches
as an attachment.  Put the patch itself in one attachment, or inline
in the e-mail message, and put the binary files in another.  Please
make sure that all the binaries are compiled from the hello.c file in
that directory; if that is not possible, you will need to provide the
sources that you are compiling, to satisfy Debian's requirements on
binaries in test data.  (And at that point we'll probably have to
start thinking about a README to explain where the files come from.)



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