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[committed] Fix PR 62301

This patch fixes a stupid typo in:

2014-08-28  Richard Sandiford  <>

    * rtl.h (get_pool_constant, rtx_referenced_p): Replace rtx parameters
    with const_rtx parameters.
    * varasm.c (get_pool_constant): Likewise.
    * rtlanal.c (rtx_referenced_p_1): Delete.
    (rtx_referenced_p): Use FOR_EACH_SUBRTX instead of for_each_rtx.
    Assert that the rtx we're looking for is nonnull.  Allow searches
    for constant pool SYMBOL_REFs.

which caused a boostrap failure on PowerPC.  Bootstrapped on
powerpc64-linux-gnu and installed as obvious.


    PR bootstrap/62301
    * rtlanal.c (rtx_referenced_p): Fix typo in LABEL_P call.

Index: gcc/rtlanal.c
--- gcc/rtlanal.c    2014-08-29 16:02:08.538707830 +0100
+++ gcc/rtlanal.c    2014-08-29 16:02:08.674706133 +0100
@@ -2849,7 +2849,7 @@ rtx_referenced_p (const_rtx x, const_rtx
     if (const_rtx y = *iter)
     /* Check if a label_ref Y refers to label X.  */
-    if (GET_CODE (y) == LABEL_REF && LABEL_P (y) && XEXP (y, 0) == x)
+    if (GET_CODE (y) == LABEL_REF && LABEL_P (x) && XEXP (y, 0) == x)
       return true;

     if (rtx_equal_p (x, y))

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