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Re: [PATCH PR62151]Fix uninitialized register issue caused by distribute_notes in combine pass

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 6:34 PM, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
> On 27/08/14 11:08, Bin Cheng wrote:
>> Hi
>> As reported in bug pr62151, combine pass may wrongly delete necessary
>> instruction in function distribute_notes thus leaving register
>> uninitialized.  This patch is to fix the issue by checking if i2 immediately
>> modifies the register in REG_DEAD note.  If yes, set tem_insn accordingly to
>> start finding right place for note distribution from i2.
>> I once sent a RFC patch at
>>, but got no
>> comments,  here I added some comments in this patch to make it a formal one.
>> I tested the original patch, and will re-test it against the latest code
>> later.  So is it OK?  Any comments will be appreciated.
> Isn't this the sort of sequence that combinable_i3pat is supposed to reject?
Hi Richard,
I think it's not.  combinable_i3pat checks cases in which i1 feeds to
i3 directly, while i2 kills reg_use in i1.  For this case the feeding
chain is "i0->i1->i2->i3", the combination is valid and beneficial.
What needs to be handled is if i2dest is anticipated after i3.  If
not, then i2 could be deleted; if yes, i2 should be preserved.
Moreover, following constant propagation could delete i2 after
propagating the new i2src into i4.  Note combine pass already handles
this kind of case using variable added_sets_2 in function try_combine.
The problem is in distribute_notes which mis-deleted i2.

I added one test case in the updated patch.


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