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[RFC PATCH] Enable V32HI/V64QI const permutations


Just to stress the new testcases some more, I've enabled the
vec_perm_const{32hi,64qi} patterns.
Got several ICEs in expand_vec_perm_broadcast_1,
on the final gcc_unreachable () in the function.  That function
is only called if it couldn't be broadcasted in a single insn,
which I believe for TARGET_AVX512BW must be always possible.
Shall I look at this, or do you plan to address this in the near future?

2014-10-03  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* config/i386/ (VEC_PERM_CONST): Add V32HI and V64QI

--- gcc/config/i386/	2014-09-26 10:33:18.000000000 +0200
+++ gcc/config/i386/	2014-10-03 15:03:44.170446452 +0200
@@ -10386,7 +10386,8 @@ (define_mode_iterator VEC_PERM_CONST
    (V16SI "TARGET_AVX512F") (V8DI "TARGET_AVX512F")
-   (V16SF "TARGET_AVX512F") (V8DF "TARGET_AVX512F")])
+   (V16SF "TARGET_AVX512F") (V8DF "TARGET_AVX512F")
+   (V32HI "TARGET_AVX512BW") (V64QI "TARGET_AVX512BW")])
 (define_expand "vec_perm_const<mode>"
   [(match_operand:VEC_PERM_CONST 0 "register_operand")


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