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Re: [patch] Flatten function.h take 2

On 09/29/14 11:23, Andrew MacLeod wrote:

OK, here's take 2.. I left all the include files except ones which were
duplicated as a result of the flattening. The first one was left, and
any subsequent #Includes of the files were removed.  we'll address
"unneeded" includes separately and all at once.. perhaps with a newer
tool that has been taught about input and output dependencies

Bootstrapepd on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with no new regressions.
Currently is building, but Im not expecting any issues
there.  assuming all is oK, ok to check in?


PS.. the original commentary:

This flattens function.h.  It wasn't too bad, there were a few
prototypes and defines in expr.h and rtl.h that belong in function.h,
and a couple of other prototypes that belonged in other .h files.  A
bunch of the gen*.c generated files actually use function.h.. so they
needed some tweaking.
This version is fine assuming your testing went OK. It's a highly mechanical patch once you get to the .c files. SO it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected when I saw its size :-)

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