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Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Use CC_Z and CC_NZ with csinc and similar instructions

> (define_special_predicate "cc_register_zero"
>   (match_code "reg")
> {
>   return (REGNO (op) == CC_REGNUM
>           && (GET_MODE (op) == CCmode
>               || GET_MODE (op) == CC_Zmode
>               || GET_MODE (op) == CC_NZmode));
> })

... and now that I read the backend more closely, I see "_zero" was a bad name.

But more importantly, I see no connection between the comparison used and the
CCmode being accepted.  And if we fix that, why are you restricting to just Z
and NZ?  What's wrong with e.g. CFPmode?

In the i386 backend, we check comparison+mode correspondence like

  (match_operator 4 "ix86_carry_flag_operator"
     [(match_operand 3 "flags_reg_operand") (const_int 0)])

I think you'll want something similar.  In the case of CSINC, we can accept all
conditions, so let's start with the most general:

  (match_operator:GPI 2 "aarch64_comparison_operation"
    [(reg CC_REGNUM) (const_int 0)]

or even

  (match_operand:GPI 2 "aarch64_comparison_operation" "")


(define_predicate "aarch64_comparison_operation"
    (match_code "eq,ne,le,lt,ge,gt,geu,gtu,leu,ltu,"
  if (XEXP (op, 1) != const0_rtx)
    return false;
  rtx op0 = XEXP (op, 0);
  if (!REG_P (op0) || REGNO (op0) != CC_REGNUM)
    return false;
  return aarch64_get_condition_code (op) >= 0;

where aarch64_get_condition_code is
  (1) exported
  (2) adjusted to return "int" not "unsigned"
  (3) adjusted to not abort, but return -1 for invalid combinations.

and the two existing users of aarch64_get_condition_code are adjusted to
gcc_assert that the return value is valid.


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