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RE: RE: RE: Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

> > > > What is harder to fix about n32 than o32?
> > >
> > > "-msingle-float" with n32 creates 64 bit FPU instructions like dmtc1 and
> > > dmfc1. So I can't compile it for r5900. When I disable it, I get
> internal
> > > compiler errors.
> >
> > That certainly seems like a bug. Can you file a bug report for that with
> > a test case? I'll try and handle it when I next work on the single-float
> > support in GCC.
> I added the bug report:


> > Did you manage to get the libgcc patch reworked to be independent of
> r5900?
> I needed to get my build environment in a state where I can change the code.
> I needed to test building the toolchain for 14 different MIPS
> configurations. I tested that 7 configurations build something where
> floating point calculations are correct. I needed to use my own tests for
> this, because I didn't find any testsuite which does it correctly.
> I attached the new version of the patch which I tested with and without the
> FPU emulation on the MIPS r5900; i.e. I didn't tested with a normal MIPS,
> just what my Linux kernel emulates on r5900.

This seems better.

> When I compile for mipsel ABI o32 with -mhard-float and -msingle-fpu, It get
> the warning:
> Warning: float register should be even, was 1.
> I would say the warning is wrong, because odd FPU registers are available.

This is wrong but this is the area which is in flux at the moment. Can you
confirm which version of binutils you are using? Single-float support from both
GCC and binutils has been slightly inconsistent for a while and recent changes
to binutils have exposed the differences.


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