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Re: Make string_view operations involving CharT* *not* noexcept and consistent beween string_view and string_view.tcc.

On 15/04/14 20:06 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 29/03/14 14:54 -0400, Ed Smith-Rowland wrote:

In string_view I botched the noexcept specification of operations like find and friends with CharT* arguments.

I'm a little surprised the inconsistency between string_view and string_view.tcc didn't error. In fact, in one repo thats a little behind trunk it does. I'll continue to look after that issue separately.

I'm fixing this differently, by strengthening the exception specs as
Marc suggested. I haven't addressed Marc's other comments, but we
should do.

Tested x86_64-linux, committed to trunk.

I've also committed this on the 4.9 branch, to fix PR62264

commit 5ac00aa4544a4c10c3eeadb8ca2a3ce57d9e62ce
Author: Jonathan Wakely <>
Date:   Tue Apr 15 19:45:29 2014 +0100

   	* include/experimental/string_view: Fix inconsistent exception specs.

diff --git a/libstdc++-v3/include/experimental/string_view b/libstdc++-v3/include/experimental/string_view
index bebeb6b..6b6588b 100644
--- a/libstdc++-v3/include/experimental/string_view
+++ b/libstdc++-v3/include/experimental/string_view
      find(_CharT __c, size_type __pos=0) const noexcept;

-      find(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos, size_type __n) const;
+      find(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos, size_type __n) const noexcept;

      find(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos=0) const noexcept
      rfind(_CharT __c, size_type __pos = npos) const noexcept;

-      rfind(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos, size_type __n) const;
+      rfind(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos, size_type __n) const noexcept;

      rfind(const _CharT* __str, size_type __pos = npos) const noexcept

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