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Re: [PATCH] gcc/gcc.c: XNEWVEC enough space for 'saved_suffix' using

On 08/22/2014 12:18 AM, Mike Stump wrote:
> On Aug 18, 2014, at 3:06 AM, Chen Gang <> wrote:
>> - one for original latest gcc source code (master for 20140816).
>> - one for my modification based on the original latest gcc source code.
>> - they passed building, but for make check, they reported same issues:
> So, I see no evidence that you ran contrib/compare_tests  yet.  Did you?  If so, what was the output?
>> For only sending my patch, may I bypass them,
> So, the output of the make check is uninteresting, only the regressions identified by compare_tests are interesting.  If none, then you’re set wrt the current patch.

OK, thanks. At present, under Fedora 20 x86_64, it passed normal

 - "../gcc/configure && make && make check" succeed (echo $? == 0).

 - "contrib/compare_test dir_orig dir_new" succeed (echo $? == 0).
 - The related output of "contrib/compare_test" are:

     # Comparing directories
     ## Dir1=/upstream/build-gcc: 11 sum files
     ## Dir2=/upstream/build-gcc-new: 11 sum files

     # Comparing 11 common sum files
     ## /bin/sh ./compare_tests  /tmp/gxx-sum1.7678 /tmp/gxx-sum2.7678
     # No differences found in 11 common sum files

>> and then I shall try to analyze them one by one in another time, next?
> You can, if you want.  For example, there is a PR on the darwin issue that has state in it.  Roughly binds local is slightly wrong and need fixing.

OK, thank. I shall still try the Darwin, next, in another time, although
it is not related with my new patches for sending.

At last: Thank all of you very much for your much help, and I shall send
related patch next.

Chen Gang

Open share and attitude like air water and life which God blessed

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