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RE: [PATCH, g++, testsuite] Skip thread_local6.C on target using wrapper

Hi Mike
> Hum, another solution might be to wrap _exit as well.  The patch is so simple and short, I'll approve the
> patch; it is a nice step forward.  I'll let you contemplate if you want to try a wrap on _exit.

Thanks for your reply, and I also thought of your suggestion to wrap the _exit. The fact is that dejagnu does
the wrapper to both exit() and _exit(), but it give a higher priority to the exit(), which means if you both
call exit() and _exit(), it will only output the return value in exit(). Someone told me that you shouldn't
explicitly call _exit() inside an exit(), and that's why the dejagnu skip the second _exit() output. However,
I'm not sure about this, as there're quite a few c++ test cases are doing the same thing.

> Could you please add /* wrapping doesn't reflect _exit value */ if you add this version.  This can go on
line 3.  If
> _exit isn't used, this is the clue we can then run the test case more often, and if someone wants to copy
the use
> of _exit or fix wrapping, this is a handy clue for this.

Ok, I will commit with this version.


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