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(Still) ICE for cris-elf at r214710

Re: PING â Re: [Patch, Fortran] -fcoarray=lib - support CRITICAL, prepare for locking support

[4.9] PR 62146

Re: [AArch64] Implement movmem for the benefit of inline memcpy

[AArch64] Some aarch64-builtins.c cleanup.

[Ada] Access types that designate limited views of types with tasks.

[Ada] Add documentation for aspect Invariant'Class

[Ada] Add internal abstraction for standard string test

[Ada] Add support for non-capturing parenthesis in GNAT.Regpat

[Ada] Apply special expansion in GNATprove mode also for pre-analysis

[Ada] Aspect Import with a value of False

[Ada] Aspect/pragma Default_Initial_Condition

[Ada] Aspect/pragma SPARK_Mode in generic

[Ada] Conformance checking in instantiations

[Ada] Crash on entry call with limited view of synchronized object

[Ada] Crash on entry call with preconditions and access parameters

[Ada] Crash on generic instance with class-wide actual

[Ada] Don't unconditionally define _LARGEFILE_SOURCE

[Ada] Equality and class-wide instantiations with a defaulted equality

[Ada] Fix breach of privacy with type derived from private discriminated

[Ada] Freezing subprogram that returns a limited view

[Ada] Generate Machine, Model and Rounding FP attributes in line

[Ada] Give missing entity messages in -gnatc mode

[Ada] Improve messages for lack of inlining in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Improved handling of info messages

[Ada] Legality checks involving aspect Import

[Ada] Make sure Do_Range_Check flag is set when needed on OUT parameter

[Ada] Make sure that range check flag is set on real-integer conversions

[Ada] Minor internal cleanup

[Ada] More VMS clean ups

[Ada] New defaults for some project attributes

[Ada] Parameterless calls to protected operations on selected components.

[Ada] Reject illegal use of 'Old in complex postcondition.

[Ada] Remove unnecessary range checks

[Ada] Remove VMS handling in most tools

[Ada] Remove xgnatugn in doc generation

[Ada] Spurious elaboration warning on added postcondition call

[Ada] Spurious warning on generated with_clause for renamed unit

[Ada] Support for hash based message authentication codes

[Ada] Type invariant procedure called on an uninitialized object

[Ada] Use of discriminants in derived types for SPARK 2014

[Ada] Wrong source locations in the profile of an instantiated subprogram

Re: [ARM Documentation] Clarify -mcpu, -mtune, -march

[build] Restore Sun as COMDAT group support

[BUILDROBOT] Ann: config-list.mk backend updated (was: [jbglaw at lug-owl dot de: Re: r214024 ...])

[BUILDROBOT][PATCH] Fix warnings in the mep-elf target

[BUILDROBOT][PATCH] frv-linux fallout (was: [PATCH 009/236] Replace BB_HEAD et al macros with functions)

[BUILDROBOT][PATCH] mcore-elf: Fix bad declaration

[BUILDROBOT][PATCH] ppc{,64}-linux broken (IPA C++ refactoring 4/N)

[C PATCH] Allow ATOMIC_*_LOCK_FREE in #if directive (DR#458)

[C PATCH] Better location for check_case_value

[C PATCH] Diagnose predefined identifiers in pedantic mode

[C PATCH] Discard P - (P + CST) optimization in pointer_diff (PR c/61240)

[C PATCH] Encode CPP options in c.opt

Re: [C PATCH] Implement -Wc90-c99-compat (PR c/51849)

[C PATCH] Implement -Wc99-c11-compat

Re: [C PATCH] Implement -Wc99-c11-compat (take 2)

[C PATCH] Tidy up pedwarn_c90

Re: [C PATCH] Tidy up pedwarn_c90 (take 2)

[C++ Patch, committed] Use DECL_TYPE_TEMPLATE_P

[C++ Patch/RFC] cp_parser_expression vs default arguments

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 43906

[C++ Patch] Add default arguments to cp_parser_assignment_expression and cp_parser_constant_expression

Re: [C++ Patch] DR 217 follow up (and more)

[C++ PATCH] Fix -Wlogical-not-parentheses (PR c++/62199)

[C++ PATCH] Improve location info [1/many]

[C++ Patch] Mini parser->scope related clean up

[C++ Patch] pedwarn issues

[C++ Patch] PR 15339

[C++ Patch] PR 51312

[C++ Patch] PR 54377

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 57466 (DR 1584)

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/62101

[C++ patch] Reject virt-specifiers on friends and member templates

[C++ Patch] Remove "invalid type in declaration" parser error

[C++ RFC/Patch] PR 34938

[C++ RFH/Patch] PR 52892 (and others)

[C++ testcase, obvious] Adjust g++.old-deja/g++.pt/var1.C vs c++14


[c++-concepts] 2 patches

[c++-concepts] constrained friends

[c++-concepts] constraints redux

[c++-concepts] explicit instantiation and specialization

[c++-concepts] normalization checks

[c++-concepts] substitution fixes

[c++-concepts] template scoping error

[c++-concepts] variable concept fixes

[c++-concepts] variable concepts

[C++] Handle && || ! for simd vectors

[C++] Remove contains_empty_class_p from class.c

[C/C++ PATCH] Allow __atomic_always_lock_free in a static assert (PR c/62024)

[C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wbool-compare (PR c++/62153)

[Comitted] Add testcase for some miscompile in older versions of GCC

[COMMITTED PATCH] Demangler fuzzer

[Committed] [PATCH, ARM] Set max_insns_skipped to MAX_INSN_PER_IT_BLOCK when optimize_size for THUMB2

[committed] Add comment to gcc.dg/atomic/stdatomic-flag.c regarding xfail

[COMMITTED] Add myself to MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval)

[COMMITTED] Add myself to MAINTAINERS file (Write After Approval)

[Committed] Add testcase for ccmp ICEs

[committed] Another test for designated_init (PR c/59855)

[committed] Don't request function descriptors when generating fast indirect calls on hppa

[committed] Fix alignment in gcc.dg/memcpy-5.c on hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] Fix alignment in gcc.dg/pr57233.c and c-c++-common/pr50459.c on hppa*-*-hpux*

[committed] Fix bug target/62038 Out of range branch target in thunk

[committed] Fix failure of gcc.c-torture/compile/pr60655-1.c on 32-bit hppa-hpux

[committed] Fix GOMP_taskgroup_end

[committed] Fix handling of shared(global_var) on omp parallel inside target region (PR middle-end/62092)

[committed] Fix map clause handling for scalar pointers/allocatables passed by reference (PR fortran/62107)

[committed] Fix PR 62301

[committed] Fix trivial failure of gcc.dg/atomic/c11-atomic-exec-[45].c on hppa-hpux

[committed] Fix typo in diagnostics

[COMMITTED] Remove myself from MAINTAINERS

[committed] Two !$omp declare simd fixes (PR fortran/62076)

[committed] Update 4.8 baseline symbols on hppa-linux

[committed] Update libstdc++ baseline symbols on hppa-linux

[COMMITTED] Update rs6000.c's pass_analyze_swaps to use rtx_insn [was Re: [PATCH 029/236] rtl_data.x_parm_birth_insn is an insn]

[committed] Use ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_VEC and ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_DIFF_VEC to output branch tables

[committed] Use branch with link register for jump from thunk

[committed] xfail gfortran.dg/pr45636.f90 on 32-bit hppa-*-*

[debug-early] New branch for streaming dwarf early (and status)

[debug-early] reuse variable DIEs and fix their context

Re: [GOMP4, RFC] OpenMP4 offload support for Intel PHI targets.

Re: [gomp4] Add tables generation

Fwd: [GOOGLE, AUTOFDO] Assign different discriminators to calls with the same lineno

[Google/4_9] A couple gcov-tool fixes

[google/gcc-4_9] Remove skeleton type units that were being produced with -gsplit-dwarf.

[GOOGLE] Do not partition the cold/hot sections of a function with "section" attribute

[GOOGLE] Fix -fopt-info seg fault in AutoFDO LIPO mode

[GOOGLE] Fix AutoFDO LIPO ICE due to eliminated abstract origin

[GOOGLE] Fix the bug where implicit section names prevents function splitting

[GOOGLE] Fixup varpool references after LIPO linking

Re: [GSoC] checking for the loop parallelism

[GSoC] Elimination of CLooG library installation dependency

[GSoC] the last code review

[GSoC] the separate option for all dimensions

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] Add abs_expr pattern

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] add few constant-folding tests

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] add more constant folding tests

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] add pointerplus patterns

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] put check for EOF

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] reject builtin operator as for variable

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] simple doc-fix

[GSoC][match-and-simplify] use dt_simplify::capture_max

[jbglaw at lug-owl dot de: Re: r214024 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog c-family/Cha...]

[jit] Add a multithreaded test case.

[jit] Add support for unions

[jit] Fix missing tests within test-combination.c

[jit] Implement function pointers

[libgfortran/62188, committed] Fix indexing off end of array

[linaro/gcc-4_9-branch] Merge from gcc-4_8-branch and backports

[linaro/gcc-4_9-branch] Merge from gcc-4_9-branch and backports

[match-and-simplify] Merge from trunk

[middle-end/PATCH 0/2] Fix AARCH64 ILP32 ld.so miscompiling

RE: RE: RE: Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

[PATCH 0/3] Updated patches to eliminate need for rtx_expr_list::insn (was Re: [PATCH 221/236] Add insn method to rtx_expr_list)

[PATCH 0/4] AArch64: Improve unwind info generation

[PATCH 0/4] rs6000: Merge most logical SI and DI patterns

[PATCH 0/50] Faster for_each_rtx-like iterators

[PATCH 000/236] Introduce rtx subclasses

[PATCH 001/236] Convert lab_rtx_for_bb from pointer_map_t to pointer_map<rtx>

[PATCH 002/236] JUMP_LABEL is not always a LABEL

[PATCH 003/236] config/mn10300: Fix missing PATTERN in PARALLEL handling

[PATCH 004/236] PHASE 1: Initial "scaffolding" commits

[PATCH 005/236] Introduce as_a_nullable

[PATCH 006/236] Introduce rtx_insn subclass of rtx_def

[PATCH 007/236] New function: for_each_rtx_in_insn

[PATCH 008/236] Split BB_HEAD et al into BB_HEAD/SET_BB_HEAD variants

[PATCH 009/236] Replace BB_HEAD et al macros with functions

[PATCH 01/50] Add rtl-iter.h

[PATCH 010/236] Split NEXT_INSN/PREV_INSN into lvalue and rvalue forms

[PATCH 011/236] Replace PREV_INSN et al macros with functions

[PATCH 012/236] Convert DF_REF_INSN to a function for now

[PATCH 013/236] DEP_PRO/DEP_CON scaffolding

[PATCH 014/236] VINSN_INSN_RTX scaffolding

[PATCH 015/236] BB_NOTE_LIST scaffolding

[PATCH 016/236] BND_TO scaffolding

[PATCH 017/236] Add subclasses for the various kinds of instruction

[PATCH 018/236] Strengthen return types of various {next|prev}_*insn from rtx to rtx_insn *

[PATCH 019/236] Strengthen return type of gen_label_rtx

[PATCH 02/50] alias.c:refs_newer_value_p

[PATCH 020/236] Return rtx_insn from get_insns/get_last_insn

[PATCH 021/236] entry_of_function returns an insn

[PATCH 022/236] Make tablejump_p accept a rtx_jump_table_data **

[PATCH 023/236] delete_trivially_dead_insns works on insns

[PATCH 024/236] last_call_insn returns an rtx_call_insn *

[PATCH 025/236] make_insn_raw returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 026/236] bb_note returns a rtx_note *

[PATCH 027/236] asan_emit_stack_protection returns an insn

[PATCH 028/236] cfgexpand.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 029/236] rtl_data.x_parm_birth_insn is an insn

[PATCH 03/50] bt-load.c:find_btr_use

[PATCH 030/236] Convert various rtx to rtx_note *

[PATCH 031/236] emit_jump_table_data returns an rtx_jump_table_data *

[PATCH 032/236] emit_* functions return rtx_insn

[PATCH 033/236] emit_move et al return rtx_insn *

[PATCH 034/236] next_cc0_user and prev_cc0_setter scaffolding

[PATCH 035/236] Return types of unlink_insn_chain and duplicate_insn_chain

[PATCH 036/236] get_last_bb_insn returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 037/236] sel_bb_{head|end} return rtx_insn

[PATCH 038/236] find_first_parameter_load returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 039/236] create_insn_rtx_from_pattern and create_copy_of_insn_rtx return rtx_insn

[PATCH 04/50] caller-save.c:add_used_regs

[PATCH 040/236] Use rtx_insn internally within generated functions

[PATCH 041/236] Debug hooks: use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 042/236] try_split returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 043/236] peephole returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 044/236] Pass "insn" as an rtx_insn within generated get_attr_ fns in insn-attrtab.c

[PATCH 045/236] define_bypass guard functions take a pair of rtx_insn

[PATCH 046/236] delete_related_insns returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 047/236] PHASE 2: Per-file commits in main source directory

[PATCH 048/236] alias.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 049/236] asan.c: strengthen some rtx locals

[PATCH 05/50] calls.c:internal_arg_pointer_based_exp

[PATCH 050/236] auto-inc-dec.c: strengthen various rtx to rtx_insn *

[PATCH 051/236] bb-reorder.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 052/236] bt-load.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 053/236] builtins.c: strengthen various rtx to rtx_insn * and other subclasses

[PATCH 054/236] calls.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 055/236] caller-save.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 056/236] cfgbuild.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 057/236] cfgcleanup.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches basic-block.h and ifcvt.c)

[PATCH 058/236] cfgloop.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 059/236] cfgloopanal.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 06/50] combine.c:unmentioned_reg_p

[PATCH 060/236] cfgrtl.c: Use rtx subclasses

[PATCH 061/236] combine.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 062/236] combine-stack-adj.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 063/236] compare-elim.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 064/236] cprop.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 065/236] cse.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 066/236] dce.c: Use rtx subclasses

[PATCH 067/236] ddg: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 068/236] df-*.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 069/236] dwarf2cfi.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 07/50] combine.c:record_truncated_values

[PATCH 070/236] dwarf2out.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 071/236] except.*: Use rtx_insn (also touches function.h)

[PATCH 072/236] explow.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 073/236] expmed.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 074/236] expr.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 075/236] final.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches output.c and config/arc/arc.c)

[PATCH 076/236] function.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 077/236] fwprop.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 078/236] genpeep.c: peephole requires an rtx_insn

[PATCH 079/236] gcse.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 08/50] Faster for_each_rtx-like iterators

[PATCH 080/236] haifa-sched.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 081/236] hw-doloop: Use rtx_insn (touches config/bfin/bfin.c)

[PATCH 082/236] ifcvt.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 083/236] init-regs.c: rtx_insn

[PATCH 084/236] internal-fn.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 085/236] ira: Use rtx_insn in various places

[PATCH 086/236] jump.c: Use rtx_insn in a few places (also touches rtl.h and cfgexpand.c)

[PATCH 087/236] loop-doloop.c: Use rtx_insn in a few places

[PATCH 088/236] loop-invariant.c: Use rtx_insn in various places

[PATCH 089/236] loop-iv.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches cfgloop.h and loop-unroll.c)

[PATCH 09/50] cfgcleanup.c:mentions_nonequal_regs

[PATCH 090/236] loop-unroll.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches basic-block.h)

[PATCH 091/236] lower-subreg.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 092/236] lra: use rtx_insn

[PATCH 093/236] mode-switching.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 094/236] get_ebb_head_tail works with rtx_insn

[PATCH 095/236] modulo-sched.c: Use rtx_insn in various places

[PATCH 096/236] optabs.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 097/236] postreload-gcse.c: Use rtx_insn in various places

[PATCH 098/236] postreload.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches rtl.h and cprop.c)

[PATCH 099/236] predict.*: Use rtx_insn (also touches function.c and config/cris/cris.c)

Re: [PATCH 1/2, x86] Add palignr support for AVX2.

[PATCH 1/2] Add -B support to gcc-ar/ranlib/nm

[Patch 1/2] Control SRA and IPA-SRA by a param rather than MOVE_RATIO

[PATCH 1/2] convert the rest of the users of pointer_map to hash_map

[Patch 1/2] Don't put out a call to memcpy for volatile struct operations

[PATCH 1/2] dwarf2out.c: Pass one cv_quals argument instead of two for const and volatile.

[PATCH 1/2] DWARFv5 Emit DW_TAG_atomic_type.



[PATCH 1/2] Revert PR49721's patch

[PATCH 1/2] Support fnspecs for internal functions

[PATCH 1/3,ARM,libgcc]Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

[PATCH 1/3] Convert nonlocal_goto_handler_labels from an EXPR_LIST to an INSN_LIST

[PATCH 1/3] gcc/ada/s-osinte-rtems.adb: Correct formatting of comment

[PATCH 1/4] aarch64: Improve epilogue unwind info

[PATCH 1/4] rs6000: Merge boolsi3 and booldi3

[PATCH 10/50] cse.c:approx_reg_cost

[PATCH 100/236] print-rtl.c: Use rtx_insn for various debug_ functions (also touches config/rs6000/rs6000.c)

[PATCH 101/236] recog.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 102/236] ree.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 103/236] reg-stack.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 104/236] regcprop.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 105/236] reginfo.c: Use rtx_insn (also touches rtl.h)

[PATCH 106/236] regrename.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 107/236] regstat.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 108/236] reload: Use rtx_insn (also touches caller-save.c and config/arc/arc)

[PATCH 109/236] resource.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 11/50] Faster for_each_rtx-like iterators

[PATCH 110/236] rtlanal.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 111/236] sched-deps.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 112/236] sched-ebb.c: Use rtx_insn (requires touching sched-int.h and config/c6x/c6x.c)

[PATCH 113/236] sched-rgn.c: Use rtx_insn in a couple of places

[PATCH 114/236] sel-sched.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 115/236] sel-sched-ir.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 116/236] shrink-wrap.*: Use rtx_insn (touches config/i386/i386.c)

[PATCH 117/236] stack-ptr-mod.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 118/236] stmt.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 119/236] store-motion.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 12/50] cse.c:check_for_label_ref

[PATCH 120/236] valtrack.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 121/236] varasm.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 122/236] var-tracking.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 123/236] web.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 124/236] PHASE 3: Per-config subdir commits

[PATCH 125/236] config/aarch64/aarch64.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 126/236] config/alpha/alpha.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 127/236] config/arc: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 128/236] config/arm: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 129/236] config/avr: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 13/50] cse.c:is_dead_debug_insn

[PATCH 130/236] config/bfin: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 131/236] config/c6x: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 132/236] config/epiphany: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 133/236] config/h8300: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 134/236] config/i386/i386.c: Use rtx_code_label

[PATCH 135/236] config/i386/i386: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 136/236] config/ia64/ia64.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 137/236] config/iq2000: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 138/236] config/m68k: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 139/236] config/mep: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 14/50] cse.c:cse_change_cc_mode

[PATCH 140/236] config/microblaze/microblaze.c: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 141/236] config/mips: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 142/236] config/nds32: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 143/236] config/pa: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 144/236] config/picochip: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 145/236] config/rs6000: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 146/236] config/rx: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 147/236] config/s390: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 148/236] config/score/score.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 149/236] config/sh: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 15/50] ddg.c:mark_mem_use

[PATCH 150/236] config/sparc: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 151/236] config/spu/spu.c: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 152/236] config/tilegx: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 153/236] config/tilepro: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 154/236] config/v850: Use rtx_insn

[PATCH 155/236] config/xtensa: Use rtx_insn and rtx_code_label

[PATCH 156/236] PHASE 4: Removal of scaffolding

[PATCH 157/236] struct eh_landing_pad_d: field "landing_pad" is an rtx_code_label

[PATCH 158/236] Remove BB_FOOTER scaffolding

[PATCH 159/236] Convert edge_def.insns.r to rtx_insn *

[PATCH 16/50] ddg.c:insns_may_alias_p

[PATCH 160/236] function.c and shrink-wrap.*: more rtx_insn

[PATCH 161/236] reorder_insns requires rtx_insn *

[PATCH 162/236] delete_insn_and_edges takes an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 163/236] unshare_all_rtl_again takes an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 164/236] Add rtx_jump_table_data::get_labels method

[PATCH 165/236] struct haifa_sched_info: prev_head and next_tail

[PATCH 166/236] shorten_branches takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 167/236] final accepts an rtx_insn

[PATCH 168/236] final_start_function takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 169/236] Strengthen haifa_sched_info callbacks and 3 scheduler hooks

[PATCH 17/50] df-problems.c:find_memory

[PATCH 170/236] Eliminate BB_NOTE_LIST scaffolding

[PATCH 171/236] du_chain.insn is an rtx_insn

[PATCH 172/236] sel-sched-ir.h: Make ilist_t work on insn_t rather than rtx

[PATCH 173/236] insn_t becomes an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 174/236] Remove VINSN_INSN_RTX scaffolding

[PATCH 175/236] Remove DEP_PRO/CON scaffolding

[PATCH 176/236] cselib and incdec

[PATCH 177/236] Tighten up params of create_basic_block_structure

[PATCH 178/236] Remove BB_HEAD, BB_END, BB_HEADER scaffolding

[PATCH 179/236] cselib_record_sets_hook takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 18/50] dse.c:check_mem_read_use

[PATCH 180/236] Params of add_insn and unlink_insn_chain

[PATCH 181/236] Strengthen fields in struct sequence_stack and struct emit_status

[PATCH 182/236] get_last_insn_anywhere returns an rtx_insn

[PATCH 183/236] Strengthen various insn emission functions

[PATCH 184/236] Use rtx_insn in more places in sel-sched.c

[PATCH 185/236] Use rtx_insn in more places in fwprop.c

[PATCH 186/236] Various condition-handling calls

[PATCH 187/236] duplicate_insn_chain accepts rtx_insn

[PATCH 188/236] Use rtx_insn in more places in haifa-sched.c

[PATCH 189/236] Various scheduling strengthenings

[PATCH 19/50] dwarf2out.c:const_ok_for_output

[PATCH 190/236] Remove insn_addresses_new from 'various scheduling strengthenings'

[PATCH 191/236] Remove DF_REF_INSN scaffolding

[PATCH 192/236] Tweak to dse.c

[PATCH 193/236] cselib (also touches sched-deps.c)

[PATCH 194/236] Use rtx_insn for various target.def hooks

[PATCH 195/236] Convert PATTERN from a macro to a pair of inline functions

[PATCH 196/236] Convert various INSN accessors in rtl.h to inline functions

[PATCH 197/236] Tweak to ira-lives.c

[PATCH 198/236] PHASE 5: Additional rtx subclasses

[PATCH 199/236] Introduce rtx_insn_list subclass of rtx_def

[PATCH 2/2] DWARF5: Add DW_TAG_aligned_type support.

[PATCH 2/2] Emit DW_tag_restrict_type for restrict-qualified pointers.

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Enable elimination of zext/sext

[PATCH 2/2] Fix ILP32 ld.so.

[PATCH 2/2] Fixed dirent sanitizer for 32-bit OS X builds

[PATCH 2/2] gcc/ada/socket.c, gsocket.h: Add conditionals for RTEMS

[PATCH 2/2] Move Asan instrumentation to sanopt pass

[PATCH 2/2] remove pointer-set.[ch]

[PATCH 2/2] Support slim LTO bootstrap

[PATCH 2/3,ARM,libgcc]Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

[PATCH 2/3] Convert forced_labels from an EXPR_LIST to an INSN_LIST


Re: [PATCH 2/3]Improve induction variable elimination

[PATCH 2/4] aarch64: Tidy prologue unwind notes

[PATCH 2/4] rs6000: Merge boolcsi3 and boolcdi3

Re: [PATCH 2/5] Existing call graph infrastructure enhancement

[PATCH 20/50] dwarf2out.c:resolve_one_addr

[PATCH 200/236] Use rtx_insn_list in various places

[PATCH 201/236] Introduce rtx_sequence subclass of rtx_def

[PATCH 202/236] dwarf2cfi.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 203/236] except.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 204/236] final.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 205/236] function.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 206/236] jump.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 207/236] reorg.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 208/236] resource.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 209/236] sched-vis.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 21/50] Faster for_each_rtx-like iterators

[PATCH 210/236] varasm.c: Use rtx_sequence

[PATCH 211/236] Introduce rtx_expr_list subclass of rtx_def

[PATCH 212/236] Use rtx_expr_list for expr_status.x_forced_labels

[PATCH 213/236] rtl_data.x_nonlocal_goto_handler_labels becomes an rtx_expr_list

[PATCH 214/236] rtl_data.x_stack_slot_list becomes an rtx_expr_list

[PATCH 215/236] Use rtx_expr_list in various places

[PATCH 216/236] PHASE 6: Use extra rtx_def subclasses


[PATCH 218/236] Use rtx subclasses in more places in reorg.c

[PATCH 219/236] Make SET_NEXT_INSN/SET_PREV_INSN require an rtx_insn

[PATCH 22/50] final.c:mark_symbol_refs_as_used

[PATCH 220/236] Strengthen return_label and naked_return_label to rtx_code_label *

[PATCH 221/236] Add insn method to rtx_expr_list

[PATCH 222/236] Use rtx_insn in more places in dwarf2cfi.c

[PATCH 223/236] inside_basic_block_p requires a const rtx_insn *

[PATCH 224/236] insn_current_reference_address takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 225/236] Work towards NEXT_INSN/PREV_INSN requiring insns as their params

[PATCH 226/236] Delete find_last_value

[PATCH 227/236] find_first_parameter_load params and return type

[PATCH 228/236] tablejump_p takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 229/236] NEXT_INSN and PREV_INSN take a const rtx_insn

[PATCH 23/50] function.c:instantiate_virtual_regs_in_rtx

[PATCH 230/236] Make INSN_HAS_LOCATION require an rtx_insn

[PATCH 231/236] Make insn_addresses_new require an rtx_insn

[PATCH 232/236] Use rtx_insn in various places in resource.[ch]

[PATCH 233/236] dfa_clear_single_insn_cache takes an rtx_insn

[PATCH 234/236] Strengthen params to active_insn_between

[PATCH 235/236] Make next_insn and previous_insn require an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 236/236] END OF PATCHES: Delete rtx-classes-status.txt

[PATCH 24/50] fwprop.c:varying_mem_p

[PATCH 25/50] ira.c:set_paradoxical_subreg

[PATCH 26/50] jump.c:returnjump_p

[PATCH 27/50] jump.c:eh_returnjump_p

[PATCH 28/50] loop-iv.c:replace_single_def_regs

[PATCH 29/50] loop-iv.c:altered_reg_used

[PATCH 3/3,ARM,libgcc]Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

[PATCH 3/3] gcc/ada/socket.c: Add conditionals for RTEMS

[PATCH 3/3] Use rtx_insn in more places in dwarf2cfi.c

[PATCH 3/4] aarch64: Tidy prologue local variables

[PATCH 3/4] rs6000: Merge boolccsi3 and boolccdi3

[PATCH 30/50] lower-subreg.c:resolve_subreg_use

[PATCH 31/50] lower-subreg.c:resolve_debug

[PATCH 32/50] lower-subreg.c:find_decomposable_subregs

[PATCH 33/50] reg-stack.c:subst_all_stack_regs_in_debug_insn

[PATCH 34/50] regcprop.c:kill_autoinc_value

[PATCH 35/50] regcprop.c:cprop_find_used_regs

[PATCH 36/50] reload1.c:note_reg_elim_costly

[PATCH 37/50] rtlanal.c:rtx_referenced_p

[PATCH 38/50] rtlanal.c:replace_label

[PATCH 39/50] rtlanal.c:record_hard_reg_uses

[PATCH 4.8] libstdc++ pretty-printers: Backport Python 3 support from mainline

[PATCH 4.9] libstdc++ pretty-printers: Backport Python 3 support from mainline

[PATCH 4/4] aarch64: Don't duplicate calls_alloca check

[PATCH 4/4] rs6000: Merge andsi3 and anddi3

Re: [PATCH 4/7] Convert ipa-devirt to inchash

[PATCH 40/50] rtlanal.c:for_each_inc_dec

[PATCH 41/50] rtlanal.c:tls_referenced_p

[PATCH 42/50] sel-sched.c:count_occurrences_equiv

[PATCH 43/50] store-motion.c:extract_mentioned_regs

[PATCH 44/50] var-tracking.c:rtx_debug_expr_p

[PATCH 45/50] var-tracking.c:non_suitable_const

[PATCH 46/50] var-tracking.c:use_narrower_mode_test

[PATCH 47/50] var-tracking.c:add_uses

[PATCH 48/50] varasm.c:const_rtx_hash

[PATCH 49/50] varasm.c:mark_constants

Re: [PATCH 5/5] add libcc1

Re: [PATCH 5/5] add libcc1 [gcc-5/changes.html]

[PATCH 50/50] varasm.c:compute_reloc_for_rtx

[PATCH AArch64 0/3] Optimizations for 64x1 vectors, also fixes/enables XOR

[PATCH AArch64 1/2] Add execution tests of vget_low and vget_high

[PATCH AArch64 1/2] Improve codegen of vector compares inc. tst instruction

[PATCH AArch64 1/3] Don't disparage add/sub in SIMD registers

[Patch AArch64 2/2] Do not double-copy bytes in volatile struct operations

[PATCH AArch64 2/2] Remove vector compare/tst __builtins

[PATCH AArch64 2/2] Replace temporary inline assembler for vget_high


[PATCH AArch64 2/3] Add SIMD-reg variants of logical operators and/ior/xor/not

[PATCH AArch64 3/3] Fix XOR_one_cmpl pattern; add SIMD-reg variants for BIC,ORN,EON

[PATCH AArch64] Add a builtin for rbit(q?)_p8; add intrinsics and tests.

[Patch AArch64] Fix for PR62040

[Patch AArch64] Fix for PR62262

[PATCH AArch64] Prefer dup to zip for vec_perm_const; enable dup for bigendian; add testcase.

[PATCH AArch64] Removed unused get_lane and dup_lane builtins.

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/56846

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/61413 - definition of __ARM_SIZEOF_WCHAR_T

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/62098 - vcvt generation.

[PATCH c++/57709] Wshadow is too strict / has false positives

[PATCH C/C++] Make use of CPP() for Wdate-time and other flags

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/62261

[patch cp]: Check for keep-inline-dllexport that we are operating on true inlines

[PATCH diagnostics/Fortran] Implement Fortran prefix/caret style using the common diagnostics machinery

[PATCH Fortran/Diagnostics] Move Fortran to common diagnostics machinery

Re: [PATCH GCC]Add 'force-dwarf-lexical-blocks' command line option

[PATCH GCC]Cleanup interface of iv_ca_add_use and the calls to it

[PATCH GCC]Fix broken Canadian when checking isl library support

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [1/n] Introduce `-mavx512dq' switch

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [10/n] Add vector move/load/store.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [11/n] AVX-512DQ extract.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [12/n] Extend OI/TImode moves.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [13/n] Add VF2_AVX512VL and vcvt[t]pd2 insns.

Fwd: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [14/n] Add convert to PS insn patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [15/n] Extend vcvtudq2ps to avx512vl.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [16/n] Add AVX-512BW's psadbw insn.

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [17-2/n] Split VI12_AVX512VL mode iterator. Refactor load/store insns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [17/n] Split VI48_AVX512F into VI4_AVX512VL and VI248_AVX512, extend vcvtps2udq,vpbroadcastmb2d.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [18/n] Extend vpbroadcastmb2q.

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [19-1/n] Fix shuf*64x2 assembler operand.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [19/n] Extends AVX-512 broadcasts.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [2/n] Introduce `-mavx512bw' switch

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [20/n] AVX-512 integer shift pattern.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [21/n] Extend variable shift patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [22/n] Extend unaligned loads & stores.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [23/n] Add vcvtps2[u]qq patterns.

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [23/n] Add vcvtps2[u]qq patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [24/n] Add integer max/min.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [25/n] Add vps[rl]ldq insn patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [26/n] Support 512-bit/masked interleave.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [27/n] Add byte/word plus/minus/avg.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [28/n] Add si/di masked interleave.

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [28/n] Add si/di masked interleave.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [29/n] Add narrowing vpmov.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [3/n] Introduce `-mavx512vl' switch

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [30/n] Add FMA patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [31/n] Update float unspec namely storeu,rcp14,rsqrt14,scalef,getexp,fixupimm,rndscale,getmant.

Re: [PATCH i386 AVX512] [31/n] Update float unspec namely storeu,rcp14,rsqrt14,scalef,getexp,fixupimm,rndscale,getmant.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [32/n] Add reduce,range,fpclass.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [33/n] Add patterns for compress, expand.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [4/n] Add new way of generating all 0/1 vector.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [5/n] Adjust register's availabilty, allow wider masks.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [6/n] Update prefered modes for vectorizer.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [7/n] Extend mask logic.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [8/n] Extend substs for new patterns.

[PATCH i386 AVX512] [9/n] Extend iterators and attributes.

[PATCH libcpp] Use CPP() for Wbuiltin-macro-redefined

[PATCH libcpp] Use CPP() for Wendif-labels and other flags

Re: [PATCH libstdc++ v3] - Add xmethods for std::vector and std::unique_ptr

[PATCH libstdc++ v5] - Add xmethods for std::vector and std::unique_ptr

[PATCH lto]Fix the mis-matched arguments of lto_define_builtins

[PATCH mips] Do not compile mips16.S in soft-float mode

[PATCH mips] Pass -msoft-float/-mhard-float flags to GAS

[PATCH mips] Remove fp64 multilibs from mips-mti-* targets.

[PATCH powerpc64] Add a new constraint to insn movdi_internal64

[PATCH PR preprocessor/51303] Wmissing-include-dirs warnings reported as [enabled by default]

[PATCH PR62011]

[PATCH PR62151]Fix uninitialized register issue caused by distribute_notes in combine pass

[PATCH rtl, gdbinit.in]: Skip various inline functions in rtl.h when stepping in gdb

[PATCH testcase]Add bind_pic_locally to case addrtmp.c

[PATCH testcase]fix failure of g++.dg/ext/arm-fp16/fp16-mangle-1.C

[PATCH testcase]Skip test pr61772.c for lto tests

[PATCH v2 0/2] Fix OS X Yosemite-related issues


[PATCH v2 2/2] Fixed dirent sanitizer for 32-bit OS X builds

Re: [PATCH v2] Add strict aliasing warning when inlining function.

[PATCH v2] fix pr62009 use after free in redirect_edge_var_map_dup

[PATCH v2] gcc/c/c-aux-info.c: Resize 'buff' from 10 to 23 bytes

[PATCH v2] gcc/testsuite: Disable pr44194-1.c for BE Power64/Linux

[PATCH v2] Re: PR62304 (was Re: (Still) ICE for cris-elf at r214710)

[PATCH v3 0/2] Fix OS X Yosemite-related issues


[PATCH v3 2/2] Fixed dirent sanitizer for 32-bit OS X builds

Re: [PATCH v3] Add strict aliasing warning when inlining function.

[PATCH v4 0/2] Fix OS X Yosemite-related issues


[PATCH v4 2/2] Fixed dirent sanitizer for 32-bit OS X builds

[PATCH v4] Add strict aliasing warning when inlining function.

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix typo

Re: [Patch, AArch64] Restructure arm_neon.h vector types' implementation.

Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Use MOVN to generate 64-bit negative immediates where sensible

[PATCH, ARM] Fix incorrect alignment of small values in minipool

[PATCH, ARM] Keep constants in register when expanding

[PATCH, ARM] PR62248 - Configure error with --with-fpu=fp-armv8

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Set max_insns_skipped to MAX_INSN_PER_IT_BLOCK when optimize_size for THUMB2

[patch, avr] Remove avr devices that are not released

Re: [PATCH, C++, CPP] Add C++1z to the preprocessor. Rename C++1y to C++14.

[PATCH, C/C++] Add -fno-float to forbid floating point data types

[PATCH, Cilk+] CIlk_for enabling in the compiler

Re: [PATCH, Cilk+] Fix for PR61962

[PATCH, Cilk+] Fix for PR62008

[PATCH, CPP/23827] standard C++ should not have hex float preprocessing tokens

Re: [PATCH, DOC]: Fix for Options That Control Optimization section

Re: [PATCH, DOC]: New value 'default' for --enable-languages

[Patch, documentation] Add documentation for check_effective_target_strict_align

RE: [PATCH, Fortan] fix initialization of flag_errno_math and flag_associative_math

[patch, fortran, committed] Fix PR 62214

[Patch, fortran, committed] PR 62215 Unlink old module file before renaming

[Patch, fortran, committed] Use ISO C remove() instead of unlink()

Re: [Patch, Fortran] -fcoarray=lib - support CRITICAL, prepare for locking support

Re: [PATCH, Fortran] -fno-automatic with -finit-local prevents initialization of automatics in recursive functions

[Patch, Fortran] CAF dep (1/3): PR62278 - improve dependency.c's gfc_check_dependency's check (missed-optimization)

[Patch, Fortran] CAF dep (2/3): Move code around, prepare for more locking support

[Patch, Fortran] CAF dep (3/3): coarrays - pass may_require_tmp informtion for CAF_get/send/sendget to the library

[Patch, Fortran] Fix CRITICAL handling with -fcoarray=lib

[Patch, Fortran] Fix DECL of namelist I/O function; fix FINALIZATION

[patch, Fortran] Fix for PR 61999, dot_product simplification

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 62106

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 62142

[patch, fortran] Move expressions from the mask in a forall header

[PATCH, fortran] PR fortran/60255 Deferred character length

[PATCH, Fortran] PR fortran/60289 First try on: Fixing character array allocation for class(*) type variable

[PATCH, Fortran] PR fortran/60414 fix ICE was: PR 60414: Patch proposal

RE: [PATCH, Fortran] PR61234: -Wuse-no-only

[patch, fortran] use vec<> in frontend-passes.c

[PATCH, g++, testsuite] Skip thread_local6.C on target using wrapper

[PATCH, i386] Add RDRND and MOVBE for AMD bdver4

RE: [PATCH, i386] Handle extended family cpuid info for AMD

[PATCH, i386] PR61360: Do not update "enabled" attribute during lra and reload passes

RE: [PATCH, i386] Remove use of vpmacsdql instruction from multiplication.

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR62011, False data dependency in popcnt instruction

[PATCH, ira] Miss checks in split_live_ranges_for_shrink_wrap

[PATCH, ivopt] Try aligned offset when get_address_cost

[PATCH, libcpp] SD-6 feature macros

Re: [PATCH, libfortran] Backport xmallocarray to 4.8/4.9 (CVE-2014-5044)

[PATCH, libstdc++, testsuite]Skip 62154.cc for target don't support the atomic builtins

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add Init_priority support.

[patch, nios2] testsuite cleanup

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 22/x] Inline

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 23/x] Function split

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 24/x] PRE

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 27/x] Strlen

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 3/x] Target hooks for Pointer Bounds Checker

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 36/x] IPA pure const

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 37/x] Support va_arg_pack and va_arg_pack_len

Re: [PATCH, PR61776] verify_flow_info failed: control flow in the middle of basic block with -fprofile-generate

[PATCH, rs6000] A few more vector builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Enable and document some additional builtin overloads

[PATCH, rs6000] PR 62195, Fix wi constraint

[patch, testsuite] Applying non_bionic effective target to particular tests

Re: [PATCH, trans-mem, PR 61393] Copy tm_clone field of cgraph_node when cloning the node

[Patch,GCC/Thumb1]Use immediate_operand in 64bit split pattern

[patch,gomp4] make fortran loop variables implicitly private in openacc

[PATCH,rs6000] Add __VEC_ELEMENT_REG_ORDER__ builtin define for PowerPC

[PATCH,rs6000] Add pass to optimize away xxpermdi's from vector computations

[PATCH,rs6000] Add some more vector built-ins

[PATCH. libstdc++] Use the correct C++14 __cplusplus value (201402L). Added C++1z to the preprocessor.

[PATCH/PR c/59304] #pragma diagnostic pop after warning fails for options unspecified in the command-line and disabled by default

Re: [PATCH] * MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.

[PATCH] 2014-08-29 Honggyu Kim <hong dot gyu dot kim at lge dot com>

[patch] [Bug libstdc++/61667] setting max_load_factor of unordered_map cause buckets shrink

Re: [PATCH] [gomp4] Initial support of OpenACC loop directive in C front-end.

[PATCH] _cxa_thread_atexit fixes for Cygwin/MinGW-w64

[PATCH] Add -ffat-lto-objects to gcc.dg/torture/pr61772.c

[PATCH] Add Berkeley qsort to libiberty to make GCC host-independent

Re: [patch] Add const to constexpr member functions

[PATCH] Add D demangling support to libiberty

Re: [PATCH] Add guality [p]type test.

Re: [PATCH] add hash_set

[PATCH] Add OPT_Wextra to warning call

[PATCH] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs.

[PATCH] Add recursion check to gcc-ar/ranlib/nm

Re: [PATCH] Add statistical printout of rank_for_schedule decisions

[PATCH] Add strict aliasing warning when inlining function.

Re: [PATCH] Add support for GNU/Hurd in gnat-4.9

RE: [PATCH] Add target hook to override DWARF2 frame register size

[PATCH] Add target macro to override DWARF2 frame register size

[patch] Adjust comments in testsuite/ext/random/

[PATCH] Allow components of allocatables in !$omp atomic (PR fortran/62131)

[PATCH] Asan static optimization (draft)

[patch] Avoid memory allocations when making futures ready

[PATCH] Avoid redundant indirect_info computation during inderct edge cloning

[PATCH] Bump BASE-VER, change snapshots to gcc-5-2014xxxxx

[PATCH] C frontend: cast-expressions sometimes retain type qualifiers

Re: [PATCH] C++ thunk section names

[PATCH] Cancel bswap opt when intermediate stmts are reused

[patch] clarify confusing comments in std::complex

[PATCH] Cleanup STRING_CST handing in PTA

[PATCH] convert many pointer_map to hash_map

[PATCH] cygwin: __cxa_atexit support

[PATCH] cygwin: accept -pthread

[PATCH] cygwin: fix --tsaware, add --large-address-aware

[PATCH] Demangler fuzzer


[PATCH] doc/generic.texi: Fix typo

[PATCH] Don't init ira_spilled_reg_stack_slots in ira if using lra.

Re: [PATCH] Don't set dir prefix twice (PR middle-end/60484)

[PATCH] Don't unilaterally include <ieeefp.h> when checking for fpsetmask

[PATCH] Drop user_defined_section_attribute, directly check DECL_SECTION_NAME instead

[Patch] Enable libatomic for cygwin targets

Re: [PATCH] Extended if-conversion for loops marked with pragma omp simd.

[PATCH] FAIL: gcc.dg/torture/ftrapv-1.c -O0 (test for excess errors) on bare-metal targets

[PATCH] Fix -Wlogical-not-parentheses warning in sel-sched-ir.c (PR c/61271)

[PATCH] Fix Asan ICEs on unexpected types (PR62140, PR61897)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap failure because of -Wreturn-local-addr

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on ppc64

[PATCH] Fix byte size confusion in bswap pass

[Patch] fix C++11 thread support for win32

[PATCH] Fix comment typo in ira.c

[PATCH] Fix condition in ira-color.c and lra-spills.c (PR c/61271)

[PATCH] Fix condition in is_aligning_offset (PR c/61271)

RE: [PATCH] Fix confusion between target, host and symbolic number byte sizes

[Patch] Fix crtstuff.c when compiling with mingw tools.

[PATCH] Fix cygwin-stdint.h

[PATCH] Fix devirt to NULL

[PATCH] Fix environment variables restoring in GCC testsuite.

[PATCH] Fix find_inc in the scheduler (PR target/62025)

[PATCH] Fix find_inc in the scheduler (take 2, PR target/62025)

[PATCH] Fix for PR 61875

[PATCH] Fix for PR/62089 (enable missing Asan checks)

[PATCH] Fix for PR62037

[PATCH] fix FTBFS with --target=i686-pc-cygwin

[patch] fix guality/nrv-1.c LTO failure

[PATCH] fix hardreg_cprop to honor HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK.

[PATCH] Fix incorrect folding of bitfield in a union on big endian target

[PATCH] Fix libbacktrace and libiberty tests fail on sanitized GCC due to wrong link options.


Re: [PATCH] Fix mklog to support running from arbitrary folder

[PATCH] Fix off-by-one in internal-fn.c

[PATCH] Fix peeling issue in PR62283

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 61225

[PATCH] Fix PR61320

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR61375: cancel bswap optimization when value doesn't fit in a HOST_WIDE_INT

[PATCH] Fix PR61672

[PATCH] Fix PR61762 testcase

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR61950

[PATCH] fix pr62009 use after free in redirect_edge_var_map_dup

[PATCH] Fix PR62031

[PATCH] Fix PR62034

[PATCH] Fix PR62067

[PATCH] Fix PR62070

[PATCH] Fix PR62075

[PATCH] Fix PR62077

[PATCH] Fix PR62079

[PATCH] Fix PR62081

[PATCH] Fix PR62090

[PATCH] Fix PR62090, part 2

[PATCH] Fix PR62175, avoid trapping expressions in niters

[PATCH] Fix PR62190

[PATCH] Fix PR62239

[PATCH] Fix PR62292

[PATCH] Fix promotion of const local arrays to static storage

[PATCH] Fix some typos

[PATCH] Fix thinko in handle_alias_pairs (PR c/61271)

[PATCH] Fix UB in diagnostic.c

[PATCH] Fix UB in expmed.c (PR middle-end/61903)

[PATCH] Fix wrong refactoring in cgraph_node::function_symbol

[PATCH] For -fno-builtin disable pattern recognition if not enabled explicitly in lto.

[PATCH] gcc/c/c-aux-info.c: Resize 'buff' from 10 to 14 bytes

Re: [PATCH] gcc/config/microblaze/microblaze.md: Remove redundant '@' to avoid compiling warning

Re: [PATCH] gcc/fortran/resolve.c: Let 'err_len' have real effect in gfc_explicit_interface_required()

Re: [PATCH] gcc/gcc.c: XNEWVEC enough space for 'saved_suffix' using

[PATCH] GCC/test: Disable loop-19.c for classic FPU Power

[PATCH] GCC/test: Don't try ARM cortex-M check on non-ARM

[PATCH] gcc/testsuite: Disable pr44194-1.c for BE Power64/Linux

[PATCH] genemit: Print name of splitter to dumpfile

[PATCH] Handle -fsanitize=leak more similarly to address/thread

Re: [PATCH] Keep patch file permissions in mklog

Re: [PATCH] libjava/classpath/native/jni/java-lang/java_lang_VMProcess.c: Be sure 'errbuf' always be zero terminated.

[PATCH] libsanitizer/sanitizer_common/sanitizer_linux_libcdep.cc: Avoid writing '\0' out of string's border

Re: [patch] libstdc++/29988 Rb_Tree reuse allocated nodes

Re: [patch] libstdc++/61374 fix string_view conversion and update to latest draft

Re: [patch] libstdc++/61390 don't redeclare template-parameters

[patch] libstdc++/61841 odr-use pthread_create in std::thread constructor

[patch] libstdc++/62154 fix throw_with_nested and rethrow_if_nested

[patch] libstdc++/62159 add missing headers for freestanding implementation

[patch] libstdc++/62159 install missing freestanding headers for C++11

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: add _GLIBCXX_ macro prefix in atexit_thread.cc

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: add uniform on sphere distribution

[patch] Macroize logic patterns

[patch] make dwarf2out_decl static

[PATCH] make excessive template instantiation depth a fatal error

[patch] make gcov-tool build configurable and fix mingw build issue

[PATCH] Make gimple_fold_builtin private

[PATCH] Make web_entry subclassable

Re: [PATCH] Making it easier to set breakpoints in gdb on pass->execute methods

Re: [PATCH] microblaze: microblaze.md: Use 'SI' instead of 'VOID' for operand 1 of 'call_value_intern'

[PATCH] Move -fbuiltin from c.opt to common.opt and change it to common group

Re: [PATCH] Move Asan instrumentation to sanopt pass

[PATCH] Move caret printing to diagnostics_finalizer

[PATCH] Move memory and some string folding from builtins.c to gimple-fold.c

[PATCH] Move memory builtin foldings to GIMPLE

[PATCH] Move POINTER_PLUS_EXPR folding to fold-const.c

Re: [patch] No allocation for empty unordered containers

[patch] Only configure libstdc++-v3/python dir for hosted builds

[patch] optimize std::list move constructor

[patch] Overload std::getline for rvalue streams


Re: [Patch] PR 61692 - Fix for inline asm ICE

[patch] PR fortran/61669

[patch] PR fortran/62135

[PATCH] PR fortran/62245 fix INT docs.

Re: [PATCH] PR preprocessor/61817 - Fix location of tokens in built-in macro expansion list

Re: [Patch] PR55189 enable -Wreturn-type by default

[PATCH] PR61078 S/390: Fix negdi splitter

[PATCH] PR61878

[patch] propagate INSTALL Makefile variables down from gcc/

[PATCH] Put all constants last in tree_swap_operands_p, remove odd -Os check

[PATCH] Quash Wbool-compare warning in optabs.c

Re: [PATCH] Redesign jump threading profile updates

[PATCH] Refactor get_maxval_strlen and gimple_fold_builtin_with_strlen

[PATCH] Refactor handle_section_attribute to reduce nesting and distinguish error cases

Re: [PATCH] Relax check against commuting XOR and ASHIFTRT in combine.c

[PATCH] Remove a redundant statement in predict.c

Re: [Patch] Remove arm-specific formats from asm_fprintf

[PATCH] Remove CALLER_SAVE_PROFITABLE since nobody use it now

[PATCH] Remove current_function_decl usage from get_polymorphic_call_info

[PATCH] Small fix for r214086 Asan regression

[PATCH] SPARC: add mcpu=leon3v7 target

[PATCH] Speed up type_hash_canon

[PATCH] Split "re-gimplification" path somewhat out of fold_stmt

[PATCH] Steam out non-explicit -fno-tree-loop-distribute-patterns for LTO options

[Patch] Switch elimination pass for PR 54742

Re: [PATCH] Testcase for PR61801

[patch] Update C++11 library implementation status for 4.8 branch

Re: [patch] Update catch(...) handlers to deal with __forced_unwind

Re: [PATCH] Warn about unclosed pragma omp declare target.

[patch] Why xstrdup cgraph node names for dumpfiles?

[PATCH], Fix error in powerpc bootstrap

[PATCH], rs6000 cleanup, make constraints tighter

[PATCH][0/7][ARM] Convert VFP mnemonics to UAL

Re: [PATCH][1-3] New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

[PATCH][1/2] Fix PR62291

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add constrain to address offset in storewb_pair/loadwb_pair insns

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix types for vqdmlals_lane_s32 and vqdmlsls_lane_s32 intrinsics

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix wrong ".cfi_def_cfa_offset" in epilogue

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement some saturating math NEON intrinsics

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement some vmul*_lane*_f* intrinsics in arm_neon.h


[PATCH][AArch64] One-liner: fix type of an add in SIMD registers

[PATCH][AArch64] Remove varargs from aarch64_simd_expand_args

[PATCH][AArch64] Restrict usage of FP/SIMD registers for TImode reload and absdi2 patterns for non-float/simd targets

[PATCH][AArch64] Tidy: remove unused qualifier_const_pointer

[PATCH][AArch64] Use CC_Z and CC_NZ with csinc and similar instructions

[PATCH][AArch64] Use REG_P and CONST_INT_P instead of GET_CODE + comparison

Re: [PATCH][AArch64][tests]Skip graphite tests that don't fit -mcmodel=tiny

Re: [PATCH][AArch64]Fix offset glitch in load reg pair pattern

[PATCH][ARM/AArch64] Add CRC32 scheduling information to Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57

[PATCH][ARM/AArch64] Add scheduling info for ARMv8-A FPU new instructions in Cortex-A53

[PATCH][ARM] Enable auto-vectorization for copysignf

[PATCH][ARM] Adjust clz, rbit and rev patterns for -mrestrict-it

[PATCH][ARM] Delete f_sels, f_seld types, use fcsel instead

[PATCH][ARM] Fix -fcall-saved-rX for X > 7

RE: [PATCH][ARM] Fix -fcall-saved-rX for X > 7 When compiling for size for thumb targets

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Optimize copysign/copysignf for soft-float using BFI

[PATCH][ARM][1/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | mov patterns

[PATCH][ARM][2/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | add/sub/div/abs patterns

[PATCH][ARM][3/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | mul+add patterns

[PATCH][ARM][4/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | vcvt patterns

[PATCH][ARM][5/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | sqrt and FP compare patterns

[PATCH][ARM][6/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | movcc_vfp (fmstat)

[PATCH][ARM][7/7] Convert FP mnemonics to UAL | f{ld,st}m -> v{ld,st}m

[PATCH][committed] Remove arm-specific -march option in gcc.dg/pr61756.c

[PATCH][convert.c] PR 61876: Guard transformation to lrint by -fno-math-errno

[PATCH][LTO] Hide string streaming details

[PATCH][LTO] Merge another part of the streamer reorg

[PATCH][LTO] Streamer re-org (what's left)

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Allow zero-operand operators as predicates

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Auto-guess conversion types

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Avoid excessive bracesin code-gen

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Change inner if-parsing

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Do not match loads

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fail more gracefully when encountering EOF

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix codegen bug

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix comparison pattern

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix GENERIC outermost expression type

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix ICE with updating EH info

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix NON_LVALUE_EXPR leaking

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix remaining testsuite ICEs

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix some C++ testsuite FAILs

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix some testcases

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix texinfo errors

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix type guessing for conversions

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Implement two-parameter builtin-function simplify

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Initial drop of match-and-simplify.texi

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Introduce (with { .. } op), combine conversions

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Mark conditional converts with '?'

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Merge dt_simplify::gen_gimple and dt_simplify::gen_generic

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Merge from trunk

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Missing gimple_build fn overloads

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Move simplify first in fold_stmt

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Nested inner ifs

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Other 3-arg call support place

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Refactor GIMPLE code-gen

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Refactor the deprecated APIs

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Robusten gimple_build against non-SSA context

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] s/match_and_simplify/simplify/

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Some FP runtime fails

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Sort IVOPTs iv_uses after dominator

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Split out common code for c_expr codegen

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Use a switch (code) for the GIMPLE code gen

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Use gimple_simplify for call simplification in SCCVN

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Use gsi_replace_with_seq_vops

[PATCH][MIPS] Do not reload unallocated FP_REGS pseudos via GR_REGS

Re: [PATCH][optabs.c] Fix PR 61713: ICE when expanding single-threaded version of atomic_test_and_set

Re: [PATCH][Ping v5] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs

[PATCH][RFC][match-and-simplify] "Manually" written patterns

Re: [PATCH][testsuite] Don't run cproj-fails-with-broken-glibc.c for broken glibc

[PATCH][www] Document versioning scheme for GCC 5 and up

[PATCH]gfortran.dg/bessel_7.f90: Bump allowed precision to avoid failure on s390.

[PATCHv2][MIPS] Implement O32 ABI extensions (GCC)

Re: [PATH] Intel offload library

[PING ^ 2] [PATCH, ARM] Set max_insns_skipped to MAX_INSN_PER_IT_BLOCK when optimize_size for THUMB2

[PING PATCH] demangler, only access valid fields for DEMANGLE_COMPONENT_FIXED_TYPE.

[Ping v2][PATCH] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs.

[PING v2][Patch]Fix ICE for gcc.dg/noncompile/920507-1.c

[PING v3][Patch]Fix ICE for gcc.dg/noncompile/920507-1.c

Re: [ping*2] fix build failure of x86_64-mingw32, missing crtbegin/crtend.o

[PING] [PATCH 1/2] Add -B support to gcc-ar/ranlib/nm

[PING][PATCH] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs.

[PING][PATCH] Fix for PR 61875

[PING][PATCH] Make web_entry subclassable

[PING][Patch]Fix ICE for gcc.dg/noncompile/920507-1.c

[PING^2] Re: [PATCH 1/2] Add -B support to gcc-ar/ranlib/nm

Re: [PING^3] Re: [PATCH 1/2] Add -B support to gcc-ar/ranlib/nm

[PINGv2][PATCHv3] Fix vector tests on ARM platforms with disabled unaligned accesses

[PINGv3][PATCH] Fix for PR 61561

[PINGv3][PATCHv3] Fix vector tests on ARM platforms with disabled unaligned accesses

[PINGv4][PATCHv3] Fix vector tests on ARM platforms with disabled unaligned accesses

[PR c/52952] More precise locations for Wformat

[RFA] Introdue warning_n; fix singulars in the final keyword wanrings

[RFC PATCH]Fix latent bug in combine pass as reported in pr62151

Re: [RFC, PATCH 3/n] IPA C++ refactoring

[RFC, PATCH 4/n] IPA C++ refactoring

[RFC, PATCH][LRA, MIPS] ICE: in decompose_normal_address, at rtlanal.c:5817

[RFC/PATCH] Fix-it hints

[RFC/Patch] Latent issue in cp_parser_template_id

[RFC/PATCH] More precise diagnostic locations: dynamic locations for columns vs explicit offset

Re: [RFC: Patch, PR 60102] [4.9/4.10 Regression] powerpc fp-bit ices at dwf_regno

Re: Fwd: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading patches (2/3): Add tables generation

[RFC][Vectorizer, AArch64] Fix PR/61114 by redefining REDUC_xxx_EXPR tree codes to return scalars

[rl78] allow const->far moves

[rl78] allow global+acc

[rl78] disable umul for G10

[rl78] split mem-mem moves

Re: [RTL, i386] Use subreg instead of UNSPEC_CAST

[SH] Fix PR target/62111

[SH][committed] Fix PR 61996

[SH][committed] Update SH options documentation

[testsuite patch] add __ARM_ARCH check for arm_v8_neon_ok

[testsuite patch] add code to arm_thumbX_ok to exercise ABI

[testsuite patch] another fix to arm_v8_neon_ok

[testsuite patch] check before using -mthumb in 5 arm tests

[testsuite patch] don't add ARM options for a thumb1 multilib

[testsuite patch] fix ARM tests with options that conflict with thumb1

[testsuite patch] skip an ARM run test if not using neon hardware

[testsuite] XFAIL g++.dg/debug/dwarf2/nested-4.C on Solaris with Sun as

[wide-int] template <typename T> class generic_wide_int in wide-int.h

[wwwdocs, committed] gcc-5/changes.html: Update Fortran section

Re: [wwwdocs] Add "Porting to GCC 4.9" document

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.5

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.9

[wwwdocs] Fix spelling of "cost model" in gcc-4.9/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Patch for Re: _contribute.html_: missing information regarding feedback procedure

Re: [wwwdocs] Re: gcc.gnu.org/simtest-howto.html (was: Question for ARM person re asm_fprintf)(

[wwwdocs] Update GCC5 changes.html

__intN patch 0/5: summary

__intN patch 1/5: convert-move optimization

__intN patch 2/5: Fix assumptions about mode precisions

__intN patch 3/5: main __int128 -> __intN conversion.

__intN patch 4/5: testsuite updates

__intN patch 5/5: msp430-specific changes

Add -Wsuggest-final-warnings and -Wsuggest-final-methods warnings

Add ODR violation warnings about virtual table mismatches

Aw: RE: RE: Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

Back porting the LTO fix to upstream gcc 4.9 branch

Bootstrap failure/ ICE in rtl.h (was: Re: [PATCH 225/236] Work towardgmane.comp.gcc.patchess NEXT_INSN/PREV_INSN requiring insns as their params)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/60417 (explicit ctor vs aggregate init)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/61566 (ICE with lambda in template default arg)


C++ PATCH for c++/62043 (ICE after sorry giving multiple input files to cc1plus)

C++ PATCH for c++/62302 (wrong comdat group)

C++ PATCH for middle-end/58624 (thread_local static data member)

C++ PATCH for tree-optimization/62091

C++ PATCH to abi_tag on class template

Re: C++ PATCH to set DECL_COMDAT on undefined inlines/templates

C++ PATCH to support non-constexpr variable templates

C++ PATCHes to build_vec_init for c++/61994

Converting function pointers to PC values in Python (was: [patch] Add libstdc++ type printers for class templates)

Doc Bug: cxa-atexit not use-cxa-atexit

Re: Does anyone use Ada on Alpha?

DSE calls to builtins (memset, etc)

Re: Enable EBX for x86 in 32bits PIC code

Fix -Wsuggest-final-types warning

Fix ARM ICE for register var asm ("pc") (PR target/60606)

Fix build of *86*-linux-android with "--enable-shared"

Fix coverage.c skippping some functions

Fix firefox FDO build

fix gfcov regression

Fix if-conversion pass for dead type-unsafe code

Fix ivopts address space confusion

Fix libgomp crash without TLS (PR42616)

Fix side case in ipa-devirt

Fix testsuite failures I caused

Fix tree-optimization/62091

Re: fix typo in doc/generic.texi

Fix vec_extract_lo constraint.

gcov rearrangement

gcov tidy up

Re: Go 1.3 update broke Solaris bootstrap

Go patch committed: comma-ok assignments used untyped bool

Go patch committed: Disallow call of *T method using **T variable

Go patch committed: Don't crash if a compound statement does nothing

Go patch committed: Fix bug comparing struct/array to interface

Go patch committed: Fix enclosing vars for func type in func lit

Go patch committed: Fix test of 64-bit index on 32-bit system

Go patch committed: Fix unexpected GC interfering with closure passing

Go patch committed: Initialize frame variable

Implement slim LTO bootstrap

Invalid gimple for nested functions

ipa-devirt TLC

libgo patch committed: Don't lose track of m value in GC

libgo patch committed: Ignore small argv[0] for backtrace

Make lto-streamer.h consistent wrt. symtab_node

Make many more options use CPP()

Re: Make string_view operations involving CharT* *not* noexcept and consistent beween string_view and string_view.tcc.

Re: Migrating gcc.c-torture

Re: FWD: Re: OpenACC subarray specifications in the GCC Fortran front end

Re: Patch for constexpr variable templates

patch to fix a wrong code generation with LRA when SDmode is used on ppc.

patch to fix PR 61923

a patch was backported to gcc 4.9 branch

PATCH: PR bootstrap/62260: Build inside source tree doesn't work with lto-plugin

PATCH: PR other/62168: error in configure: line 21572: test: =: unary operator expected

Ping - RE: [PATCH] Add target hook to override DWARF2 frame register size

Re: PING â Re: [Patch, Fortran] -fcoarray=lib - support CRITICAL, prepare for locking support

PING â Re: [Patch, Fortran] -fcoarray=lib - support CRITICAL, prepare for locking support

Port of VTV for Cygwin and MinGW

PR tree-optimization/52904 testcase

PR62091 (ipa-devirt disagreeing with ipa-prop)

PR62203 (was Re: [PATCH 035/236] Return types of unlink_insn_chain and duplicate_insn_chain)

PR62304 (was Re: (Still) ICE for cris-elf at r214710)

Prepare gcc for 64-bit obstacks

Remove skeleton type units that were being produced with -gsplit-dwarf.

Remove unnecessary and harmful fixincludes for Android

Replacement of isl_int by isl_val

Results for 4.10.0 20140802 (experimental) [trunk revision 213515] (GCC) testsuite on x86_64-apple-darwin13.3.0

Revisit placement of symtab_remove_unreachable_nodes

RFC: Patch for switch elimination (PR 54742)

RFC: PATCH to allow passing non-trivial types through ...

spar-rtems add leon3 multlib to 4.9

TAGs for variables created through common.opt

Teach ipa-devirt about dynamic type changes

Updated slim LTO patchkit

Re: werror fallout for cross-builds (was: Re: [BUILDROBOT][PATCH] Fix mmix (unused variable))

WIP: Implement Filesystem TS

{patch cp]: Disable hidden-inlines for pe-coff targets

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