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Re: [GOOGLE, AUTOFDO] Assign different discriminators to calls with the same lineno

> To avoid the unused new discriminator value, I added a map
> "found_call_this_line" to track whether a call is the first call in a
> source line seen when assigning discriminators. For the first call in
> a source line, its discriminator is 0. For the following calls in the
> same source line, a new discriminator will be used everytime. The new
> patch is attached. Internal perf test and regression test are ok. Is
> it ok for google-4_9?

This seems overly complex to me. I'd think all you need to do is add a
bit to locus_discrim_map (stealing a bit from discriminator ought to
be fine) that indicates whether the next call should increment the
discriminator or not. Something like this:

increase_discriminator_for_locus (location_t locus, bool return_next)
  if (return_next || (*slot)->needs_increment)
      (*slot)->needs_increment = false;
    (*slot)->needs_increment = true;
  return (*slot)->discriminator;


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