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Re: [PATCH, PR63307] Fix generation of new declarations in random order

On 10/04/14 05:54, Zamyatin, Igor wrote:

The following patch does fix random order for new decls generation during Cilk_spawn generation.
As Jakub suggested in the PR first we deal with vectors, then sort them and only then perform necessary generation of new decls.

Bootstrapped and regtested on trunk/4.9.
For trunk I couldn't check with COMPARE_DEBUG since building fails somewhere else.
For 4.9 COMPARE_DEBUG building is ok.

Is it ok for trunk and backport into 4.9?


2014-10-03  Igor Zamyatin  <>

	PR c/63307
	* cilk.c: Include vec.h.
	(struct cilk_decls): New structure.
	(wrapper_parm_cb): Split this function to...
	(fill_decls_vec): ...this...
	(create_parm_list): ...and this.
	(compare_decls): New function.
	(for_local_cb): Remove.
	(wrapper_local_cb): Ditto.
	(build_wrapper_type): For now first traverse and fill vector of
	declarations then sort it and then deal with sorted vector.
	(cilk_outline): Ditto.
	(declare_one_free_variable): Ditto.
OK for the trunk. No sure if Jakub wants to backport to 4.9 or not. That'd be his call.

+static int
+compare_decls (const void *a, const void *b)
+  const struct cilk_decls* t1 = (const struct cilk_decls*) a;
+  const struct cilk_decls* t2 = (const struct cilk_decls*) b;
+  return DECL_UID (t1->key) > DECL_UID (t2->key);
We really prefer fully specified sorts. For a qsort callback, this doesn't look fully specified.

With that fixed, this should be OK.


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