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Re: [PATCH, fortran] PR fortran/60255 Deferred character length

Le 07/08/2014 15:40, Andre Vehreschild a écrit :
> Hi,
> in the bugtracker for PR60255 janus proposed to fix the bug by removing
> the error and additionally checking if the character array length
> declaration is deferred, which leaves the the charlen to be 0
> (gcc/fortran/class.c (find_intrinsic_vtab) 2418-2420). 
> My contribution to that patch is the testcase and to mark the vtab-entry more
> clearly to stem from a deferred array init, because I did not like the array
> size being 0. This may lead to confusions with a character array of length 0.
> Therefore I changed the symbol name generation to enable easier identification
> of problems.
> The symbol before my change was computed to be:
> symbolname_0_kind
> I would have used the colon (:) to indicate the deferred state, but that
> is not allowed in the assembler, so I spelled it out and the symbol is now
> marked by:
> symbolname_DEFERRED_kind
> This way the vtab entry can not be confused with an entry for an entry for a
> zero length array and the word DEFERRED has as many characters as MAXINT
> printed in the decimal system, i.e., if no check is needed, if MAXINT does fit
> into the space reserved for the vtab symbol, then no check is needed for the 8
> character word, too.
> Changelog and extended patch proposal attached.
> Bootstrapped and regtested on x86_64-linux-gnu
> Please comment!


the testcase should check that the code generated is actually working,
not just that the ICE disappeared.
Janus's comment in the PR about _size being 0 tells that probably the
code generated won't work in some (corner?) cases, so I'm a bit
reluctant to let it pass through (I prefer the ICE).


PS: No need for two separate Changelog entries, just put the two authors
in the same entry.  See the other ChangeLog files for examples.

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