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Re: [PATCH] PR58867 ASan and UBSan tests not run for installed testing.

On 08/10/14 15:00, Maxim Ostapenko wrote:
Hm, as I see, others testsuites such as gfortran.exp, go.exp etc. do not
call restore_ld_library_path at all. Perhaps we could simply follow this

Would failing tests still fail if remove restore_ld_library_path from
{asan, tsan, ubsan}_finish?
Hi Maxim,

  verified those fails gone away on check-gcc.

but not sure whether this remove will cause problem on other test environments which they are aimed to solve.

-- Jiong

On 10/08/2014 03:40 PM, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
On 8 October 2014 11:10, Maxim Ostapenko
<> wrote:
Does it work without restore_ld_library_path in {asan, ubsan, tsan}_finish?

I see two opportunities to fix the issue:

1) Implement a stack of saved contexts.

2) Implement new functions, say {asan, ubsan, tsan}_restore_ld_library_path,
to be able {asan, ubsan, tsan}_finish functions restore context correctly.

What solution is preferable?
Option 1 has the advantage that it places all of the context save and
restore in one place rather than spreading it around the

Please can we revert this patch while a correct implementation is being worked?


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