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Re: Does anyone use Ada on Alpha?

Unfortunately the Alpha box I used last time is no longer available and so I've not been able to try the linker fix. I've not had any responses from anyone saying they use Ada on Alpha (let alone on VMS - where the original bug was reported - and Ada/VMS support has now been retired). If none of you folk are able to build+test the patch (below) for Ada on Alpha: is this really reason for us to want to hold this up?


Alan Lawrence wrote: I've not managed to build such a gcc. If so, is there any chance you could
please test check-ada with the following patch (in gcc/ directory), which rolls
back r76965:

Index: combine.c
--- combine.c   (revision 212523)
+++ combine.c   (working copy)
@@ -10218,9 +10218,6 @@
             if (CONST_INT_P (XEXP (varop, 1))
                 /* We can't do this if we have (ashiftrt (xor))  and the
                    constant has its sign bit set in shift_mode.  */
-             && !(code == ASHIFTRT && GET_CODE (varop) == XOR
-                  && 0 > trunc_int_for_mode (INTVAL (XEXP (varop, 1)),
-                                             shift_mode))
                 && (new_rtx = simplify_const_binary_operation
                     (code, result_mode,
                      gen_int_mode (INTVAL (XEXP (varop, 1)), result_mode),
@@ -10237,10 +10234,7 @@
                logical expression, make a new logical expression, and apply
                the inverse distributive law.  This also can't be done
                for some (ashiftrt (xor)).  */
-         if (CONST_INT_P (XEXP (varop, 1))
-            && !(code == ASHIFTRT && GET_CODE (varop) == XOR
-                 && 0 > trunc_int_for_mode (INTVAL (XEXP (varop, 1)),
-                                            shift_mode)))
+         if (CONST_INT_P (XEXP (varop, 1)))
                 rtx lhs = simplify_shift_const (NULL_RTX, code, shift_mode,
                                                 XEXP (varop, 0), count);

Many thanks if so!


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